AGG and the GPL

~ 7 Jan 2012, 01:05

Every now and then, one can be astonished by human arrogance and ruthlessness. Some genius took the open-source project, AGG, added some copy-protection code, and put a $30 price tag on the resulting product. The GPL is for the losers, who have nothing else to do. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you: SoftOrbits's Html Web Gallery Creator.

Just for example: A gallery, made by AGG, and a take with SoftOrbits's product.

The company that does it is unusually stealthy, specifying nothing about its whereabouts or operations. But the domain still leads to some russian guy, whom I already sent a Cease and Desist letter, coined with the help of this very kind person. And now we wait. I see some interesting days ahead...

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