New year's eve

~ 13 Jan 2010, 01:28

Last moments before the new year. Everyone is gathered around the table, in front of the telly, listening to the wise (hm?) speech of the President. Glasses of champagne in the hand, and some are already slightly drunk...

... but not me. I'm in front of he desktop, the broadband is up and running, but I'm also hooked up through an old 33.6 modem to another ISP. Redundancy, you know? You are never sure, one of the ISPs might freeze up in the worst moment, right? The rest is obvious. Firefox. I'm hitting the Refresh button every five seconds...

The website? Nothing special, C++, Stroustrup, that sort of boring stuff...

Time is ticking away.




... the last seconds they can still publish C++0x in...

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