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Result file for user [ cosmos ]


User info

 Username cosmos
 Submit date2013-04-18 21:02:44


Machine info

 MotherboardEVGA SR2
 CPU typeXeon (Gulftown)
 CPU (according to user)Xeon (Westmere-based)
 # of threads24
 L1 cache32 KiB
 L2 cache256 KiB
 Supported instructionsi386, SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4
 CPU clock (by OS)4011
 CPU clock (detected)4010
 CPU clock stableYes



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i38680.4 p/s161.2 p/s200%241.5 p/s300%317.3 p/s395%401.5 p/s499%481.1 p/s598%561.7 p/s699%622.1 p/s774%722.8 p/s899%778.1 p/s968%883.6 p/s1099%931.0 p/s1158%926.1 p/s1152%884.8 p/s1100%876.1 p/s1090%
SSE2203.6 p/s415.3 p/s204%624.1 p/s307%831.4 p/s408%1034.8 p/s508%1241.9 p/s610%1446.1 p/s710%1629.9 p/s801%1865.7 p/s916%2075.9 p/s1020%2227.3 p/s1094%2403.0 p/s1180%2524.5 p/s1240%2536.9 p/s1246%2661.6 p/s1307%
SSSE3210.3 p/s421.7 p/s201%633.8 p/s301%843.7 p/s401%1021.2 p/s486%1257.4 p/s598%1446.8 p/s688%1658.2 p/s788%1879.8 p/s894%2107.9 p/s1002%2227.3 p/s1059%2504.0 p/s1191%2552.8 p/s1214%2640.1 p/s1255%2811.4 p/s1337%
SSE4205.6 p/s412.1 p/s200%632.0 p/s307%841.1 p/s409%1010.1 p/s491%1254.6 p/s610%1448.1 p/s704%1670.3 p/s812%1885.5 p/s917%2099.1 p/s1021%2291.8 p/s1115%2470.8 p/s1202%2603.8 p/s1266%2600.6 p/s1265%2811.2 p/s1367%



 Operating systemWindows
 Command lineunrar bench -cpus= test.rar