Capacity of batteries «Duracell Procell» - detailed results

Battery photo


Brand / ModelDuracell Procell
Price1.84 €
Alternative packagings
Starting voltage9.17 V
Average voltage during discharge7.72 V
Measured capacity (main discharge)430 ±1% mAh
Energy3.31 W·h
Date of measurement11 Apr 2013


This is the „industrial“ marque of Energizer - these batteries come in bulk quantities, in boxes of 10 pcs. Other than that, they are simply regular alkalines. Thanks to who donated them!

The results are practically identical with their normal end-user variant (Duracell Alkaline) - and also both are manufactured in Belgium - so I suspect that they're the same inside, but are much cheaper, because of the "industrial" purpose: €1.84 vs €4.50.

Test results

Test chart

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