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Result file for user [ vow ]


User info

 Submit date2011-06-07 14:49:30


Machine info

 CPU typeGulftown (Core i7)
 CPU (according to user)Xeon (Westmere-based)
 # of threads16
 L1 cache32 KiB
 L2 cache256 KiB
 Supported instructionsi386, SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4
 CPU clock (by OS)2400
 CPU clock (according to user)1604
 CPU clock (detected)2379
 CPU clock stableNo



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i38643.3 p/s @2.23 GHz92.9 p/s @2.30 GHz208%141.1 p/s @2.38 GHz306%189.3 p/s @2.39 GHz408%383.8 p/s @2.40 GHz826%353.5 p/s @2.40 GHz762%
SSE2110.4 p/s @2.21 GHz239.0 p/s @2.33 GHz205%362.9 p/s @2.38 GHz305%490.9 p/s @2.38 GHz413%991.8 p/s @2.40 GHz828%1090.7 p/s @2.39 GHz911%
SSSE3114.6 p/s @2.23 GHz243.0 p/s @2.30 GHz206%368.4 p/s @2.38 GHz302%500.3 p/s @2.39 GHz408%1003.8 p/s @2.40 GHz817%1122.1 p/s @2.39 GHz914%
SSE4111.3 p/s @2.19 GHz242.0 p/s @2.33 GHz205%368.1 p/s @2.37 GHz305%498.0 p/s @2.40 GHz409%1002.6 p/s @2.40 GHz824%1109.0 p/s @2.40 GHz912%



 Operating systemWindows
 Command lineunrar bench test.rar