Capacity and self-discharge of batteries «UltroFite 4200» - detailed results

Battery photo


Brand / modelUltroFite 4200
Alternative packagings
Date of manufactureN/A
Condition (age)Tested item is brand new
Unit weight36 gr.
Discharge (1-hour rest)3.88 V
830 ±1% mAh (≅3.23 W·h)
Discharge (5-day rest)3.88 V
820 ±1% mAh (≅3.17 W·h)
~2% self-discharge
Discharge (1-month rest)3.88 V
810 ±1% mAh (≅3.14 W·h)
~3% self-discharge
Date of measurementDec 2013


Yes, there's no mistake! This brand differs just two characters from UltraFire, another massively disappointing product. Chinese copying other chinese? Chinaception?

smelkomar was kind enough to give me 10 of these in order to test their manufacturing differences. Due to time constraints, I o ny managed to test a random sample of 4:

 Weight (g)1h test (mAh)5d test (mAh)1mo test (mAh)
UltroFite #136830820810
UltroFite #236840820810
UltroFite #336770750720
UltroFite #436790770760

Test results

Test chart

Capacity test immediately after unpackaging (i.e., the factory charge):
Unpacking test

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