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Result file for user [ over100ghz ]


User info

 Submit date2011-01-15 13:29:50


Machine info

 CPU typeBloomfield (Core i7)
 # of threads8
 L1 cache32 KiB
 L2 cache256 KiB
 Supported instructionsi386, SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4
 CPU clock (by OS)4000
 CPU clock (according to user)3994
 CPU clock (detected)4199
 CPU clock stableYes



 1 thread2 threadsBoost3 threadsBoost4 threadsBoost8 threadsBoost
i38678.6 p/s169.8 p/s216%254.3 p/s324%339.2 p/s432%311.3 p/s396%
SSE2214.3 p/s437.7 p/s204%658.1 p/s307%876.9 p/s409%960.3 p/s448%
SSSE3219.9 p/s444.8 p/s202%667.2 p/s303%889.4 p/s404%992.2 p/s451%
SSE4215.9 p/s444.8 p/s206%666.4 p/s309%888.2 p/s411%984.2 p/s456%



 Operating systemWindows
 Command lineunrar bench test.rar