Capacity of batteries «Excell Alkaline (UK)» - detailed results

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Brand / ModelExcell Alkaline (UK)
Price0.51 €
Unit price0.13 €
Alternative packagings
Store(from England)
Starting voltage6.32 V
Average voltage during discharge4.97 V
Measured capacity (main discharge)2100 ±1% mAh
Measured capacity (coastdown)202 mAh
Energy2.62 W·h
Date of measurement10 Jul 2012


These batteries were kindly donated by achkar, and have been bought in bulk from the UK. The price was referenced from here, and the exact item was a 12-pack priced around 1.5€. The same brand is also sold in Bulgaria as well (in Penny Market), but it comes as a 4-pack, and it has a slightly lower capacity, so it is far behind from a bang-for-the-bucks standpoint.

Test results

Test chart

Coastdown test chart

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