Capacity of batteries «Energizer» - detailed results

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Brand / ModelEnergizer
Price2.51 €
Alternative packagings
StoreVRS Trading
Starting voltage9.24 V
Average voltage during discharge7.40 V
Measured capacity (main discharge)595 ±1% mAh
Energy4.39 W·h
Date of measurement4 Feb 2014


This battery is provided courtesy of its distributor for Bulgaria - VRS Trading. That also means that the quoted price is the "recommended one" for retail stores, and the actual price in shops may vary.

Capacity-wise, this is the best Energizer-branded 9-volt to be tested yet. Another similar product tested here was bought from a regular store, but it was of the Powerseal variant, and measured 565 mAh (vs 595 mAh for the one here).

Test results

Test chart

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