Capacity of batteries «Duracell Coppertop USA» - detailed results

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Brand / ModelDuracell Coppertop USA
Price7.11 €
Unit price0.89 €
Alternative packagings
  • 8×AA at 6 USD (~0.57 €/cell)
  • 16×AA at 11 USD (~0.53 €/cell)
  • 24×AA at 15 USD (~0.48 €/cell)
StoreCVS Pharmacy
Starting voltage6.33 V
Average voltage during discharge5.00 V
Measured capacity (main discharge)2440 ±1% mAh
Measured capacity (coastdown)126 mAh
Energy3.04 W·h
Date of measurement19 Jun 2012


A friend of mine was kind enough to bring me these from the US. I was curious as to how much different are the chemistries that Duracell uses on the American continent versus the ones in Europe. The conclusion is - it's undoubtedly different, but so is the price.

Test results

Test chart

Coastdown test chart

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