Capacity and self-discharge of batteries «Tronic Professional 2500» - detailed results

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Brand / modelTronic Professional 2500
Price6.13 €
Unit price1.53 €
Alternative packagings
Date of manufacture10-2011
Condition (age)Tested items are brand new
Low self-discharge (LSD)No
Discharge (1-hour rest)5.07 V
1660 ±1% mAh (≅2.12 W·h)
Discharge (5-day rest)5.04 V
1420 ±1% mAh (≅1.79 W·h)
~15% self-discharge
Discharge (1-month rest)4.99 V
1210 ±1% mAh (≅1.51 W·h)
~28% self-discharge
Date of measurementJul 2013


This is a test of Tronic-branded cells from Lidl. Cells are courtesy of rager from HardwareBG. In contrast with the previous Tronic-branded NiMHs I tested, the admirable EnergyEco series, this time we have a similarly-looking product, which is non-LSD and even though it boasts higher capacity, it gets nowhere near to fulfulling the expectations. The self-discharge rate is huge; when unpacked, the cells were completely dead, having been stored for almost two years on the shelves. Forming with the MAHA went normal, but revealed yet another problem with these specimens, their poor balance. The difference between the best and worst cells of the pack was above 200 mAh.

The conclusion here is quite simple: stay away from the „Power“ series by Lidl. „Eco/Energy“ are their good suit.

Test results

Test chart

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