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Latest version: 2011/0.3 from 14 Oct 2011

Welcome to the UnRAR-crack benchmark!


2015-09-12: In order to prevent inaccurate results due to the M > N issue, uploading of such files to the site is now disallowed. You'll receive an error message if you submit such a crafted result. In short, do not use the --cpus=... option to unrar, and in particular do not set the thread count to a value greater than the total number of logical cores your CPU has. Existing results with M > N are now hidden and are excluded from all result tables.

2011-10-14: A new build is uploaded to the site. The most important change is the support for the XOP instruction set, which turns out to be very handy for the heavy bit-manipulation stuff inside the SHA-1 hash function. Also, the CPU support has been improved as well, as we now correctly detect newer Sandy Bridge based cores, as well as the Brazos/Llano/Bulldozer cores from AMD.

What the crack?

UnRAR-crack is a free RAR password cracker. It employs various techniques to maximize cracking speed (e.g. using SSE2, SSSE3, etc. to test more passwords at once, and using multithreading to take advantage of multi-core/hyperthreaded processors).

UnRAR-crack benchmark uses the password cracking core of UnRAR-crack to test the performance of your system. It works by launching several thousand password checks and measuring the average testing speed, in passwords per second. It repeats the same procedure for different number of threads (up to the max your system can utilize), and using different crypto functions (SSE2-optimized, SSSE3-optimized, etc.). Using it, you can measure the SMP boost, the SSE unit performance, etc.

The whole benchmark takes a minute or two. After finishing, the program generates a report file. This file can be uploaded to the result database (hosted on this site) so you can compare your machine with your peers.

There is a Technical Q&A for the computer geeks.


Go to the download page.

Contacts / Links

You can write me at mail, or on Skype using the same username.

If you are interested in cracking passwords, you can use RazorJack's Bruteforcer. It currently uses some of UnRAR-crack's code, but not the SSE2-optimized routines. These are expected to be added later. For a cross-platform, command-line cracking solution, you can wait until UnRAR-crack itself gets finished.


This program is based on the public domain unrar command-line utility by Alexander Roshal.
It also uses parts of the free OpenSSL library.
CPU detection is courtesy of libcpuid.
Portable threading is courtesy of the CXXPTL library.

Top scores

1espr1tWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M @ 10.90 GHz7091.2
2SirOliPentium M (Dothan) @ 2.62 GHz4536.3
3php75Xeon (Gulftown) @ 4.65 GHz3293.8
4ixxXeon (Sandy Bridge) @ 3.46 GHz3256.0
5Dead ThingsBulldozer X2 @ 4.23 GHz3209.7


Top single-threaded scores

1espr1tWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M @ 10.90 GHz410.8
2Lynnfield (Core i5) @ 6.12 GHz393.9
3steponzGulftown (Core i7) @ 6.00 GHz381.3
4tiborrrSandy Bridge (Core i5) @ 6.02 GHz380.2
5Bulldozer X4 @ 6.63 GHz368.1