Capacity of batteries «Energizer Powerseal» - detailed results

Battery photo


Brand / ModelEnergizer Powerseal
Price2.25 €
Unit price0.56 €
Alternative packagings
StoreVRS Trading
Starting voltage6.39 V
Average voltage during discharge4.93 V
Measured capacity (main discharge)2120 ±1% mAh
Measured capacity (coastdown)199 mAh
Energy2.61 W·h
Date of measurement5 Feb 2014


These cells are donated for testing by their supplier in Bulgaria - VRS Trading. Thank you! The quoted prices are the "recommended ones" for retail stores, so the actual price in shops may vary.

„Powerseal“ is the lower class alkalines by Energizer. Their main marketing motto here is the exceptional shelf life - stated as 10 years (most other manufacturers give 7 years). Theoretically, the capacity of these ones should be lower than the „Maximum“ model, which is more or less true.

Test results

Test chart

Coastdown test chart

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