Capacity of batteries «Carrefour Discount» - detailed results

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Brand / ModelCarrefour Discount
Price1.00 €
Alternative packagings
Starting voltage9.20 V
Average voltage during discharge7.38 V
Measured capacity (main discharge)610 ±1% mAh
Energy4.49 W·h
Date of measurement14 Jun 2012


Initially, one specimen of this brand was tested around Jul 2012 and showed excellent performance. The batch it belonged to was marked as expiring in Sept 2016 (PD: 09-2011, ED: 09-2016).

Around Jan 2013, I purchased two more batteries of the same type, for use in my DIY projects. They belonged to a different batch, expiring in Apr 2016, i.e. manufactured five months earlier (PD: 04-2011, ED: 04-2016). To my surprise, both of the two failed to power anything! Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the negative cap of the battery looks heavily corroded:
corroded cathode

Once again, this is a fresh new battery just after unpacking! The other one didn't look that bad (only the rivet holding the cap looked kind of rusty). I measured 7.07V (on the heavily rusty, after cleaning up the oxidation a bit), and 1.34V on the better looking one. Essentially, both of them were dead!

A reader also reported me a similarly-affected batteries of the same type, belonging to yet another batch - manufactured in May 2011.

Test results

Test chart

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