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Result file for user [ Micec ]


User info

 Submit date2011-05-16 14:26:15


Machine info

 MotherboardMSI H57M-ED65 / H57
 CPU typeLynnfield (Core i7)
 CPU (according to user)Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M
 # of threads8
 L1 cache32 KiB
 L2 cache256 KiB
 Supported instructionsi386, SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4
 CPU clock (by OS)3608
 CPU clock (detected)3607
 CPU clock stableYes



 1 thread2 threadsBoost3 threadsBoost4 threadsBoost8 threadsBoost
i38672.0 p/s144.0 p/s200%215.6 p/s299%286.4 p/s398%265.9 p/s369%
SSE2184.6 p/s374.1 p/s203%560.1 p/s303%747.3 p/s405%825.6 p/s447%
SSSE3190.0 p/s377.8 p/s199%566.6 p/s298%755.1 p/s397%854.7 p/s450%
SSE4187.0 p/s381.8 p/s204%573.0 p/s306%764.2 p/s409%847.6 p/s453%



 Operating systemWindows
 Command lineunrar bench test.rar