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1TROLOLOL User specified different CPU2.39 GHz223.9 p/s49.3 p/s207%10.31Poland 
2borandi User specified different CPU3.20 GHz132.3 p/s32.3 p/s-10.10United KingdomGo Go VIA!
3Christian Ney User specified different CPU-1 MHz15.3 p/s5.3 p/s--1.00Switzerland 
4Jogibaer User specified different CPU-1 MHz14.3 p/s4.3 p/s--1.00Germany User specified different CPU-1 MHz13.0 p/s3.0 p/s--1.00Brazil 
6salatA64 Sempron (512K)1.89 GHz146.6 p/s46.6 p/s-24.60United States 
7MR PACOA64 Sempron (512K) User specified different CPU1.04 GHz142.6 p/s42.6 p/s-40.80United States 
8theonAllendale (Core 2 Duo)4.68 GHz2227.1 p/s462.1 p/s203%49.39Germany 
9Convicted1Allendale (Core 2 Duo)4.72 GHz2226.9 p/s455.4 p/s201%48.28United States 
10I love Youngpro !!!Allendale (Core 2 Duo)4.53 GHz2212.4 p/s432.5 p/s204%47.74Belgium 
11Moose83Allendale (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU4.40 GHz2211.5 p/s430.4 p/s204%48.92Germany 
12gatorinxsAllendale (Core 2 Duo)4.00 GHz2201.9 p/s402.4 p/s199%50.33Indonesia 
13GatorinxsAllendale (Core 2 Duo)4.00 GHz2199.9 p/s397.8 p/s199%49.74Indonesia 
14Moose83Allendale (Core 2 Duo)4.09 GHz2193.1 p/s393.1 p/s204%48.09Germany 
15battlecryawesomeAllendale (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU3.64 GHz2193.6 p/s389.9 p/s201%53.59United States 
16RedmaxAllendale (Core 2 Duo)4.01 GHz2188.5 p/s384.8 p/s204%48.00United States 
17LippokratisAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.99 GHz2191.6 p/s382.5 p/s200%47.90Germany 
18NederNakkeRAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.82 GHz2186.5 p/s373.9 p/s200%48.93Netherlands 
19RobotAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.90 GHz2183.9 p/s373.8 p/s203%47.94Germany 
20PasatoiuTDAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.20 GHz2186.5 p/s373.3 p/s200%58.36Romania 
21Allendale (Core 2 Duo)3.60 GHz2181.6 p/s364.1 p/s200%50.60Belgium 
22Allendale (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU3.78 GHz2180.7 p/s362.5 p/s201%47.98United States 
23JapaaAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.62 GHz2177.3 p/s351.7 p/s201%48.54BrazilHWBOT TEAM CUP

24XtremeCuztomsAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.69 GHz2172.6 p/s350.2 p/s203%47.40United States 
25Dan JacquesAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.55 GHz2170.0 p/s341.0 p/s201%47.99Brazil 
26ese_xemaAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.51 GHz2169.7 p/s340.0 p/s200%48.46Spain 
27sotir4oAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.54 GHz2166.9 p/s336.4 p/s202%47.54Bulgaria 
28Moose83Allendale (Core 2 Duo)3.37 GHz2162.6 p/s330.4 p/s203%48.96Germany 
29zafiropoAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.46 GHz2167.0 p/s330.1 p/s198%47.65Greece 
30LippokratisAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.42 GHz20.0 p/s325.3 p/s-100%47.59Germany 
31tasospaok123Allendale (Core 2 Duo)3.29 GHz2158.3 p/s320.6 p/s202%48.68Greece 
32Dan JacquesAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.38 GHz2156.9 p/s315.2 p/s200%46.57Brazil 
33Johni5Allendale (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU3.27 GHz2156.0 p/s311.9 p/s200%47.69Hungary 
34vipkozaAllendale (Core 2 Duo)3.10 GHz2145.7 p/s295.6 p/s204%47.63Poland 
35bicubicAllendale (Core 2 Duo)2.98 GHz2137.0 p/s273.3 p/s199%45.93Bulgaria 
36Behnam_2337Allendale (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU2.80 GHz2133.0 p/s271.9 p/s204%48.50Iran 
37FascinerosoAllendale (Core 2 Duo)2.62 GHz2122.5 p/s243.5 p/s202%46.43Spain 
38gskaAllendale (Core 2 Duo)1.81 GHz2115.1 p/s232.3 p/s203%64.31Greece 
39intouchAllendale (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU2.38 GHz2115.6 p/s231.6 p/s200%48.57France 
40WolfexeAllendale (Core 2 Duo)2.24 GHz2105.0 p/s211.7 p/s201%47.28Russia 
41cojac92Allendale (Core 2 Duo)2.19 GHz2104.4 p/s209.4 p/s200%47.85United States 
42rura Allendale (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU2.16 GHz294.9 p/s193.8 p/s200%44.86Moldova 
43rura Allendale (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU2.10 GHz2102.2 p/s192.2 p/s195%45.70Moldova 
44sali100Allendale (Core 2 Duo)2.06 GHz2104.0 p/s191.6 p/s199%46.39Bulgaria 
45Georgio Santano DekaranteAllendale (Core 2 Duo)2.02 GHz Unstable clock detected294.2 p/s181.9 p/s208%44.94Bulgaria 
46mtremAllendale (Core 2 Duo)1.86 GHz287.5 p/s176.5 p/s202%47.52Canada 
47SergioneAllendale (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU1.78 GHz287.0 p/s175.1 p/s203%49.10BulgariaOS: Windows 10 Education v....
48SergioneAllendale (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU1.80 GHz286.6 p/s175.0 p/s202%48.72BulgariaWindows XP SP3
49SergioneAllendale (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU1.79 GHz287.7 p/s174.6 p/s201%48.66BulgariaOS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 ...
50M4TR1ZAllendale (Core 2 Duo)1.85 GHz284.8 p/s173.7 p/s203%46.92Germany 
51lisenokkAllendale (Core 2 Duo)2.19 GHz Unstable clock detected299.4 p/s150.1 p/s191%34.25Russia 
52saint19Allendale (Core 2 Duo)1.06 GHz247.4 p/s97.5 p/s280%45.99Colombia 
53kilobravoArrandale (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.70 GHz4234.4 p/s473.0 p/s204%31.98Denmarki3 3250
54fgiArrandale (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.63 GHz4235.3 p/s472.9 p/s200%32.34Bulgaria 
55chris2005dimArrandale (Core i3)3.59 GHz4230.8 p/s463.6 p/s204%32.24Greece 
56DrakisArrandale (Core i3)3.49 GHz4222.9 p/s449.3 p/s204%32.19Portugal 
57JezJArrandale (Core i3)3.40 GHz4212.9 p/s434.6 p/s206%31.97United Kingdom 
58DopeLexArrandale (Core i3) User specified different CPU1.78 GHz Unstable clock detected4214.5 p/s430.0 p/s398%62.82Germany 
59WoomackArrandale (Core i3)3.42 GHz4196.7 p/s414.4 p/s216%30.33Poland 
60svilenotnisovoArrandale (Core i3)3.23 GHz4206.7 p/s417.2 p/s213%31.74Bulgaria 
61zafiropoArrandale (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.31 GHz4192.3 p/s402.0 p/s211%30.37Greece 
62OLDcomerArrandale (Core i3)3.25 GHz4188.8 p/s394.4 p/s211%30.34Bulgaria 
63CyberdyneArrandale (Core i3)3.25 GHz4185.6 p/s392.1 p/s213%30.19Bulgaria 
64BrianayArrandale (Core i3)3.00 GHz Unstable clock detected4205.6 p/s388.4 p/s316%50.16China 
65Mad ProfessorArrandale (Core i3)3.24 GHz4180.0 p/s382.5 p/s212%29.54United Kingdom 
66walassiosArrandale (Core i3)3.17 GHz4183.6 p/s381.5 p/s210%30.09Bulgaria 
67gordolobitoArrandale (Core i3)2.98 GHz4162.9 p/s351.5 p/s217%29.46Mexico 
68tasospaok123Arrandale (Core i3)2.45 GHz4153.7 p/s313.9 p/s208%32.02Gabon 
69Arrandale (Core i3)2.36 GHz4151.6 p/s303.0 p/s202%31.74Pakistan 
7004ahgyArrandale (Core i3)2.52 GHz Unstable clock detected4127.0 p/s295.7 p/s243%29.32HungaryCountry Cup 2011
71kawaboy51Arrandale (Core i3)2.51 GHz4118.1 p/s294.4 p/s310%29.37France 
72swat6Arrandale (Core i3)2.46 GHz4129.4 p/s291.1 p/s227%29.54Bulgaria 
73AniketArrandale (Core i3)2.40 GHz4125.2 p/s282.8 p/s228%29.48India 
74FlyingFishArrandale (Core i3)2.39 GHz4125.7 p/s282.8 p/s228%29.56Canada 
75blue.torchArrandale (Core i3)2.26 GHz4119.1 p/s267.7 p/s225%29.63United States 
76PatagonianArrandale (Core i3)2.26 GHz4114.0 p/s267.1 p/s232%29.57Argentina 
77balistikArrandale (Core i3)2.26 GHz4118.8 p/s266.4 p/s227%29.48Bulgaria 
78kimandsallyArrandale (Core i3)2.25 GHz4113.5 p/s264.9 p/s226%29.43United Kingdom 
79Ra7orArrandale (Core i3)2.21 GHz4113.5 p/s264.5 p/s232%29.89Portugal 
80wesjuhdabombArrandale (Core i3)2.25 GHz Unstable clock detected4111.7 p/s259.8 p/s226%28.82Netherlands 
81Convicted1Arrandale (Core i3)2.13 GHz4112.2 p/s251.0 p/s227%29.52United States 
82b0n3vArrandale (Core i3)2.09 GHz Unstable clock detected499.6 p/s239.1 p/s233%28.57Bulgaria 
83oDDiTyArrandale (Core i3)2.12 GHz Unstable clock detected4105.6 p/s238.8 p/s224%28.20Russia 
84Tyrael ArchangelArrandale (Core i3)2.08 GHz Unstable clock detected499.8 p/s236.4 p/s228%28.44CanadaLaptop
85GENiEBENArrandale (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.26 GHz4126.0 p/s266.0 p/
86Arrandale (Core i3)2.04 GHz Unstable clock detected482.1 p/s231.9 p/s438%37.58Bulgaria 
87Arrandale (Core i3)1.94 GHz Unstable clock detected4100.2 p/s231.1 p/s237%29.84Bulgaria 
88MikeArrandale (Core i3)2.52 GHz4132.5 p/s262.7 p/s185%22.19Austria 
89wesjuhdabombArrandale (Core i3)2.25 GHz4115.1 p/s252.5 p/s188%23.69Netherlands 
90giorgiomauricciArrandale (Core i3)2.22 GHz Unstable clock detected4112.6 p/s249.2 p/s201%23.42Peru 
91salArrandale (Core i3)1.57 GHz Unstable clock detected4122.4 p/s196.7 p/s270%36.79Iraq 
92BlostArrandale (Core i3)1.48 GHz486.3 p/s179.5 p/s211%30.36Chile 
93anrieffArrandale (Core i3)1.38 GHz479.1 p/s164.4 p/s210%29.85BulgariaLenovo X121e laptop
94DmnArrandale (Core i3)2.10 GHz Unstable clock detected449.3 p/s140.8 p/s342%19.77France 
95Saint19Arrandale (Core i5) User specified different CPU5.50 GHz2350.6 p/s702.2 p/s201%63.86Colombia 
96Rbby258Arrandale (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.51 GHz2240.8 p/s478.2 p/s201%52.99United Kingdom 
97OliverArrandale (Core i5)1.92 GHz Unstable clock detected4201.9 p/s449.9 p/s446%58.46China 
98l33ku1Arrandale (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.18 GHz2226.8 p/s448.5 p/s200%53.67Indonesial33ku1
99Mark DespiArrandale (Core i5) User specified different CPU3.19 GHz4208.3 p/s410.4 p/s203%32.15Philippines 
100aliey29Arrandale (Core i5) User specified different CPU3.10 GHz2193.6 p/s394.4 p/s207%63.70Indonesia 
101WoomackArrandale (Core i5)3.08 GHz2194.8 p/s393.4 p/s203%63.88Poland 
102AMGArrandale (Core i5) User specified different CPU2.96 GHz2188.3 p/s381.1 p/s202%64.44Bulgaria 
103cyberhrutkaArrandale (Core i5)2.90 GHz4184.2 p/s371.6 p/s202%32.05BulgariaMac Pro early 2014
104WoomackArrandale (Core i5)2.86 GHz Unstable clock detected4194.7 p/s364.7 p/s205%31.89Poland 
105haseArrandale (Core i5)3.03 GHz Unstable clock detected4192.0 p/s363.1 p/s235%29.92Germany 
106mbentleyArrandale (Core i5)2.96 GHz Unstable clock detected4178.6 p/s358.5 p/s217%30.33United States 
107LelArrandale (Core i5)2.87 GHz4177.1 p/s352.6 p/s199%30.77France 
108maomoneArrandale (Core i5)2.66 GHz4167.0 p/s346.6 p/s209%32.60Italy 
109WoomackArrandale (Core i5)2.92 GHz4147.4 p/s344.7 p/s229%29.48Poland 
110 dieseldog49Arrandale (Core i5)2.95 GHz Unstable clock detected4177.3 p/s350.3 p/s211%29.68United States 
111tasospaok123Arrandale (Core i5) User specified different CPU2.86 GHz Unstable clock detected4173.7 p/s344.3 p/s214%30.13Greece 
112Slam_ftArrandale (Core i5)2.94 GHz Unstable clock detected4158.9 p/s340.3 p/s227%29.44Bulgaria 
113KireyArrandale (Core i5)2.76 GHz Unstable clock detected4169.9 p/s334.9 p/s217%30.34Indonesia 
114subaruwrcArrandale (Core i5)2.76 GHz Unstable clock detected4168.3 p/s333.1 p/s217%30.20Hungary 
115espr1tArrandale (Core i5)2.92 GHz4150.0 p/s331.5 p/s219%28.39BulgariaSony Vaio EB
116mukherjeeArrandale (Core i5) User specified different CPU2.75 GHz Unstable clock detected4163.9 p/s330.7 p/s218%30.03India 
117amirsssArrandale (Core i5)2.79 GHz4143.9 p/s327.3 p/s227%29.30Iran 
118amirsssArrandale (Core i5)2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected4164.2 p/s323.6 p/s217%30.40Iran 
119MaVeRCKArrandale (Core i5)2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected4166.2 p/s322.5 p/s212%30.30Indonesia 
120saint19Arrandale (Core i5)2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected4164.2 p/s322.4 p/s216%30.29Colombia 
121leeghoofdArrandale (Core i5)2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected4163.2 p/s322.3 p/s216%30.28Belgium 
122iProllArrandale (Core i5) User specified different CPU2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected4162.0 p/s320.9 p/s224%30.17Germany 
123430M@3GhzArrandale (Core i5)3.01 GHz4157.9 p/s318.3 p/s204%26.45BulgariaLaptop Acer i5 430M overclo...
124sakthiArrandale (Core i5)2.83 GHz4147.7 p/s318.2 p/s218%28.13India 
125vowArrandale (Core i5)2.65 GHz Unstable clock detected4151.4 p/s317.0 p/s218%29.95Kazakhstan 
126ChineseArrandale (Core i5)2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected4154.9 p/s315.9 p/s217%29.70Viet Nam Yemen 
127Spock2fArrandale (Core i5)2.79 GHz Unstable clock detected4156.3 p/s315.8 p/s214%28.32Brazil 
128Andreat85Arrandale (Core i5)2.91 GHz4151.9 p/s313.5 p/s210%26.92Italy 
129tasospaokArrandale (Core i5)2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected4157.2 p/s313.1 p/s219%29.47Greece 
130gugleArrandale (Core i5)2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected4159.2 p/s312.0 p/s216%29.32Brazilgugle
131Arrandale (Core i5)2.77 GHz4156.8 p/s310.0 p/s197%27.95Bulgaria 
132Bogd4nArrandale (Core i5)2.79 GHz4145.7 p/s308.3 p/s211%27.61Romanialab501
133OmegaArrandale (Core i5)2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected4156.0 p/s308.0 p/s257%34.17Bulgaria 
134ivanezaArrandale (Core i5)2.79 GHz4148.8 p/s305.2 p/s205%27.33Indonesia 
135ahmed khedrArrandale (Core i5)2.66 GHz4138.4 p/s304.8 p/s220%28.67Egypt 
136Le085Arrandale (Core i5) User specified different CPU2.37 GHz Unstable clock detected4164.0 p/s305.4 p/s203%32.17Italy 
137tux_topoArrandale (Core i5)2.79 GHz4145.9 p/s300.8 p/s224%26.94Argentina 
138anti-T-komArrandale (Core i5)2.80 GHz4147.1 p/s299.7 p/s207%26.78Turkey4 hwbot
139Arrandale (Core i5)2.46 GHz Unstable clock detected4173.9 p/s298.3 p/s212%30.29Bulgaria 
140P5BencherArrandale (Core i5)2.79 GHz4148.2 p/s296.1 p/s200%26.52 
141HexxaArrandale (Core i5)2.52 GHz4133.2 p/s295.5 p/s226%29.27Finland 
142tasospaok123Arrandale (Core i5)2.29 GHz Unstable clock detected4161.0 p/s290.6 p/s204%31.70Greece 
143PsRArrandale (Core i5)2.66 GHz4140.6 p/s289.3 p/s208%27.20Brazil 
144roooArrandale (Core i5)2.52 GHz4132.9 p/s283.0 p/s216%28.02BulgariaLaptop Acer i5 430M with tu...
145darknessArrandale (Core i5)2.36 GHz4134.7 p/s281.6 p/s211%29.83Bulgaria 
146qArrandale (Core i5)2.95 GHz4164.8 p/s280.1 p/s174%23.76United States 
147joeArrandale (Core i5)2.52 GHz Unstable clock detected4126.7 p/s277.9 p/s235%27.58Bulgaria 
148chickenbeefArrandale (Core i5)2.65 GHz4138.7 p/s267.6 p/s200%25.22South Africa 
149Arrandale (Core i5)2.65 GHz Unstable clock detected4135.7 p/s263.7 p/s222%29.30Bulgaria 
150Arrandale (Core i5)2.17 GHz Unstable clock detected4149.6 p/s271.4 p/s214%29.83Bulgaria 
151Arrandale (Core i5)3.04 GHz4148.9 p/s251.0 p/s173%20.62Bulgaria 
152AnonymousArrandale (Core i5)2.88 GHz4134.5 p/s247.2 p/s190%21.44Bulgaria 
153aslawnasArrandale (Core i5)2.12 GHz2110.7 p/s225.0 p/s206%52.99Germany 
154saint19Arrandale (Core i5)2.12 GHz2111.3 p/s223.6 p/s224%52.61Colombia 
155Dohko702Arrandale (Core i5)2.12 GHz2112.0 p/s223.5 p/s202%52.61Colombia 
156bamArrandale (Core i5)1.97 GHz299.8 p/s203.7 p/s204%51.60Bulgaria 
157Cojac92Arrandale (Core i5) User specified different CPU1.99 GHz2103.3 p/s202.3 p/s197%50.78Bulgaria 
158Convicted1Arrandale (Core i5)1.86 GHz298.0 p/s191.6 p/s195%51.48United StatesOCForums

159LeegitArrandale (Core i5)781 MHz449.3 p/s94.9 p/s201%30.38United States 
160ruskoArrandale (Core i7) User specified different CPU7.12 GHz12271.1 p/s1598.6 p/s610%18.72RussiaUnder Linux
161MatsglobetrotterArrandale (Core i7)3.35 GHz Unstable clock detected4223.2 p/s431.3 p/s205%32.08Uganda 
162Don_DanArrandale (Core i7)3.19 GHz Unstable clock detected4174.0 p/s346.3 p/s213%27.15GermanyAcer 4820TG
163lord_darth_vaderArrandale (Core i7)3.06 GHz Unstable clock detected4174.3 p/s342.2 p/s218%27.99BulgariaLaptop Acer Aspire 5740G, i...
164tasospaok123Arrandale (Core i7) User specified different CPU2.69 GHz Unstable clock detected4180.0 p/s340.4 p/s206%31.67Greece 
165Arrandale (Core i7)3.32 GHz4168.7 p/s331.4 p/s198%24.95Bulgaria 
166Ricardo OsakiArrandale (Core i7)3.19 GHz Unstable clock detected4178.6 p/s326.6 p/s201%25.60Brazil 
167MoreoArrandale (Core i7)3.32 GHz4169.0 p/s325.9 p/s185%23.55France 
168MoreoArrandale (Core i7)2.96 GHz4113.1 p/s304.1 p/s270%25.70France 
169BearCaveArrandale (Core i7)2.78 GHz4140.9 p/s243.4 p/s170%21.86United States 
170Arrandale (Core i7)2.49 GHz Unstable clock detected4185.6 p/s328.5 p/s157%24.47Bulgaria 
171DopeLexAthlon (Palomino)1.91 GHz133.6 p/s33.6 p/s-17.64Germany 
172JogibaerAthlon (Slot-A)-1 MHz116.6 p/s16.6 p/s--1.00Germany 
173JogibaerAthlon (Slot-A)-1 MHz114.4 p/s14.4 p/s--1.00Germany 
174NoM$_YesLinuxAthlon (Slot-A)-1 MHz111.8 p/s11.8 p/s--1.00Brazil 
175JogibaerAthlon (ThunderBird) User specified different CPU-1 MHz117.8 p/s17.8 p/s--1.00Germany 
176GodAthlon 64 (1024K) User specified different CPU3.17 GHz168.3 p/s68.3 p/s-21.55Bulgaria 
177BonesAthlon 64 (1024K) User specified different CPU2.99 GHz164.5 p/s64.5 p/s-21.60United States 
178Athlon 64 (1024K)2.40 GHz151.2 p/s51.2 p/s-21.30Bulgaria 
179Athlon 64 (512K)2.20 GHz147.0 p/s47.0 p/s-21.40Bulgaria 
180BonesAthlon 64 (Orleans/512K)3.22 GHz169.6 p/s69.6 p/s-21.62United States 
181GENiEBENAthlon 64 (Orleans/512K)2.04 GHz142.1 p/s42.1 p/s-20.68Romania 
182XPuCToAthlon 64 (Orleans/512K)1.79 GHz137.9 p/s37.9 p/s-21.19BulgariaWorkstation at FMI/321
183I.nfraR.edAthlon 64 (San Diego/1024K) User specified different CPU3.17 GHz168.4 p/s68.4 p/s-21.61Bulgaria 
184BartonAthlon 64 (San Diego/1024K)2.96 GHz164.0 p/s64.0 p/s-21.61United States 
185|_e}{Athlon 64 (San Diego/1024K)2.94 GHz163.4 p/s63.4 p/s-21.60Ukraine 
186WoomackAthlon 64 (Venice/512K) User specified different CPU3.24 GHz170.0 p/s70.0 p/s-21.59Poland 
187NoM$_YesLinuxAthlon 64 (Venice/512K)3.00 GHz165.0 p/s65.0 p/s-21.65Brazil 
188LippokratisAthlon 64 (Venice/512K)3.00 GHz164.7 p/s64.7 p/s-21.57GermanyAthlon64 3800+
189NoM$_YesLinuxAthlon 64 (Venice/512K)2.84 GHz161.0 p/s61.0 p/s-21.49Brazil 
190Speedster2104Athlon 64 (Venice/512K)2.68 GHz152.9 p/s52.9 p/s-19.72Bulgaria 
191Cojac92Athlon 64 (Venice/512K)2.32 GHz149.9 p/s49.9 p/s-21.53United States 
192LippokratisAthlon 64 (Venice/512K)2.40 GHz149.7 p/s49.7 p/s-20.73Germany 
193RolandAthlon 64 (Venice/512K)2.37 GHz148.4 p/s48.4 p/s-20.45Bulgaria 
194EpidemicOfHate HWBGAthlon 64 (Venice/512K)1.98 GHz140.0 p/s40.0 p/s-20.20Bulgaria
195ji4kataAthlon 64 X2 (512K)1.00 GHz Unstable clock detected234.3 p/s77.7 p/s253%38.85Bulgaria 
196KireyAthlon 64 X2 (512K)797 MHz229.3 p/s60.1 p/s205%37.70Indonesia 
197KireyAthlon 64 X2 (512K)796 MHz229.1 p/s59.6 p/s205%37.44Indonesia 
198demiurgeAthlon 64 X2 (512K)1.19 GHz225.5 p/s51.4 p/s202%21.52Bulgaria 
199HybridChillerAthlon 64 X2 (512K)1.19 GHz225.8 p/s50.5 p/s199%21.20Belgiumtest
200borandiAthlon 64 X2 (512K)1.19 GHz225.6 p/s50.0 p/s197%21.10United KingdomGo for broke
201Athlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)3.30 GHz278.2 p/s157.0 p/s201%23.80United Kingdom 
202kalinhristov20Athlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)3.45 GHz273.4 p/s147.3 p/s201%21.35Bulgaria 
203Vermut3Athlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)3.20 GHz269.0 p/s138.4 p/s201%21.62Belarus 
204Smoke BellewAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)3.20 GHz269.3 p/s138.2 p/s200%21.61Bulgaria 
205username1Athlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)3.11 GHz267.3 p/s134.5 p/s200%21.60Bulgaria 
206Jonny.brAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)3.10 GHz267.2 p/s134.2 p/s200%21.62Brazil 
207LippokratisAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)3.08 GHz266.4 p/s132.2 p/s199%21.46Germany 
208borandiAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.99 GHz264.2 p/s128.4 p/s200%21.50United KingdomReally old
209JF.atuestaAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.92 GHz263.0 p/s124.9 p/s201%21.36Colombia 
210Babei IlieAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.87 GHz262.1 p/s124.4 p/s201%21.65Romania 
211SweetAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.88 GHz262.1 p/s124.0 p/s200%21.52Argentina 
212tatako_boyAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.90 GHz262.1 p/s124.0 p/s200%21.41ArgentinaNice Internet and some gami...
213Athlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.82 GHz260.7 p/s121.1 p/s202%21.44Bulgaria 
214keksAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.81 GHz260.2 p/s119.4 p/s201%21.25Germany 
215booseliAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.76 GHz259.6 p/s119.4 p/s201%21.65Belarus 
216andi03_1_10Athlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.91 GHz261.9 p/s119.1 p/s199%20.49Bulgaria2x2 GB DDR2 800 A-DATA, HD3...
217AndresAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.78 GHz259.2 p/s117.6 p/s200%21.17United States 
218vvvvvAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.69 GHz257.2 p/s115.5 p/s201%21.48Bulgaria 
219xtlAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.68 GHz257.3 p/s113.9 p/s202%21.23Bulgaria 
220CleVerAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.69 GHz257.8 p/s112.5 p/
OC Adccit
221GENiEBENAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K) User specified different CPU2.60 GHz256.0 p/s111.9 p/
222Athlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.60 GHz255.4 p/s111.8 p/s204%21.54Argentina 
223borandiAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.58 GHz255.5 p/s110.3 p/s198%21.36United Kingdom 
224NobyXAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K) User specified different CPU2.48 GHz253.4 p/s103.2 p/s199%20.81Bulgaria 
225BooseliAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.37 GHz251.1 p/s102.0 p/s200%21.56Belarus 
226Crash01itaAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.30 GHz249.4 p/s99.0 p/s201%21.54Italy 
227sivAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.29 GHz247.4 p/s96.8 p/s207%21.12Bulgaria 
228BacoAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.19 GHz246.8 p/s94.2 p/s219%21.55Bulgaria 
229Athlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.19 GHz245.9 p/s87.9 p/s192%20.05Greece 
230Athlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)1.93 GHz Unstable clock detected245.2 p/s85.4 p/s214%22.08Bulgaria 
231silverstein1995Athlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.26 GHz248.3 p/s85.1 p/s195%18.84Bulgariaq da vidim kak se spravq st...
232nullAthlon 64 X2 (Brisbane/512K)2.06 GHz Unstable clock detected245.3 p/s81.0 p/s193%19.71Bulgaria 
233I.nfraR.edAthlon 64 X2 (Manchester/512K) User specified different CPU3.54 GHz276.0 p/s152.4 p/s200%21.55Bulgaria 
234OverPAQ'dAthlon 64 X2 (Manchester/512K)2.82 GHz260.9 p/s122.4 p/s201%21.69Australia 
235JogibaerAthlon 64 X2 (Manchester/512K)2.61 GHz256.3 p/s112.8 p/s200%21.61Germany 
236CybergeekAthlon 64 X2 (Manchester/512K)2.40 GHz251.8 p/s103.9 p/s200%21.61Venezuela 
237Ü50Athlon 64 X2 (Toledo/1024K) User specified different CPU2.86 GHz261.5 p/s123.5 p/s201%21.60Germany 
238JogibaerAthlon 64 X2 (Toledo/1024K)2.69 GHz258.0 p/s116.2 p/s201%21.63Germany 
239JohnTRIVOLTAAthlon 64 X2 (Toledo/1024K)2.40 GHz250.8 p/s101.4 p/s200%21.17Bulgaria 
240profexAthlon 64 X2 (Toledo/512K)3.02 GHz267.2 p/s134.8 p/s200%22.28Poland 
241SunShineAthlon 64 X2 (Toledo/512K)2.46 GHz252.3 p/s101.8 p/s199%20.70Bulgaria 
242Crash01itaAthlon 64 X2 (Windsor/1024K)3.37 GHz272.8 p/s145.9 p/s200%21.63Italy 
243DeEM0NAthlon 64 X2 (Windsor/1024K)3.19 GHz266.8 p/s129.9 p/s195%20.34Bulgaria 
244Crash01itaAthlon 64 X2 (Windsor/1024K)3.01 GHz264.8 p/s129.3 p/s200%21.47ItalyNBCL Team
245tasospaok123Athlon 64 X2 (Windsor/1024K)2.98 GHz263.8 p/s128.1 p/s201%21.46Greece 
246Rom58Athlon 64 X2 (Windsor/1024K)2.98 GHz263.6 p/s128.0 p/s201%21.47Bulgaria 
247benjiAthlon 64 X2 (Windsor/1024K)2.93 GHz262.5 p/s122.8 p/s199%20.95Bulgaria 
248coolmanhsAthlon 64 X2 (Windsor/256K)2.57 GHz254.9 p/s109.8 p/s199%21.37Bulgaria 
249Jaba Gamer BRAthlon 64 X2 (Windsor/256K)2.31 GHz249.3 p/s94.4 p/s193%20.42Brazil 
250bojosanAthlon 64 X2 (Windsor/512K)3.20 GHz268.8 p/s137.5 p/s200%21.47Bulgaria 
251|_e}{Athlon 64 X2 (Windsor/512K)2.52 GHz252.7 p/s106.1 p/s204%21.02Ukraine 
252KireyAthlon 64 X2 (Windsor/512K)2.19 GHz247.5 p/s94.8 p/s200%21.62Indonesia 
253gimaraAthlon 64 X2 (Windsor/512K)2.17 GHz245.0 p/s87.1 p/s197%20.09Bulgaria 
254rybaAthlon II X2 (Regor)6.20 GHz2275.7 p/s554.8 p/s201%44.78Poland 
255ColdestAthlon II X2 (Regor)4.93 GHz2247.4 p/s497.4 p/s201%50.47Indonesia 
256Athlon II X2 (Regor)5.32 GHz2237.0 p/s472.8 p/s199%44.45Bulgaria 
257ColdestAthlon II X2 (Regor)4.75 GHz2212.0 p/s423.8 p/s200%44.58Indonesia 
258I.nfraR.edAthlon II X2 (Regor)4.54 GHz2202.3 p/s405.6 p/s200%44.62BulgariaWater | 23C ambient
259WoomackAthlon II X2 (Regor)4.54 GHz2204.7 p/s402.1 p/s200%44.29Poland 
260CalegaR1Athlon II X2 (Regor) User specified different CPU4.48 GHz2198.8 p/s401.8 p/s202%44.88Italy 
261helkisAthlon II X2 (Regor)4.35 GHz2196.0 p/s390.9 p/s200%44.89Hungary 
262KireyAthlon II X2 (Regor)4.26 GHz2189.1 p/s382.2 p/s204%44.85Indonesia 
263N@th_OCAthlon II X2 (Regor)4.18 GHz2186.7 p/s371.3 p/s201%44.46FranceHWBot Country 2011
264Power_user_EXAthlon II X2 (Regor)4.15 GHz2182.7 p/s367.4 p/s201%44.25India 
265AniketAthlon II X2 (Regor)4.05 GHz2182.0 p/s362.2 p/s200%44.69India 
266Athlon II X2 (Regor)4.03 GHz2179.6 p/s358.1 p/s199%44.45Bulgaria 
267Athlon II X2 (Regor)4.11 GHz2182.3 p/s357.9 p/s196%43.59Bulgaria 
268Athlon II X2 (Regor)4.06 GHz2179.3 p/s357.4 p/s199%44.01India 
269marcosdhAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.95 GHz2175.3 p/s353.3 p/s201%44.71Argentina 
270chuangKAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.91 GHz2175.3 p/s349.2 p/
271kobroAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.88 GHz2172.7 p/s345.6 p/s200%44.49Romania 
272ravAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.83 GHz2170.3 p/s341.4 p/s200%44.51Poland 
273dontiqAthlon II X2 (Regor) User specified different CPU3.81 GHz2169.7 p/s341.3 p/s201%44.84IndonesiaKOC2.COM FTW!!
274ChositAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.75 GHz2170.9 p/s340.4 p/s199%45.45Thailand 
275HiDefinitionAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.79 GHz2168.0 p/s339.1 p/s203%44.68Bulgaria 
276rafAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.84 GHz2168.0 p/s338.2 p/s201%44.08Poland 
277laywillAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.77 GHz2167.7 p/s337.3 p/s201%44.77United Kingdom 
278KrucilAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.51 GHz2166.6 p/s332.5 p/s200%47.39Indonesia 
279chuangKAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.72 GHz2165.9 p/s331.2 p/
280BeardoAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.67 GHz2164.0 p/s326.9 p/s199%44.50Mexico 
281asuyaAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.61 GHz2162.3 p/s323.8 p/s201%44.85Indonesia 
282leaverAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.61 GHz2161.6 p/s322.9 p/s200%44.69Indonesia 
283marto96Athlon II X2 (Regor)3.59 GHz2158.9 p/s320.8 p/s201%44.67Bulgaria 
284chuangKAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.56 GHz2160.0 p/s320.2 p/s200%44.93IndonesiaTEAM
285Athlon II X2 (Regor) User specified different CPU3.56 GHz2158.3 p/s318.7 p/s201%44.70Bulgaria 
286HiDefinitionAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.60 GHz2159.9 p/s317.0 p/s198%44.08Bulgaria 
287cjinfo - 3° OverdesafioAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.59 GHz Unstable clock detected2140.8 p/s315.9 p/s213%44.05BrazilFoxconn A6VMX
2x2 Gb M...
288cyrus oc(hamedy12)Athlon II X2 (Regor)3.44 GHz2152.9 p/s307.9 p/s200%44.77Iran 
289ViViDAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.35 GHz2149.9 p/s298.4 p/s201%44.54Iran 
290cristiano84Athlon II X2 (Regor)3.79 GHz2169.3 p/s295.5 p/s185%39.03Brazil 
291LordzedAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.34 GHz2146.6 p/s287.6 p/s198%43.03Romania 
292Dohko702Athlon II X2 (Regor)3.20 GHz2142.8 p/s285.1 p/s199%44.57Colombia 
293KrissAthlon II X2 (Regor)2.70 GHz2140.0 p/s282.6 p/s202%52.35Hungary 
294MatijaInSpaceAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.14 GHz2139.2 p/s275.9 p/s200%43.93Serbia & M. 
295PrudiiAthlon II X2 (Regor)3.00 GHz2134.8 p/s269.6 p/s200%44.98Germany 
296BotonAthlon II X2 (Regor)2.99 GHz2133.4 p/s264.7 p/s203%44.22Greece 
297mailo95Athlon II X2 (Regor)3.00 GHz2135.4 p/s261.7 p/s196%43.67Bulgaria 
298wegettiAthlon II X2 (Regor)2.80 GHz2124.9 p/s249.8 p/s200%44.67Bulgaria 
299hyoryu18Athlon II X2 (Regor)2.66 GHz20.0 p/s234.4 p/s-100%44.04Dominican Rep. 
300Big_joroAthlon II X2 (Regor)2.55 GHz2116.2 p/s213.0 p/s198%41.80Bulgaria 
301BonesAthlon II X2 (Regor)4.62 GHz2205.2 p/s209.9 p/s104%22.71United States 
302AUDIDHHAthlon II X2 (Regor)1.79 GHz279.8 p/s160.0 p/s201%44.62Bulgaria 
303gluvocioAthlon II X3 (Rana)4.76 GHz3213.9 p/s641.5 p/s301%44.94Italy 
304RedwoodzAthlon II X3 (Rana)4.65 GHz3209.1 p/s625.7 p/s300%44.87United States 
305RedwoodzAthlon II X3 (Rana)4.60 GHz3207.1 p/s620.4 p/s300%44.92United States 
306Redwoodz@OCNAthlon II X3 (Rana)4.49 GHz3202.3 p/s605.1 p/s300%44.91United States4.48 on air
307Vermut3Athlon II X3 (Rana)4.34 GHz3195.2 p/s585.4 p/s300%44.96Belarus 
308Jonny.brAthlon II X3 (Rana)4.20 GHz3187.4 p/s561.0 p/s300%44.57Brazil 
309Overclock990Athlon II X3 (Rana)4.20 GHz3185.2 p/s557.9 p/s301%44.30Iran 
310nyatesAthlon II X3 (Rana)4.11 GHz3184.7 p/s551.0 p/s300%44.72United States 
311Johni5Athlon II X3 (Rana)4.03 GHz3178.9 p/s541.5 p/s302%44.76Hungary 
312johnamdAthlon II X3 (Rana)4.03 GHz3179.9 p/s539.4 p/s300%44.67Greece 
313Athlon II X3 (Rana)3.99 GHz3179.3 p/s537.3 p/s300%44.90Bulgaria 
314johnamdAthlon II X3 (Rana)3.96 GHz3176.2 p/s530.2 p/s301%44.66Greece 
315NinXAthlon II X3 (Rana)3.32 GHz30.0 p/s505.1 p/s-100%50.71CroatiaGigabyte GA-M56S-S3
316Athlon II X3 (Rana)3.77 GHz3167.9 p/s504.6 p/s301%44.64Bulgaria 
317NinXAthlon II X3 (Rana)3.80 GHz30.0 p/s503.0 p/s-100%44.16Croatia 
318froxicAthlon II X3 (Rana)3.72 GHz3165.9 p/s496.4 p/s299%44.50Czech Rep. 
319boki4aAthlon II X3 (Rana)3.64 GHz3162.3 p/s488.0 p/s300%44.69Bulgaria 
320DanielAthlon II X3 (Rana)3.50 GHz3157.5 p/s469.5 p/s299%44.74Belgium 
321OCMusicJunkieAthlon II X3 (Rana)3.30 GHz3146.5 p/s440.2 p/s300%44.49United States 
322turnomentorAthlon II X3 (Rana)3.39 GHz3148.5 p/s435.0 p/s293%42.80Bulgariahaha
323krasimirsAthlon II X3 (Rana)3.22 GHz3142.9 p/s428.5 p/s307%44.32Bulgaria 
324RedwoodzAthlon II X3 (Rana)4.61 GHz2206.7 p/s412.8 p/s200%44.82United States 
325cnzdrnAthlon II X3 (Rana)3.09 GHz3138.3 p/s409.3 p/s297%44.12Italy 
326RedwoodzAthlon II X3 (Rana)4.61 GHz2200.3 p/s408.8 p/s204%44.35United States2 cores
327Athlon II X3 (Rana) User specified different CPU4.57 GHz2205.1 p/s406.6 p/s200%44.46Bulgaria 
328Athlon II X3 (Rana)3.08 GHz3138.0 p/s399.7 p/s294%43.27United States 
329BooseliAthlon II X3 (Rana)2.97 GHz3132.8 p/s398.9 p/s299%44.83Belarus 
330KrasimirSAthlon II X3 (Rana)2.70 GHz3119.1 p/s359.0 p/s300%44.32Bulgaria 
331Athlon II X4 (Propus)3.91 GHz4173.7 p/s695.1 p/s400%44.49France 
332Darklord12Athlon II X4 (Propus)3.85 GHz4172.9 p/s692.7 p/s401%44.93Greece 
333The_policeAthlon II X4 (Propus)3.39 GHz4150.5 p/s603.6 p/s401%44.53Bulgaria 
334unfragableAthlon II X4 (Propus)3.30 GHz4148.5 p/s589.1 p/s398%44.66Bulgaria 
335The_PoliceAthlon II X4 (Propus)3.34 GHz4147.7 p/s586.1 p/s398%43.84Bulgaria 
336rass0Athlon II X4 (Propus)3.24 GHz4144.2 p/s575.3 p/s400%44.38Denmark 
337Cantarino FCHAthlon II X4 (Propus)2.58 GHz4116.6 p/s454.5 p/s399%44.06Brazil 
338genhackAthlon II X4 (Propus)2.58 GHz4115.3 p/s435.6 p/s382%42.13Bulgaria 
339carpo93Athlon II X4 (Propus)2.08 GHz492.7 p/s369.4 p/s397%44.34Italy 
340GodAthlon X2 (Kuma)4.27 GHz2193.2 p/s387.2 p/s200%45.38Bulgaria 
341reza.petteAthlon X2 (Kuma)3.87 GHz2173.3 p/s347.3 p/s200%44.84Indonesia 
342aGeoMAthlon X2 (Kuma)3.42 GHz2142.3 p/s285.7 p/s203%41.83Portugal 
343vanco0oAthlon X2 (Kuma)3.29 GHz2136.3 p/s273.5 p/s204%41.57Bulgaria@3300 1.55V
344vanco0oAthlon X2 (Kuma)2.99 GHz2123.5 p/s247.4 p/s200%41.33Bulgaria 
345hamboobooAthlon X2 (Kuma) User specified different CPU2.69 GHz2119.5 p/s234.8 p/s196%43.61Finland 
346php75Athlon X2 (Kuma) User specified different CPU2.67 GHz2105.6 p/s216.0 p/s198%40.43Bulgaria 
347*POMPATA*Athlon X2 (Kuma)2.40 GHz298.6 p/s190.0 p/s195%39.58BulgariaAMD Athlon 7450 Stock
348saint19Athlon X2 (Kuma)1.14 GHz262.9 p/s125.9 p/s200%55.03Colombia 
349Grigor_xfile1Athlon X2 (Kuma) User specified different CPU1.15 GHz262.0 p/s124.4 p/s202%54.32BulgariaHP G62
350DoominheartAthlon X2 (Kuma)1.14 GHz262.5 p/s124.1 p/s200%54.29Russia 
351Athlon X2 (Kuma)1.05 GHz257.7 p/s115.6 p/s200%55.26Greece 
352DenivyAthlon X2 (Kuma)1.99 GHz252.4 p/s106.1 p/s204%26.64Bulgaria 
353JogibaerAthlon XP1.72 GHz130.3 p/s30.3 p/s-17.61Germany 
354Kei32Athlon XP User specified different CPU1.66 GHz129.4 p/s29.4 p/s-17.67Australia 
355SergioneAthlon XP1.58 GHz127.9 p/s27.9 p/s-17.60BulgariaOS: Windows XP SP3
356aGeoMAthlon XP (Barton)2.52 GHz144.4 p/s44.4 p/s-17.65Portugal 
357LippokratisAthlon XP (Barton)2.42 GHz142.4 p/s42.4 p/s-17.54BulgariaAthlon XP 2800+ Barton
358lord_darth_vaderAthlon XP (Barton)2.30 GHz140.3 p/s40.3 p/s-17.54BulgariaAsus A7V600, Barton 2500+@2...
359darkageAthlon XP (Barton)2.20 GHz138.6 p/s38.6 p/s-17.58Portugal 
360|_e}{Athlon XP (Barton)2.10 GHz135.3 p/s35.3 p/s-16.77Ukraine 
361Computer ProfessorAthlon XP (Barton) User specified different CPU2.00 GHz134.8 p/s34.8 p/s-17.43United StatesI love AMD! MORE POWERZ!
362SergioneAthlon XP (Barton)1.81 GHz131.9 p/s31.9 p/s-17.60BulgariaWindows XP SP3
363WarheadAthlon XP (Thoroughbred) User specified different CPU2.25 GHz239.5 p/s79.4 p/s201%17.67Germany 
364theLamerAthlon XP (Thoroughbred)2.78 GHz148.3 p/s48.3 p/s-17.36Germany 
365AnanerbeAthlon XP (Thoroughbred)2.73 GHz148.1 p/s48.1 p/s-17.64Russia 
366darknizAthlon XP (Thoroughbred) User specified different CPU2.64 GHz146.4 p/s46.4 p/s-17.58Germany 
367Jonny.brAthlon XP (Thoroughbred) User specified different CPU2.36 GHz142.3 p/s42.3 p/s-17.91Brazil 
368Jonny.brAthlon XP (Thoroughbred)2.35 GHz141.4 p/s41.4 p/s-17.63Brazil 
369DLioNAthlon XP (Thoroughbred)2.25 GHz139.3 p/s39.3 p/s-17.45Serbia & M. 
370JogibaerAthlon XP (Thoroughbred)1.99 GHz134.9 p/s34.9 p/s-17.53Germany 
371SergioneAthlon XP (Thoroughbred)1.47 GHz125.9 p/s25.9 p/s-17.57BulgariaOS: Windows XP SP3
372saint19Athlon XP (Thoroughbred)748 MHz112.4 p/s12.4 p/s-16.58Colombia 
373theonAthlon XP (Thorton)2.53 GHz144.6 p/s44.6 p/s-17.62Germany 
374KireyAtom (Diamondville)1.66 GHz445.2 p/s101.5 p/s247%15.30Indonesia 
375SergioneAtom (Diamondville) User specified different CPU1.19 GHz Unstable clock detected444.3 p/s100.6 p/s315%21.12BulgariaOS: Windows 7 Starter x32...
376SergioneAtom (Diamondville)1.37 GHz Unstable clock detected445.1 p/s100.6 p/s448%18.37BulgariaOS: Windows 10 Education 18...
377KireyAtom (Diamondville)1.49 GHz440.6 p/s91.3 p/s248%15.34Indonesia 
378KireyAtom (Diamondville)766 MHz Unstable clock detected440.7 p/s91.1 p/s474%29.73Indonesia 
379smekliusAtom (Diamondville)2.25 GHz261.7 p/s69.2 p/s125%15.34Lithuania 
380UtilizatoriAtom (Diamondville)2.15 GHz258.9 p/s65.7 p/s124%15.29Georgia 
381tasospaok123Atom (Diamondville)2.16 GHz256.9 p/s64.7 p/s128%14.99Greece 
382DoominheartAtom (Diamondville)1.65 GHz255.7 p/s62.3 p/s125%18.88Bulgaria 
383Crash01itaAtom (Diamondville)1.92 GHz251.5 p/s58.4 p/s137%15.25Italy 
384wegettiAtom (Diamondville)1.82 GHz249.8 p/s55.8 p/s123%15.30Finland 
385mukherjeeAtom (Diamondville)1.82 GHz249.2 p/s55.3 p/s125%15.20India 
386KireyAtom (Diamondville)1.82 GHz247.5 p/s54.3 p/s127%14.93Indonesia 
387Crash01itaAtom (Diamondville)1.70 GHz244.8 p/s51.6 p/s128%15.19Italy 
388AMGAtom (Diamondville)1.57 GHz244.9 p/s51.4 p/s128%16.39BulgariaAsus EEPC 1000H
389saint19Atom (Diamondville)1.65 GHz245.4 p/s50.7 p/s125%15.33Colombia 
390KireyAtom (Diamondville)1.65 GHz244.8 p/s50.6 p/s127%15.30Indonesia 
391The HeatkillerAtom (Diamondville)1.64 GHz243.1 p/s50.6 p/s128%15.42Denmark 
392samuel7Atom (Diamondville)1.32 GHz Unstable clock detected226.6 p/s50.5 p/s204%19.16Indonesia 
393brianAtom (Diamondville)1.63 GHz243.2 p/s49.7 p/s131%15.21Russia 
394chillerAtom (Diamondville)1.65 GHz245.4 p/s49.6 p/s129%15.00Belgium 
395atdagoAtom (Diamondville)1.65 GHz241.8 p/s49.4 p/s132%14.96France 
396tasospaok123Atom (Diamondville)1.65 GHz243.6 p/s49.1 p/s128%14.86Greece 
397Ra7orAtom (Diamondville)1.67 GHz244.7 p/s48.8 p/s129%14.64PortugalAsus 1000HE Laptop
398WoomackAtom (Diamondville)1.59 GHz243.6 p/s48.7 p/s126%15.30Poland
too small screen for ...
399Atom (Diamondville)1.57 GHz242.5 p/s48.7 p/s126%15.49Argentina 
400PSRAtom (Diamondville)1.59 GHz242.4 p/s48.3 p/s126%15.22Brazil 
401Atom (Diamondville)1.59 GHz243.0 p/s48.3 p/s129%15.23Bulgaria 
402anrieffAtom (Diamondville)1.58 GHz242.7 p/s48.1 p/s126%15.19BulgariaAsus EeePC 901
Ubuntu ...
403Silverlight/Sylar/chickenbeefAtom (Diamondville)1.58 GHz243.3 p/s48.0 p/s125%15.14South Africa 
404SpankAtom (Diamondville)1.55 GHz241.7 p/s47.9 p/s127%15.40GreeceLets see what my netbook wi...
405chrisAtom (Diamondville) User specified different CPU1.15 GHz Unstable clock detected224.6 p/s40.9 p/s168%18.73Netherlands 
406KireyAtom (Diamondville)1.32 GHz235.9 p/s40.3 p/s128%15.24Indonesia 
407Christian NeyAtom Dual-Core (Diamondville)2.27 GHz Unstable clock detected462.3 p/s139.1 p/s247%15.33Switzerland 
408Atom Dual-Core (Diamondville)2.27 GHz40.0 p/s138.4 p/s-100%15.24Bulgaria 
409Dead ThingsAtom Dual-Core (Diamondville)1.10 GHz Unstable clock detected457.2 p/s128.3 p/s476%29.05Canada 
410PsRAtom Dual-Core (Diamondville)1.59 GHz Unstable clock detected448.7 p/s108.1 p/s248%16.99Brazil 
411DiAtomicAtom Dual-Core (Diamondville)1.58 GHz442.3 p/s95.8 p/s251%15.18BulgariaThe ultimate router beast
412paratiAtom Dual-Core (Diamondville)1.57 GHz440.7 p/s92.5 p/s259%14.70Argentina 
413HCBloomfield (Core i7)5.21 GHz Unstable clock detected8274.9 p/s1233.1 p/s563%36.49Bulgaria 
414jiccman1965Bloomfield (Core i7)4.95 GHz Unstable clock detected8260.5 p/s1186.9 p/s536%33.63Bulgaria 
415cyberotterBloomfield (Core i7)4.61 GHz8242.9 p/s1088.0 p/s452%29.52United StatesSecond Run
416vankostrongBloomfield (Core i7)3.46 GHz Unstable clock detected8240.5 p/s1082.8 p/s577%39.13Bulgaria218x21
417Bloomfield (Core i7)2.53 GHz Unstable clock detected8238.0 p/s1072.4 p/s805%52.92Russia 
418ErdincBloomfield (Core i7)3.41 GHz Unstable clock detected8238.0 p/s1072.2 p/s603%39.29Turkey 
419]siNNer[Bloomfield (Core i7)4.13 GHz Unstable clock detected8238.0 p/s1071.1 p/s536%33.71Portugal 
420BaBiEsOnFiReBloomfield (Core i7)4.52 GHz8238.0 p/s1069.3 p/s452%29.57Portugal 
421bifrostBloomfield (Core i7)4.50 GHz8241.5 p/s1068.4 p/s444%29.66France 
422craniumBloomfield (Core i7)4.52 GHz8232.9 p/s1067.3 p/s464%29.54United States 
423TEC51Bloomfield (Core i7)4.51 GHz8237.5 p/s1064.5 p/s454%29.52Portugal 
424Vengeance47Bloomfield (Core i7)4.51 GHz8237.5 p/s1063.2 p/s455%29.48Australia 
425BaBiEsOnFiReBloomfield (Core i7)4.48 GHz8236.8 p/s1060.2 p/s453%29.58Portugal 
426gboedsBloomfield (Core i7)4.47 GHz8235.5 p/s1055.0 p/s450%29.49United States 
427NoGuruBloomfield (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.20 GHz8234.4 p/s1053.5 p/s455%31.37United States 
428SpankBloomfield (Core i7)4.45 GHz Unstable clock detected8232.4 p/s1053.2 p/s460%29.56Greece 
429VinsterBloomfield (Core i7)4.45 GHz8234.8 p/s1052.9 p/s455%29.58Canada 
430vgpBloomfield (Core i7)4.43 GHz8233.0 p/s1045.8 p/s453%29.54Bulgaria 
431TEC51Bloomfield (Core i7)4.41 GHz8232.4 p/s1044.6 p/s452%29.62Portugal 
432skorpionBloomfield (Core i7)4.51 GHz8238.4 p/s1043.8 p/s464%28.96Kazakhstan 
433Mr MooseBloomfield (Core i7)4.40 GHz8231.3 p/s1042.4 p/s458%29.64United Kingdom 
434vankostrongBloomfield (Core i7)4.41 GHz8232.8 p/s1041.5 p/s453%29.53Bulgaria210x21 ram 1680 7 8 7 20
435Boom56KBloomfield (Core i7)4.41 GHz8232.4 p/s1039.0 p/s453%29.43United States 
436broken pixelBloomfield (Core i7)4.40 GHz8228.8 p/s1036.0 p/s456%29.41United States 
437SebesToWareBloomfield (Core i7)4.38 GHz8229.9 p/s1033.4 p/s453%29.51Belgium 
438ronipBloomfield (Core i7)4.33 GHz8225.9 p/s1023.3 p/s454%29.58Israel 
439Bloomfield (Core i7)3.35 GHz Unstable clock detected8226.3 p/s1017.9 p/s564%38.03Bulgaria 
440Bloomfield (Core i7)4.24 GHz Unstable clock detected8221.3 p/s1005.6 p/s456%29.63Australia 
441royzaBloomfield (Core i7)4.25 GHz8224.4 p/s1003.1 p/s454%29.50Australia 
442WarheadBloomfield (Core i7)4.24 GHz8227.2 p/s1002.4 p/s443%29.57Germany 
443johnamdBloomfield (Core i7)4.16 GHz Unstable clock detected8220.8 p/s1002.2 p/s543%30.10Greeceasus
444Hard LineBloomfield (Core i7)4.24 GHz8212.3 p/s1001.3 p/s462%29.55United States 
445Slu4ainiKBloomfield (Core i7)4.12 GHz Unstable clock detected8222.0 p/s1001.1 p/s478%30.35Bulgaria 
446BomberaBloomfield (Core i7)4.20 GHz8221.3 p/s998.1 p/s455%29.69Bulgaria21x200, Mem 1600 7-7-7-20, ...
447FatalOneBloomfield (Core i7)4.21 GHz8221.7 p/s996.1 p/s449%29.61United States 
448GlimmerBloomfield (Core i7)4.20 GHz8221.2 p/s995.4 p/s454%29.61Bulgaria 
449K3vst3rBloomfield (Core i7)4.22 GHz8212.3 p/s994.2 p/s456%29.48United Kingdom 
450over100ghzBloomfield (Core i7)4.20 GHz8219.9 p/s992.2 p/s456%29.54Bulgaria 
451ErdincBloomfield (Core i7)4.20 GHz8221.2 p/s991.5 p/s455%29.53Turkey 
452PaddopaulBloomfield (Core i7)4.21 GHz8221.5 p/s990.1 p/s451%29.41Netherlands 
453ohmBloomfield (Core i7)4.20 GHz8221.7 p/s988.1 p/s454%29.43United StatesXFX6990 EKFC 690MHz 1350MHZ
454Daredevil_666Bloomfield (Core i7)4.20 GHz8220.8 p/s988.1 p/s453%29.43Bulgaria 
455Bloomfield (Core i7)4.20 GHz8220.4 p/s987.0 p/s457%29.38Bulgaria 
456An1KilleRBloomfield (Core i7)4.20 GHz8221.7 p/s983.5 p/s450%29.30Colombia 
457BluebrainBloomfield (Core i7)4.20 GHz8223.2 p/s975.5 p/s442%29.06Austria 
458steBloomfield (Core i7)4.06 GHz8216.4 p/s962.6 p/s445%29.64Italy 
459DoominheartBloomfield (Core i7)4.25 GHz8222.9 p/s962.2 p/s435%28.32Russia 
460misterx12Bloomfield (Core i7)4.09 GHz8216.0 p/s958.9 p/s445%29.28Italy 
461testBloomfield (Core i7)4.03 GHz80.0 p/s953.6 p/s-100%29.58Bulgaria 
462mitchghostBloomfield (Core i7)4.03 GHz8212.4 p/s952.9 p/s454%29.54Italy 
463FatalOneBloomfield (Core i7)4.04 GHz8215.6 p/s952.7 p/s442%29.50United States 
464vgpBloomfield (Core i7)4.00 GHz8210.7 p/s950.3 p/s454%29.67Bulgaria 
46569_GoatBloomfield (Core i7)4.01 GHz8211.5 p/s949.1 p/s452%29.60Canada 
466AnonMDBloomfield (Core i7)4.18 GHz8224.1 p/s946.5 p/s428%28.33Brazil 
467ARISTIDISBloomfield (Core i7)2.24 GHz Unstable clock detected8213.5 p/s945.8 p/s788%52.73Greece 
468f4styBloomfield (Core i7)4.01 GHz8204.3 p/s945.5 p/s464%29.50Germany 
469DragosBloomfield (Core i7)3.99 GHz8210.4 p/s943.7 p/s446%29.54Romania 
470MegellikBloomfield (Core i7)4.00 GHz8214.7 p/s943.1 p/s444%29.48Italy 
471Acid[]KillerBloomfield (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.00 GHz8210.3 p/s942.2 p/s452%29.44South Africa 
472GekonutzBloomfield (Core i7)4.00 GHz8203.5 p/s942.0 p/s463%29.43Australia 
473fellixBloomfield (Core i7)3.99 GHz8210.3 p/s940.1 p/s452%29.47BulgariaWindows 7 Ultimate x64, SP1
474TEC51Bloomfield (Core i7)4.00 GHz8210.7 p/s939.3 p/s454%29.38Portugal 
475Bloomfield (Core i7)4.17 GHz8218.6 p/s939.2 p/s430%28.15Bulgaria 
476CybergeekBloomfield (Core i7)3.88 GHz Unstable clock detected8207.2 p/s937.8 p/s527%33.95Venezuela 
477HolicBloomfield (Core i7)3.99 GHz8213.9 p/s937.1 p/s439%29.36France 
478Morani Bloomfield (Core i7)4.00 GHz8213.9 p/s934.6 p/s438%29.22Finland 
479FirefoxBloomfield (Core i7)3.99 GHz8204.7 p/s932.7 p/s526%29.19Romania 
480SneakybastardBloomfield (Core i7)4.00 GHz8203.5 p/s931.3 p/s452%29.12Sweden 
481Johni5Bloomfield (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.12 GHz Unstable clock detected8216.8 p/s929.6 p/s433%28.17Hungary 
482malko-dadadadadaBloomfield (Core i7)4.00 GHz8204.7 p/s915.6 p/s447%28.59Bulgaria 
483QATAR_88881Bloomfield (Core i7)3.63 GHz8196.3 p/s914.6 p/s468%31.47Qatar 
484Sh@GBloomfield (Core i7)4.30 GHz4230.3 p/s914.1 p/s401%53.16Ukraine 
485KonsetsuBloomfield (Core i7)3.92 GHz8199.9 p/s908.8 p/s448%29.02United Kingdom 
486voDkaBloomfield (Core i7)3.83 GHz8195.4 p/s904.5 p/s461%29.53Russia 
487wh1tew0lfBloomfield (Core i7)4.09 GHz8215.2 p/s904.0 p/s422%27.63Norway 
488DePhoegonBloomfield (Core i7)3.82 GHz8208.3 p/s896.8 p/s444%29.32United States 
489BahmanVidiaBloomfield (Core i7)3.58 GHz80.0 p/s896.1 p/s-100%31.31Iran 
490AhonxBloomfield (Core i7)3.80 GHz8203.5 p/s895.8 p/s442%29.47Indonesia 
491SKlBloomfield (Core i7)3.78 GHz8198.8 p/s890.8 p/s449%29.43United Kingdom 
492Dave2010Bloomfield (Core i7)4.21 GHz4221.9 p/s882.4 p/s404%52.35Italy 
493KastorBloomfield (Core i7)3.79 GHz8202.3 p/s881.8 p/s437%29.09Australia 
494QwarkmanBloomfield (Core i7)4.19 GHz4218.8 p/s879.0 p/s408%52.40Sweden 
495docmartinBloomfield (Core i7)3.75 GHz Unstable clock detected8188.0 p/s859.6 p/s447%28.62Canada 
496blyumazeikoBloomfield (Core i7)3.97 GHz8193.1 p/s853.3 p/
497blindfitterBloomfield (Core i7)3.77 GHz8202.3 p/s852.8 p/s423%28.25United Kingdom 
498samuel7Bloomfield (Core i7)3.52 GHz Unstable clock detected8190.0 p/s852.6 p/s483%31.32Indonesia 
499ThocatheBloomfield (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.33 GHz8183.4 p/s827.3 p/s465%31.01France 
500sccsBloomfield (Core i7)3.60 GHz8189.6 p/s826.3 p/s438%28.73United Kingdom 
501vesko_hardBloomfield (Core i7)3.46 GHz8185.4 p/s815.8 p/s440%29.47Bulgaria 
502Sergio73Bloomfield (Core i7)3.48 GHz8181.4 p/s808.6 p/s451%29.03Italy 
503Nik29-7777Bloomfield (Core i7)3.63 GHz Unstable clock detected8188.7 p/s806.4 p/s430%27.80Ukraine 
504ariyakoBloomfield (Core i7)3.55 GHz8178.3 p/s787.1 p/s439%27.74Malaysia 
505blindfitterBloomfield (Core i7)3.78 GHz4198.7 p/s772.5 p/s396%51.09United Kingdom 
506Rabbit057Bloomfield (Core i7)4.29 GHz8226.4 p/s908.6 p/s344%22.50United States 
507Bloomfield (Core i7)3.31 GHz8129.7 p/s762.5 p/s588%28.81United States 
508mikoBloomfield (Core i7)3.23 GHz8173.5 p/s753.0 p/s445%29.10Poland 
509mincioBloomfield (Core i7)3.20 GHz8170.9 p/s752.2 p/s445%29.36Italy 
510JogibaerBloomfield (Core i7)3.07 GHz8160.9 p/s726.5 p/s455%29.62GermanyDesktop-Replacement
511Rainman33Bloomfield (Core i7)3.07 GHz8164.2 p/s726.3 p/s444%29.56United States 
512JogibaerBloomfield (Core i7)3.03 GHz Unstable clock detected8173.6 p/s722.2 p/s495%31.85GermanyDesktop Replacement
513RizeAllardBloomfield (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.06 GHz8160.6 p/s719.1 p/s452%29.39Hungary 
51443смBloomfield (Core i7)3.08 GHz Unstable clock detected8170.3 p/s692.6 p/s458%29.33Russia 
515jaKBloomfield (Core i7)3.30 GHz Unstable clock detected8140.2 p/s681.7 p/s520%26.96United States 
516Bloomfield (Core i7)2.93 GHz8154.9 p/s676.9 p/s449%28.85Bulgaria 
517JaniBloomfield (Core i7)2.83 GHz8146.5 p/s666.8 p/s448%29.40Bulgaria 
518ZüzeBloomfield (Core i7)2.81 GHz8141.3 p/s666.5 p/s471%29.70BulgariaA test under SUSE (SLES 10.2)
519Bloomfield (Core i7)2.81 GHz Unstable clock detected8154.3 p/s666.2 p/s454%29.68United Kingdom 
520anrieffBloomfield (Core i7)2.81 GHz8144.6 p/s665.3 p/s465%29.64BulgariaWork PC @ Windows x64
521JaniBloomfield (Core i7)2.83 GHz Unstable clock detected8144.2 p/s661.0 p/s438%29.25Bulgaria 
522AssabadaBloomfield (Core i7)2.93 GHz8157.6 p/s659.3 p/s436%28.25Italy 
523max88Bloomfield (Core i7)2.78 GHz8146.5 p/s653.1 p/s449%29.34Germany 
524soulripperBloomfield (Core i7)3.05 GHz4160.9 p/s646.9 p/s409%53.02United States 
525RibeirocrossBloomfield (Core i7)2.01 GHz Unstable clock detected80.0 p/s425.1 p/s-100%52.79Brazil18x200 M:1600 7-7-7-19 1t
526pxhxBloomfield (Core i7)3.59 GHz2189.4 p/s377.8 p/s204%52.57Brazil 
527Samwse.OverBRBloomfield (Core i7)3.42 GHz8169.3 p/s359.7 p/s211%52.67BrazilMB - P6T6 WS
CPU - 920...
528alegoldBloomfield (Core i7)4.49 GHz2236.4 p/s265.4 p/s115%29.55Italy 
529jiccman1965Bloomfield (Core i7)4.60 GHz1247.4 p/s247.4 p/s-53.81United States 
530KireyBrazos Ontario (Dual-core) User specified different CPU498 MHz218.4 p/s37.8 p/s205%37.95Indonesia 
531Brazos Ontario (Dual-core) User specified different CPU496 MHz218.2 p/s37.5 p/s218%37.80Indonesia 
532|_e}{Brazos Ontario (Dual-core) User specified different CPU496 MHz218.2 p/s36.4 p/s202%36.69Ukraine 
533Christian NeyBrazos Zacate (Dual-core) User specified different CPU999 MHz237.0 p/s75.6 p/s204%37.84SwitzerlandAMD Fusion E-350
534WoomackBrazos Zacate (Dual-core) User specified different CPU822 MHz230.6 p/s62.6 p/s205%38.08Poland 
535Jonny.brBrazos Zacate (Dual-core)1.65 GHz231.3 p/s62.5 p/s201%18.99Brazil 
536redwoodzBrazos Zacate (Dual-core)1.62 GHz231.2 p/s61.3 p/s200%18.88Bulgaria 
537Brazos Zacate (Dual-core) User specified different CPU796 MHz229.5 p/s60.3 p/s205%37.88Bulgaria 
538tasospaok123Brazos Zacate (Dual-core)1.64 GHz230.3 p/s60.0 p/s202%18.29Greece 
539nickysnBrazos Zacate (Dual-core) User specified different CPU791 MHz228.8 p/s58.7 p/s206%37.10Bulgaria 
540RelevationBrazos Zacate (Dual-core)1.59 GHz229.6 p/s58.4 p/s202%18.38Belgium 
541arkas2004Brazos Zacate (Dual-core) User specified different CPU793 MHz228.2 p/s57.0 p/s207%35.94Australia 
542ZombieBrazos Zacate (Dual-core) User specified different CPU787 MHz228.2 p/s56.3 p/s221%35.77Bulgaria 
543aRkA$Brazos Zacate (Dual-core)1.55 GHz229.4 p/s55.8 p/s196%17.99Greece 
544ablechBrazos Zacate (Dual-core) User specified different CPU817 MHz230.3 p/s55.1 p/s185%33.72Indonesia 
545Dan JacquesBrazos Zacate (Dual-core) User specified different CPU648 MHz224.0 p/s49.0 p/s215%37.81Brazil 
546tasopaok123Brazos Zacate (Dual-core)1.28 GHz224.6 p/s48.1 p/s197%18.80Greece 
547Dead ThingsBulldozer X2 User specified different CPU4.23 GHz240.0 p/s3209.7 p/s-100%31.62Canada2 x Opteron 6238 Interlagos...
548Dead ThingsBulldozer X2 User specified different CPU2.10 GHz240.0 p/s3133.6 p/s-100%62.20Canada2 x Opteron 6234 Interlagos...
549Bulldozer X2 User specified different CPU4.07 GHz Unstable clock detected16221.3 p/s2495.9 p/s2197%38.29BulgariaWater cooled by EK-Supremac...
550MollovBulldozer X2 User specified different CPU5.21 GHz Unstable clock detected8231.8 p/s1208.6 p/s1027%29.00Bulgaria 
551Bulldozer X27.78 GHz4239.6 p/s978.9 p/s421%31.47Italy 
552tiborrr @ OC-Lab.siBulldozer X2 User specified different CPU7.33 GHz Unstable clock detected4320.0 p/s827.0 p/s433%28.21SloveniaDICE run with FX-4100 @ 6600
553Crash01itaBulldozer X25.42 GHz Unstable clock detected4275.5 p/s802.7 p/s376%37.00Italy 
554Jonny.brBulldozer X25.42 GHz Unstable clock detected4273.5 p/s781.1 p/s402%36.02Brazil 
555Team HardwaretestBulldozer X25.57 GHz Unstable clock detected4280.1 p/s759.4 p/s387%34.12Italy 
556borandiBulldozer X2 User specified different CPU4.75 GHz Unstable clock detected40.0 p/s756.1 p/s-100%39.76Bulgaria 
557chuangKBulldozer X2 User specified different CPU5.07 GHz Unstable clock detected4240.3 p/s708.3 p/s357%34.93Indonesia 
558Bulldozer X25.04 GHz Unstable clock detected4272.0 p/s698.9 p/s457%34.70Italy 
559uDAV79Bulldozer X25.04 GHz Unstable clock detected4239.3 p/s675.4 p/s481%33.53Russia 
560green_energyBulldozer X2 User specified different CPU4.87 GHz Unstable clock detected4240.4 p/s670.8 p/s445%34.46Bulgaria 
561GeldrinHorBulldozer X24.72 GHz Unstable clock detected4218.0 p/s643.3 p/s402%34.09United StatesRunning Win 7 Ult SP1
562ZombieBulldozer X2 User specified different CPU4.49 GHz Unstable clock detected4219.5 p/s580.6 p/s448%32.31Chile 
563daniz185Bulldozer X2 User specified different CPU5.52 GHz Unstable clock detected4221.9 p/s578.3 p/s513%28.68Bulgaria 
564Bulldozer X2 User specified different CPU4.37 GHz Unstable clock detected4220.5 p/s559.0 p/s399%31.97Bulgaria 
565AnonymousBulldozer X23.54 GHz Unstable clock detected4188.0 p/s452.2 p/s367%31.94Bulgaria 
566tasospaok123Bulldozer X22.53 GHz Unstable clock detected4154.6 p/s297.1 p/s318%29.39Gabon 
567I.M.O.G.Bulldozer X3 User specified different CPU3.41 GHz Unstable clock detected6346.6 p/s1355.8 p/s818%66.21United States 
568fr4m3_hunt3rBulldozer X35.28 GHz Unstable clock detected6296.2 p/s1266.8 p/s673%39.99Poland 
569aGeoMBulldozer X35.20 GHz Unstable clock detected6295.1 p/s1261.4 p/s682%40.40Portugal 
570ChristianNeyBulldozer X3 User specified different CPU6.29 GHz Unstable clock detected6303.2 p/s1182.3 p/s815%31.33SwitzerlandAMD Phenom FX 6100
571jason387Bulldozer X3 User specified different CPU5.31 GHz Unstable clock detected6276.1 p/s1180.1 p/s555%37.05India 
572Crash01itaBulldozer X35.90 GHz Unstable clock detected6270.4 p/s1159.2 p/s669%32.75Italy 
573tobi1978Bulldozer X3 User specified different CPU5.87 GHz Unstable clock detected6272.0 p/s1158.5 p/s605%32.89Germany 
574karlloBulldozer X35.03 GHz Unstable clock detected6266.4 p/s1129.0 p/s773%37.39BrazilHwBot Karllo
575Darklord12Bulldozer X34.93 GHz Unstable clock detected6263.9 p/s1128.0 p/s651%38.12Greece 
576MrVelocityBulldozer X35.32 GHz Unstable clock detected6237.9 p/s1040.4 p/s534%32.61United Kingdom 
577Kostadin91Bulldozer X34.77 GHz Unstable clock detected6218.0 p/s926.4 p/s493%32.38Bulgaria 
578Bulldozer X34.47 GHz Unstable clock detected6178.6 p/s845.9 p/s649%31.55Germany 
579wegettiBulldozer X3 User specified different CPU5.15 GHz Unstable clock detected6205.5 p/s808.6 p/s837%26.55Finland 
580Bulldozer X34.06 GHz Unstable clock detected6216.9 p/s776.5 p/s609%31.89Bulgaria 
581Bulldozer X4 User specified different CPU4.79 GHz Unstable clock detected8368.1 p/s2106.1 p/s838%55.00Bulgaria 
582tiborrrBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU6.61 GHz Unstable clock detected8353.9 p/s2016.0 p/s903%38.15SloveniaLN2 -196c
583I.M.O.G.Bulldozer X4 User specified different CPU3.32 GHz Unstable clock detected8357.5 p/s1860.2 p/s971%69.95United States 
584darkageBulldozer X45.32 GHz Unstable clock detected8302.5 p/s1700.2 p/s906%39.95Bulgaria 
585AnanerbeBulldozer X47.10 GHz80.0 p/s1646.0 p/s-100%28.97Russia 
586garlzBulldozer X45.65 GHz Unstable clock detected8284.1 p/s1618.5 p/s709%35.78United Kingdom 
587aGeoMBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU4.81 GHz Unstable clock detected8284.8 p/s1611.4 p/s1094%41.85Portugal 
588k3imBulldozer X45.51 GHz Unstable clock detected8278.1 p/s1586.8 p/s728%36.00Germany 
589Bulldozer X46.08 GHz Unstable clock detected8276.6 p/s1584.7 p/s710%32.58United States 
590BudBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU4.18 GHz Unstable clock detected8272.6 p/s1562.3 p/s706%46.71Italy 
591freeloader (Xtremesystems)Bulldozer X45.08 GHz Unstable clock detected8272.7 p/s1548.2 p/s994%38.10CanadaWindows 8/64 bit/Bulldozer ...
592sburnoloBulldozer X43.25 GHz Unstable clock detected8271.1 p/s1540.4 p/s1088%59.23Italy 
593ProfBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU5.05 GHz Unstable clock detected8264.4 p/s1539.7 p/s974%38.12Russia---------------------------...
594demiurgeBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU4.50 GHz Unstable clock detected8270.4 p/s1539.6 p/s1111%42.73Bulgaria 
595ProfBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU5.14 GHz Unstable clock detected8272.6 p/s1538.9 p/s1021%37.41Russia 
596KyadCKBulldozer X45.01 GHz Unstable clock detected8266.9 p/s1513.2 p/s743%37.75United States 
597ProfBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU5.24 GHz Unstable clock detected8264.9 p/s1503.0 p/s794%35.83Russia---------------------------...
598barafagBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU5.70 GHz Unstable clock detected8266.4 p/s1495.9 p/s736%32.79Russia 
599MrInfinit3Bulldozer X44.94 GHz Unstable clock detected8255.4 p/s1442.2 p/s873%36.47United States 
600Dr. PBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU5.30 GHz Unstable clock detected8253.4 p/s1434.0 p/s793%33.83BulgariaVishera FX8350 @4500 TC @ o...
601ahmed khedrBulldozer X45.73 GHz Unstable clock detected8263.9 p/s1408.1 p/s681%30.73Egypt 
602GinFisBulldozer X44.49 GHz Unstable clock detected8249.4 p/s1407.3 p/s1063%39.19Bulgaria 
603Bulldozer X44.32 GHz Unstable clock detected8235.5 p/s1339.0 p/s930%38.74United Kingdom 
604STORM1978Bulldozer X45.76 GHz Unstable clock detected8269.4 p/s1323.5 p/s618%28.70Greece 
605Bulldozer X43.57 GHz Unstable clock detected8237.6 p/s1316.7 p/s761%46.06Italy 
606SSB2121Bulldozer X4 User specified different CPU4.69 GHz Unstable clock detected8227.1 p/s1289.4 p/s822%34.39United States 
607Bulldozer X45.08 GHz Unstable clock detected8253.9 p/s1286.8 p/s753%31.63Bulgaria 
608riskaBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU4.29 GHz Unstable clock detected8240.0 p/s1265.5 p/s1062%36.88Denmark 
609WoomackBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU5.04 GHz Unstable clock detected8238.2 p/s1261.8 p/s1102%31.26Poland 
610CecilBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU5.51 GHz Unstable clock detected8238.4 p/s1255.7 p/s1005%28.87United States 
611sumonpathakBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU5.51 GHz Unstable clock detected8239.8 p/s1252.3 p/s1104%28.81IndiaCPU @4.96Ghz
CPU libre...
612STORM1978Bulldozer X45.44 GHz Unstable clock detected8298.5 p/s1250.8 p/s658%28.76Greece 
613noob_with_toolsBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU5.42 GHz Unstable clock detected8227.9 p/s1190.5 p/s989%30.27Ecuador 
614Tweak-veneticaBulldozer X45.48 GHz Unstable clock detected8221.5 p/s1155.6 p/s615%26.37South Africa 
615GaraykBulldozer X44.26 GHz Unstable clock detected8221.7 p/s1153.9 p/s903%33.89Bulgaria 
616ToTeMaBulldozer X44.62 GHz Unstable clock detected8197.1 p/s1126.1 p/s670%30.45Bulgaria 
617FEARboyBulldozer X44.43 GHz Unstable clock detected8199.6 p/s1124.8 p/s785%31.72Russia 
618CG92Bulldozer X4 User specified different CPU3.95 GHz Unstable clock detected8193.9 p/s1119.2 p/s709%35.40Italy 
619tatako_boyBulldozer X4 User specified different CPU4.17 GHz Unstable clock detected8222.5 p/s975.9 p/s866%29.26ArgentinaThis is my workstation mach...
620Bulldozer X4 User specified different CPU4.27 GHz Unstable clock detected8200.4 p/s826.3 p/s758%24.21Brazil 
621Johni5Celeron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.98 GHz2173.0 p/s350.4 p/s203%58.79Hungary 
622SergioneCeleron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.96 GHz2173.3 p/s343.2 p/s201%57.93BulgariaWindows XP SP3
623Billy-the-kidCeleron (Sandy Bridge)2.75 GHz2159.8 p/s323.6 p/s203%58.73Portugal 
624Christian NeyCeleron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.71 GHz2154.1 p/s317.8 p/s206%58.61SwitzerlandMSI Back to the Celeron Cha...
625zzolioCeleron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.71 GHz2154.6 p/s317.7 p/s206%58.51Denmark 
626trut_barCeleron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.67 GHz2155.6 p/s316.5 p/s203%59.36Serbia & M. 
627geschCeleron (Sandy Bridge)2.69 GHz2155.8 p/s315.5 p/s203%58.66Russia 
628naruto80Celeron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.68 GHz2152.2 p/s314.4 p/s206%58.66Italy 
629zafiropoCeleron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.67 GHz2152.2 p/s313.2 p/s206%58.56Greece 
630Celeron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.65 GHz2150.5 p/s309.1 p/s205%58.23Argentina 
631Spyboy48Celeron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.63 GHz2150.0 p/s308.8 p/s206%58.64SingaporeMsi Returns to Celeron Oct ...
632naruto80Celeron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.62 GHz2148.6 p/s306.5 p/s206%58.51Italy 
633mr.frizzCeleron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.61 GHz2148.6 p/s306.3 p/s206%58.63Italy 
634carpo93Celeron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.60 GHz2152.0 p/s302.3 p/s204%58.25Italy 
635tatako_boyCeleron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.56 GHz2148.0 p/s298.6 p/s202%58.30ArgentinaBuena relacion rendimiento/...
636probn4lyfe(OCN)Celeron (Sandy Bridge)2.51 GHz2146.8 p/s297.5 p/s203%59.19United States 
637chi-zu33Celeron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.59 GHz2147.6 p/s295.3 p/s203%57.07Japan 
638Crash01itaCeleron (Sandy Bridge)2.51 GHz2147.2 p/s291.4 p/s201%58.02Italy 
639PROBN4LYFECeleron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.53 GHz2145.1 p/s290.6 p/s204%57.39United States 
640AMGCeleron (Sandy Bridge)2.46 GHz2143.4 p/s290.1 p/s202%58.87Bulgaria 
641StormgiantCeleron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.51 GHz2144.5 p/s288.6 p/s202%57.42PortugalCeleron G530 ( SB ) @ 2.54G...
642PharlapCeleron (Sandy Bridge)2.50 GHz2144.6 p/s287.8 p/s201%57.63Netherlands 
643Celeron (Sandy Bridge)2.46 GHz2144.3 p/s285.6 p/s201%57.98Bulgaria 
644tatako_boyCeleron (Sandy Bridge)2.37 GHz2136.6 p/s275.5 p/s202%58.25ArgentinaThis celeron is great! Othe...
645AdiseiCeleron (Sandy Bridge)2.36 GHz2138.5 p/s274.4 p/s201%58.04Belarus 
646GENiEBENCeleron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.37 GHz2135.9 p/s270.9 p/
647Crash01itaCeleron (Sandy Bridge)2.26 GHz2127.7 p/s259.7 p/s204%57.38Italy 
648xsuperbgxCeleron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU1.67 GHz195.8 p/s95.8 p/s-57.47United
649GENiEBENCeleron (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU1.70 GHz195.2 p/s95.2 p/
650XtremeCuztomsCeleron D User specified different CPU7.44 GHz1113.8 p/s113.8 p/s-15.30United States 
651Sin_81Celeron D User specified different CPU7.20 GHz1110.0 p/s110.0 p/s-15.29Russia 
652Christian NeyCeleron D7.15 GHz1107.5 p/s107.5 p/s-15.04Switzerland 
653Christian NeyCeleron D6.21 GHz196.0 p/s96.0 p/s-15.46SwitzerlandCeleron D 347
654Celeron D5.20 GHz178.1 p/s78.1 p/s-15.02Bulgaria 
655PharlapCeleron D5.41 GHz176.6 p/s76.6 p/s-14.15Netherlands 
656WoomackCeleron D User specified different CPU4.81 GHz173.3 p/s73.3 p/s-15.25Poland 
657Celeron D4.43 GHz166.6 p/s66.6 p/s-15.04United States 
658Christian NeyCeleron D4.24 GHz163.9 p/s63.9 p/s-15.08Switzerland 
659alexmaj467Celeron D4.01 GHz159.1 p/s59.1 p/s-14.75Ukraine 
660AMGCeleron D3.89 GHz157.2 p/s57.2 p/s-14.71Bulgaria 
661Ü50Celeron D3.48 GHz156.1 p/s56.1 p/s-16.11Germany 
662WolfexeCeleron D3.67 GHz154.6 p/s54.6 p/s-14.89Russia 
663Gu!kk3rm0xCeleron D3.38 GHz151.2 p/s51.2 p/s-15.13Chile 
664JogibaerCeleron D User specified different CPU3.19 GHz148.4 p/s48.4 p/s-15.15Germany 
665Semih91Celeron D3.06 GHz145.7 p/s45.7 p/s-14.92Germany 
666Celeron D3.02 GHz144.4 p/s44.4 p/s-14.70Bulgaria 
667SamendkCeleron D User specified different CPU2.80 GHz142.1 p/s42.1 p/s-15.01Russia 
668GENiEBENCeleron M User specified different CPU1.56 GHz130.7 p/s30.7 p/
669RaspartheCeleron Wolfdale 1M5.50 GHz2278.2 p/s555.9 p/s200%50.55Canada 
670Masterchief79Celeron Wolfdale 1M5.07 GHz2250.9 p/s504.8 p/s201%49.82Germany 
671battlecryawesomeCeleron Wolfdale 1M User specified different CPU4.62 GHz2224.7 p/s449.7 p/s202%48.64United States 
672NoM$_YesLinuxCeleron Wolfdale 1M4.33 GHz2211.2 p/s421.2 p/s201%48.67Brazil 
673stivutCeleron Wolfdale 1M4.35 GHz2205.9 p/s420.8 p/s205%48.32Romania 
674probn4lyfeCeleron Wolfdale 1M4.34 GHz2203.5 p/s416.1 p/s205%47.97United States 
675selski-1Celeron Wolfdale 1M4.14 GHz2194.8 p/s395.3 p/s203%47.74Bulgaria 
676Gu!ll3rn0xCeleron Wolfdale 1M4.00 GHz2188.8 p/s387.3 p/s205%48.47Chile 
677|_e}{Celeron Wolfdale 1M3.81 GHz2180.3 p/s362.0 p/s201%47.53Ukraine 
678XmasterCeleron Wolfdale 1M3.60 GHz2176.3 p/s353.4 p/s201%49.15Croatia 
679OptyTrooperCeleron Wolfdale 1M3.53 GHz2170.0 p/s342.4 p/s202%48.50United States 
680Celeron Wolfdale 1M3.32 GHz2162.7 p/s326.6 p/s203%49.13Australia 
681Sylar/chickenbeef/SilverlightCeleron Wolfdale 1M3.24 GHz2153.3 p/s313.7 p/s205%48.46South Africa 
682AMGCeleron Wolfdale 1M2.39 GHz2144.0 p/s277.2 p/s196%57.92Bulgaria 
683drshivasCeleron Wolfdale 1M2.59 GHz2124.5 p/s249.4 p/s201%48.13United States 
684omega237Celeron Wolfdale 1M2.49 GHz2122.0 p/s245.4 p/s202%49.36Germany 
685Celeron Wolfdale 1M2.39 GHz2118.2 p/s233.9 p/s201%48.97Bulgaria 
686Celeron Wolfdale 1M2.29 GHz20.0 p/s225.4 p/s-100%49.17Czech Rep. 
687Celeron Wolfdale 1M2.43 GHz2116.0 p/s222.8 p/s202%45.79Bulgaria 
688KieyCeleron Wolfdale 1M2.19 GHz2107.4 p/s213.3 p/s201%48.68Indonesia 
689QAICeleron Wolfdale 1M User specified different CPU2.09 GHz2103.6 p/s207.8 p/s200%49.64Germany 
690EpidemicOfHate HWBGCeleron Wolfdale 1M User specified different CPU2.09 GHz2102.4 p/s203.1 p/s200%48.64BulgariaCompaq Presario
Intel ...
691tasospaok123Celeron Wolfdale 1M2.09 GHz299.0 p/s200.8 p/s203%48.04Greece 
692IvetCeleron Wolfdale 1M1.99 GHz294.0 p/s190.8 p/s203%47.89BulgariaAsus K50IJ laptop
693omega237Celeron Wolfdale 1M1.79 GHz288.3 p/s178.1 p/s203%49.67Germany 
694tasospaok123Celeron Wolfdale 1M1.89 GHz289.3 p/s177.4 p/s199%46.91Greece 
695FGICeleron Wolfdale 1M1.79 GHz288.0 p/s176.0 p/s201%49.05Bulgaria 
696noob floripabrCeleron Wolfdale 1M User specified different CPU1.93 GHz292.3 p/s171.6 p/s196%44.48Brazil 
697emooooooCeleron Wolfdale 1M1.91 GHz288.2 p/s165.2 p/s219%43.18Bulgariaolllllleeeaadsada
698SGxD HitManCeleron Wolfdale 1M1.75 GHz279.7 p/s152.2 p/s192%43.44United Kingdom 
699TestCeleron Wolfdale 1M User specified different CPU1.73 GHz Unstable clock detected291.6 p/s146.2 p/s189%42.35Bulgaria 
700GENiEBENCeleron Wolfdale 1M User specified different CPU1.19 GHz20.0 p/s115.1 p/
701CalatheaClarkdale (Core i3)5.06 GHz4288.5 p/s640.2 p/s222%31.64Sweden 
702IRISClarkdale (Core i3)5.28 GHz4282.4 p/s621.3 p/s220%29.42Indonesia 
703Ü50Clarkdale (Core i3)5.22 GHz Unstable clock detected4282.6 p/s616.6 p/s223%29.54Germany 
70404ahgyClarkdale (Core i3)4.76 GHz4274.9 p/s613.1 p/s227%32.19HungaryCountry Cup 2011
705jaFFClarkdale (Core i3)3.35 GHz Unstable clock detected4259.0 p/s594.6 p/s341%44.33Romanialab501
706Raul SDTClarkdale (Core i3)4.82 GHz4254.4 p/s569.2 p/s228%29.54Brazil 
707Johni5Clarkdale (Core i3) User specified different CPU4.84 GHz4255.9 p/s569.0 p/s228%29.37Hungary 
708t8yClarkdale (Core i3)4.70 GHz4249.9 p/s555.4 p/s230%29.54Australia 
7095uperbeas7Clarkdale (Core i3)4.53 GHz Unstable clock detected4245.0 p/s545.1 p/s375%48.04Argentina 
710toyoneClarkdale (Core i3)4.61 GHz4238.4 p/s544.2 p/s229%29.51Hungary 
711CjBAClarkdale (Core i3)4.61 GHz4243.9 p/s543.0 p/s226%29.42Brazil 
712FlyingFishClarkdale (Core i3)4.44 GHz4233.9 p/s523.5 p/s226%29.46Canada 
713bondhahnmrt85Clarkdale (Core i3)2.97 GHz Unstable clock detected4229.9 p/s517.7 p/s334%43.59Indonesia 
714_STARTER_Clarkdale (Core i3)4.41 GHz4231.9 p/s517.3 p/s227%29.36Bulgaria 
715badbd09Clarkdale (Core i3)4.18 GHz4212.4 p/s491.0 p/s229%29.45Bangladesh 
716Clarkdale (Core i3)4.19 GHz4216.8 p/s488.4 p/s228%29.16Bulgaria 
717GamoClarkdale (Core i3) User specified different CPU4.12 GHz4213.2 p/s481.3 p/s232%29.18Bulgaria 
718BooseliClarkdale (Core i3)3.90 GHz Unstable clock detected4205.6 p/s465.9 p/s236%29.90Belarus 
719XtremeCuztomsClarkdale (Core i3)4.01 GHz Unstable clock detected4182.4 p/s458.9 p/s258%28.63United StatesScreenShot for HWBot Rules
720andi03Clarkdale (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.68 GHz4191.6 p/s427.7 p/s225%29.07Bulgaria 
721Clarkdale (Core i3)2.99 GHz Unstable clock detected4159.3 p/s359.1 p/s227%30.33Bulgaria 
722seoClarkdale (Core i3)2.85 GHz Unstable clock detected4149.2 p/s344.3 p/s234%30.19Belarus 
723Clarkdale (Core i3)3.03 GHz4134.4 p/s343.0 p/s255%28.34Bulgaria 
724BooseliClarkdale (Core i3)2.73 GHz Unstable clock detected4151.5 p/s342.9 p/s243%31.45Belarus 
725Clarkdale (Core i3)2.74 GHz Unstable clock detected4142.5 p/s337.4 p/s245%30.76Bulgaria 
726InluZionClarkdale (Core i3)2.92 GHz Unstable clock detected4146.2 p/s332.8 p/s223%28.49Sweden 
727aniskhan001Clarkdale (Core i3)2.88 GHz4149.1 p/s326.8 p/s223%28.75Bangladesh 
728Clarkdale (Core i3)3.04 GHz4144.3 p/s314.4 p/s222%25.88Bulgaria 
729Clarkdale (Core i5)6.10 GHz4353.3 p/s799.0 p/s231%32.74Poland 
730D.X.Clarkdale (Core i5)5.40 GHz Unstable clock detected4344.0 p/s754.3 p/s220%34.93Russia 
731GunGodClarkdale (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.16 GHz Unstable clock detected4324.2 p/s731.0 p/s288%43.89BulgariaXOCT BG FTW

732StratClarkdale (Core i5)4.47 GHz Unstable clock detected4321.2 p/s723.2 p/s274%40.47FranceCountry Cup 2011
733G.FoyleClarkdale (Core i5)5.46 GHz Unstable clock detected4292.9 p/s660.7 p/s247%30.93Poland 
734blindfitterClarkdale (Core i5)5.19 GHz4276.0 p/s611.7 p/s222%29.48United Kingdom 
735KoseeClarkdale (Core i5)3.08 GHz Unstable clock detected4267.4 p/s601.8 p/s366%48.90Turkey 
736ColdestClarkdale (Core i5)5.06 GHz Unstable clock detected4270.0 p/s594.6 p/s220%29.39Indonesia 
737johnamdClarkdale (Core i5)4.86 GHz4259.4 p/s582.9 p/s228%30.00Greece 
738fiuriClarkdale (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.81 GHz Unstable clock detected4252.5 p/s570.5 p/s227%29.63Bulgaria 
739Andrix85&RabaPaoClarkdale (Core i5)5.20 GHz2280.0 p/s566.1 p/s205%54.47Italy 
740Johni5Clarkdale (Core i5)4.53 GHz4241.0 p/s535.7 p/s223%29.58Hungary 
741WESTREETClarkdale (Core i5)4.50 GHz Unstable clock detected4242.9 p/s528.0 p/s223%29.34Russia 
742diileriClarkdale (Core i5)4.41 GHz4233.5 p/s521.1 p/s226%29.53Finland 
743PKKShadowClarkdale (Core i5)4.42 GHz4225.5 p/s517.2 p/s229%29.28United States 
744jonathanparhamClarkdale (Core i5)4.41 GHz4233.4 p/s515.2 p/s230%29.45United States 
745aristidisClarkdale (Core i5)4.26 GHz4229.5 p/s514.3 p/s230%30.16Greece 
746XxBeNigNxXClarkdale (Core i5)4.37 GHz4231.4 p/s514.1 p/s226%29.43United States 
747arkas2004Clarkdale (Core i5)4.09 GHz4217.2 p/s491.6 p/s234%30.05Greece 
748saitoClarkdale (Core i5)4.12 GHz4225.7 p/s467.6 p/s225%28.35South Africa 
749EvocarlosClarkdale (Core i5)3.89 GHz4199.5 p/s455.7 p/s231%29.27United Kingdom 
750zothosClarkdale (Core i5)4.20 GHz4222.4 p/s446.7 p/s205%26.60United StatesBioStar H55A+ mobo LGA 1156...
751mitkohrClarkdale (Core i5)3.45 GHz4169.3 p/s402.1 p/s231%29.17Bulgaria 
752MishoClarkdale (Core i5)3.17 GHz4159.3 p/s367.2 p/s226%28.96Bulgaria 
753MsClarkdale (Core i5)3.38 GHz4168.6 p/s356.8 p/s216%26.37Saudi Arabia 
754MTP04Conroe (Core 2 Duo)5.30 GHz2254.0 p/s508.0 p/s200%47.96Canada 
755Conroe (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU5.13 GHz2247.0 p/s493.0 p/s200%48.08Bulgaria 
756Christian NeyConroe (Core 2 Duo)4.70 GHz2241.4 p/s490.2 p/s204%52.16SwitzerlandE6700
757mortisboyConroe (Core 2 Duo)5.04 GHz2240.0 p/s480.1 p/s200%47.65Greece 
758zafiropoConroe (Core 2 Duo)4.50 GHz2228.0 p/s454.7 p/s199%50.56Greece 
759Ü50Conroe (Core 2 Duo)4.32 GHz2211.5 p/s416.3 p/s200%48.22Germany 
760crantanaConroe (Core 2 Duo)4.28 GHz2206.8 p/s415.0 p/s201%48.49Canada 
761CtrlfixConroe (Core 2 Duo)4.25 GHz2203.2 p/s407.7 p/s201%47.92FranceCountryCup2011
762Conroe (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU4.16 GHz2203.1 p/s406.0 p/s201%48.80South Africa 
763PentixConroe (Core 2 Duo)4.10 GHz2196.8 p/s392.9 p/s200%47.89Sweden 
764Kr0nz3Conroe (Core 2 Duo)4.05 GHz2192.7 p/s385.9 p/s200%47.67United Kingdom 
765minosConroe (Core 2 Duo)4.00 GHz2188.8 p/s383.6 p/s203%47.90France 
766battlecryawesomeConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.99 GHz2190.9 p/s381.9 p/s200%47.88United States 
767Christian NeyConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.85 GHz2185.6 p/s372.6 p/s201%48.40Switzerland 
768ErdincConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.92 GHz2184.3 p/s371.4 p/s207%47.41Turkey 
769Ir3NiCuSConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.90 GHz2181.2 p/s367.8 p/s203%47.15Hungary 
770Dead ThingsConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.54 GHz2172.3 p/s347.4 p/s202%49.14Canada 
771CybergeekConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.60 GHz2171.0 p/s340.8 p/s199%47.36Venezuela 
772LuebkeConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.50 GHz2165.2 p/s334.8 p/s204%47.83Germany 
773HaborConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.60 GHz2166.6 p/s331.7 p/s200%46.13Hungary 
774m4tr1zConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.25 GHz2161.0 p/s326.8 p/s203%50.23Germany 
775M4TR1ZConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.29 GHz2158.0 p/s317.6 p/s202%48.33Germany 
776Punky260Conroe (Core 2 Duo)3.21 GHz2134.2 p/s299.4 p/s209%46.59Germanye6750
777SergioneConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.00 GHz2146.3 p/s294.5 p/s201%49.12BulgariaWindows XP SP3
778aperacerConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.18 GHz2145.9 p/s286.6 p/s201%45.02Italy 
779ice angelConroe (Core 2 Duo)2.98 GHz2141.7 p/s284.1 p/s200%47.60Germany 
780nickysn @workConroe (Core 2 Duo)2.97 GHz2140.6 p/s282.0 p/s200%47.43Bulgaria 
781olejkaConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.02 GHz2134.4 p/s279.1 p/s209%46.19Russia 
782PsRConroe (Core 2 Duo)2.80 GHz2133.7 p/s267.9 p/s200%47.87Brazil 
783J_WalkerConroe (Core 2 Duo)3.02 GHz2131.2 p/s265.0 p/s206%43.86Bulgaria 
784wander_jarraConroe (Core 2 Duo)2.66 GHz2124.8 p/s253.2 p/s208%47.61Brazil 
785PPEliteConroe (Core 2 Duo)2.66 GHz2122.5 p/s247.4 p/s202%46.56Germany 
786rsanninoConroe (Core 2 Duo) User specified different CPU2.40 GHz2114.5 p/s229.4 p/s200%47.87Italy 
787KireyConroe (Core 2 Duo)2.32 GHz2110.7 p/s221.9 p/s200%47.74Indonesia 
788tonichConroe (Core 2 Duo)2.32 GHz2110.1 p/s220.5 p/s207%47.56BulgariaDell Optiplex 745
789I.M.O.G.Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K4.40 GHz20.0 p/s421.7 p/s-100%47.89United States 
790LippokratisConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K User specified different CPU4.40 GHz20.0 p/s419.0 p/s-100%47.58Germany 
791WoomackConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K4.16 GHz2195.9 p/s398.4 p/s203%47.92Poland 
792Legion of the DamnedConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K User specified different CPU3.96 GHz2193.6 p/s388.0 p/s200%49.00Germany 
793[K]vlolvConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K User specified different CPU4.09 GHz2191.0 p/s384.3 p/s203%47.01Indonesia 
794UE50Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K User specified different CPU3.96 GHz2193.2 p/s383.4 p/s199%48.45Germany 
795LordZombieConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.60 GHz2175.0 p/s353.2 p/s202%49.10Chile 
796kwaz2Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.68 GHz2175.6 p/s353.0 p/s201%48.00Czech Rep. 
797Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.65 GHz2171.9 p/s349.6 p/s204%47.92United States 
798RibeirocrossConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.60 GHz2169.9 p/s345.1 p/s203%47.96BrazilE2140 435x8
799iSteveConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.41 GHz2165.6 p/s335.6 p/s203%49.25Iran 
800gugleConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.50 GHz2164.2 p/s332.0 p/
801hanskiConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.08 GHz2161.4 p/s326.1 p/s202%52.85Bulgaria 
802BlackboltConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.33 GHz2158.8 p/s318.3 p/s200%47.85Germany 
803darkageConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.32 GHz2156.3 p/s318.2 p/s204%47.92Portugal 
804Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.30 GHz2157.7 p/s316.5 p/s201%47.91Brazil 
805Last V8Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K User specified different CPU3.19 GHz2155.4 p/s312.3 p/s201%48.87Bulgaria 
806Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.07 GHz2149.4 p/s300.3 p/s201%48.88Bulgaria 
807HaborConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.13 GHz2149.4 p/s299.4 p/s200%47.87Hungary 
808paolo.narcoticConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.07 GHz2144.0 p/s293.3 p/s204%47.71Italy 
809Johni5Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K User specified different CPU2.83 GHz2130.0 p/s268.4 p/s208%47.50Hungary 
810rustyballzzConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.83 GHz2132.5 p/s268.1 p/s202%47.30Portugal 
811TyPucTaConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.93 GHz2131.7 p/s263.4 p/s206%44.93Bulgaria 
812RaulConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.70 GHz2132.2 p/s261.0 p/s201%48.28Spain Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2P
813Gu!ll3rm0xConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.65 GHz2125.0 p/s253.7 p/s205%47.92Chile 
814underlineConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.63 GHz2122.8 p/s249.0 p/s203%47.37Brazil 
815SergioneConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.58 GHz2125.7 p/s248.1 p/s199%48.08BulgariaWindows 7 Ultimate - 32 bit
816Ice manConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.71 GHz2121.3 p/s246.5 p/s209%45.43Bulgaria 
817RaulConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.60 GHz2122.0 p/s240.3 p/s197%46.26SpainGigabyte GA-G41MT-S2P
818LuebkeConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.51 GHz2119.5 p/s239.1 p/s200%47.67Germany 
819SlaughterConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K1.85 GHz2108.1 p/s217.3 p/s201%58.86Canada 
820Patriot219Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K User specified different CPU2.16 GHz2103.2 p/s206.9 p/s200%47.92Russia 
821Gu!ll3rm0xConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.16 GHz2101.8 p/s206.2 p/s207%47.73Chile 
822tasospaok123Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.16 GHz2103.6 p/s206.1 p/s213%47.77Greece 
823RaspartheConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.16 GHz2102.8 p/s206.1 p/s200%47.73Canada 
824|_e}{Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.15 GHz299.2 p/s202.0 p/s204%46.93Ukraine 
825Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.12 GHz2100.2 p/s196.3 p/s198%46.23France 
826gugleConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K3.57 GHz2162.9 p/s194.4 p/s129%27.22BrazilOverBR
827XeForce3Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.02 GHz296.0 p/s192.3 p/s200%47.72BulgariaG31/DDR2 800MHz 5-5-5-18-52...
828u22Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.00 GHz294.4 p/s190.6 p/s202%47.72Germany 
829WoomackConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K1.99 GHz293.9 p/s190.3 p/s204%47.74Poland 
830cgszbhConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K2.14 GHz293.2 p/s188.5 p/s207%44.06Bulgariae2200 @2200mhz
831PsySc0rpinConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K1.92 GHz293.1 p/s187.1 p/s205%48.77Portugal 
832kokalConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K1.90 GHz291.8 p/s185.4 p/s202%48.89Bulgaria 
833BlackboltConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K User specified different CPU1.86 GHz287.8 p/s177.7 p/s203%47.82Germany 
834underlineConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K1.90 GHz283.3 p/s162.7 p/s204%42.73Brazil 
835Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K1.60 GHz278.1 p/s157.7 p/s202%49.16Bulgaria 
836Raul SDTConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K1.59 GHz275.1 p/s152.9 p/s204%47.96Brazil 
837Raul SDTConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K1.59 GHz274.7 p/s151.9 p/s204%47.71Brazil 
838EpidemicOfHate HWBGConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K1.45 GHz266.8 p/s135.3 p/s204%46.56BulgariaAcer Aspire 5720z
839mauro1855Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K1.57 GHz Unstable clock detected244.9 p/s102.7 p/s206%32.64Portugal 
840kenanConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K994 MHz246.1 p/s93.1 p/s202%46.83Bulgaria 
841Hoang AnhConroe (Core 2 Duo) 1024K User specified different CPU1.94 GHz181.0 p/s81.0 p/s-41.71Viet Nam Yemen 
842samuel7Conroe (Core 2 Duo) 512K User specified different CPU1.59 GHz443.6 p/s97.6 p/s249%15.37Bulgaria 
843SergioneConroe-L (Allendale) User specified different CPU1.99 GHz296.5 p/s194.7 p/s202%48.82BulgariaOS: Windows XP Professional...
844SergioneConroe-L (Allendale)1.99 GHz297.6 p/s193.8 p/s200%48.62BulgariaOS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 ...
845michooConroe-L (Allendale)1.45 GHz Unstable clock detected273.1 p/s135.9 p/s205%46.89Bulgaria 
846GaryConroe-L (Celeron) User specified different CPU2.79 GHz4132.8 p/s526.9 p/s396%47.13Venezuela 
847PSRConroe-L (Celeron)4.20 GHz1200.8 p/s200.8 p/s-47.82Brazil 
848gluvocioConroe-L (Celeron)4.01 GHz1188.8 p/s188.8 p/s-47.06Italy 
849DanutzuACConroe-L (Celeron) User specified different CPU3.90 GHz1184.4 p/s184.4 p/s-47.33Romania 
850NoM$_YesLinuxConroe-L (Celeron)3.80 GHz1178.0 p/s178.0 p/s-46.79Brazil 
851OverPAQ'dConroe-L (Celeron) User specified different CPU3.54 GHz1165.7 p/s165.7 p/s-46.81Australia 
852E-milConroe-L (Celeron)3.01 GHz1142.6 p/s142.6 p/s-47.44Croatia 
853KireyConroe-L (Celeron)2.10 GHz198.7 p/s98.7 p/s-47.04Indonesia 
854DeathSpiritConroe-L (Celeron)2.12 GHz193.4 p/s93.4 p/s-43.97Brazil 
855SamendkConroe-L (Celeron)1.78 GHz183.0 p/s83.0 p/s-46.71Russia 
856XeForce3Conroe-L (Celeron)1.60 GHz175.8 p/s75.8 p/s-47.43Bulgaria 
857superpatodonaldoConroe-L (Celeron)2.17 GHz Unstable clock detected171.4 p/s71.4 p/s-32.83Italy 
858vectraa2Conroe-L (Celeron)1.51 GHz Unstable clock detected163.1 p/s63.1 p/s-41.87Hungary 
859Dr SwizzConroe-L (Celeron)1.26 GHz160.3 p/s60.3 p/s-47.90Sweden 
860ИветDuron (Applebred)2.02 GHz135.5 p/s35.5 p/s-17.55BulgariaDuron Applebred 1.8 @ 2025M...
861alexmaj467Duron (Morgan)1.58 GHz127.7 p/s27.7 p/s-17.55Ukraine 
862SuperlomposDuron (Morgan)1.20 GHz121.2 p/s21.2 p/s-17.65Hungary 
863GamerGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.47 GHz Unstable clock detected12296.1 p/s1988.7 p/s749%32.30Belgium 
864FtWGulftown (Core i7)5.42 GHz Unstable clock detected12292.9 p/s1972.3 p/s747%31.31Canada 
865Gulftown (Core i7)5.55 GHz12294.8 p/s1965.8 p/s679%29.52Bulgaria 
866S_A_VGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.79 GHz Unstable clock detected12304.8 p/s1959.3 p/s857%40.47Russia 
867Menthol003Gulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.39 GHz12312.7 p/s1918.7 p/s614%44.51United States 
868S_A_VGulftown (Core i7)5.36 GHz12284.5 p/s1902.7 p/s680%29.57Russia 
869HOMECINEMA-PCGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.25 GHz12300.5 p/s1891.6 p/s633%30.00Australia 
870DarkvenomGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.84 GHz12314.5 p/s1890.1 p/s601%32.53Brazil 
871QjakGulftown (Core i7)5.13 GHz12279.9 p/s1877.4 p/s679%30.50PolandTest on SS
872PharlapGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.04 GHz12290.5 p/s1835.4 p/s632%30.35Netherlands 
873JezJGulftown (Core i7)4.74 GHz12301.1 p/s1826.8 p/s616%32.12United Kingdom 
874Probn4lyfe(OCN)Gulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.94 GHz12287.0 p/s1797.5 p/s632%30.32United States 
875lasermanGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.94 GHz12287.0 p/s1797.0 p/s633%30.32United States 
876ragerGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.65 GHz12298.6 p/s1801.2 p/s611%32.04Bulgaria 
877SniperOZGulftown (Core i7)5.00 GHz12265.5 p/s1784.7 p/s683%29.74Australia 
878d1eseLGulftown (Core i7)4.96 GHz12266.4 p/s1783.0 p/s681%29.97United States 
879kilobravoGulftown (Core i7)5.01 GHz12267.9 p/s1780.1 p/s666%29.61Denmark 
880DJRamsesGulftown (Core i7)5.01 GHz12264.4 p/s1766.7 p/s680%29.39Germany 
881King4x4Gulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.84 GHz12278.5 p/s1748.9 p/s633%30.08Saudi Arabia 
882BifrostGulftown (Core i7)4.88 GHz12259.4 p/s1745.2 p/s683%29.81France 
883iBurnGulftown (Core i7)4.89 GHz12261.5 p/s1740.7 p/s666%29.63Australia980x-dice
884vhcoGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.78 GHz12274.4 p/s1736.9 p/s639%30.26United States 
885WDenGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.54 GHz12292.0 p/s1730.6 p/s600%31.74Russia 
886donmarkoniGulftown (Core i7)4.81 GHz12257.4 p/s1725.6 p/s681%29.90Serbia & M. 
887Gulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.74 GHz12276.1 p/s1725.1 p/s632%30.31United States 
888BobyTTGulftown (Core i7)4.87 GHz12256.9 p/s1720.4 p/s679%29.43Bulgaria 
889DartmaulGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.74 GHz12269.4 p/s1718.2 p/s629%30.20Russia 
890DartmaulGulftown (Core i7)4.74 GHz120.0 p/s1715.3 p/s-100%30.15Russia3930k @ 4.8GHz / RIVE @ 100...
891topdogGulftown (Core i7)4.51 GHz12254.5 p/s1713.6 p/s682%31.67United Kingdom 
892zamoldacGulftown (Core i7)4.81 GHz12260.5 p/s1707.5 p/s670%29.58Romania 
893VaykirGulftown (Core i7)4.81 GHz12255.4 p/s1705.8 p/s679%29.55Germany 
894XimiGulftown (Core i7)2.45 GHz Unstable clock detected12253.0 p/s1705.6 p/s1360%57.94Spain 
895angelreaperGulftown (Core i7)4.50 GHz12253.9 p/s1702.6 p/s682%31.54Bulgaria 
896TaliesinGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.84 GHz12281.1 p/s1702.2 p/s610%29.31Russia 
897alancsaltGulftown (Core i7)2.87 GHz Unstable clock detected12254.4 p/s1701.4 p/s1200%51.76Australia 
898kilobravoGulftown (Core i7)4.81 GHz12251.9 p/s1693.5 p/s674%29.34Denmark 
899humanityBGGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.64 GHz12266.9 p/s1680.8 p/s635%30.17Bulgaria 
900Sergio73Gulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.64 GHz12267.9 p/s1678.2 p/s631%30.11Italy 
901djlegendGulftown (Core i7)4.72 GHz12250.9 p/s1677.1 p/s679%29.60Italy 
902DukeGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.35 GHz12278.5 p/s1679.2 p/s611%32.13United States 
903alancsaltGulftown (Core i7)2.89 GHz Unstable clock detected12250.8 p/s1675.7 p/s1119%48.39Bulgaria 
904NeoForceGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.32 GHz12274.1 p/s1661.8 p/s615%32.08Russia 
905NapalmV5Gulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.71 GHz12251.5 p/s1661.5 p/s662%29.37Romania 
906over100ghzGulftown (Core i7)4.69 GHz12246.5 p/s1659.6 p/s679%29.46Bulgaria 
907BobyTTGulftown (Core i7)4.71 GHz12241.9 p/s1656.7 p/s697%29.34Bulgaria 
908iBurnGulftown (Core i7)4.65 GHz12248.4 p/s1647.8 p/s665%29.55Australia980x-custom water
909johnamdGulftown (Core i7)4.55 GHz12241.0 p/s1635.7 p/s690%29.96Greece 
910veblenGulftown (Core i7)4.62 GHz12243.9 p/s1634.5 p/s682%29.51United States 
911alancsaltGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.60 GHz12243.0 p/s1632.1 p/s678%29.57Australia 
912johnamdGulftown (Core i7)4.55 GHz12243.0 p/s1627.5 p/s681%29.81Greeceud7
913Billy-The-KidGulftown (Core i7)4.61 GHz12244.4 p/s1625.9 p/s681%29.40Portugal 
914subzero 1979Gulftown (Core i7)4.57 GHz12242.5 p/s1616.8 p/s678%29.46Greece 
915ZamoldacGulftown (Core i7)4.43 GHz12245.4 p/s1614.5 p/s658%30.39Romania 
916BarfasticGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.45 GHz12247.0 p/s1605.6 p/s655%30.10Greece 
917EVOsiaGulftown (Core i7)4.52 GHz12239.0 p/s1605.6 p/s680%29.60France 
918FlashGGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.54 GHz12240.4 p/s1605.3 p/s683%29.44Australia 
919Dead ThingsGulftown (Core i7)2.26 GHz Unstable clock detected12253.5 p/s1601.4 p/s1211%59.07Canada 
920OLDcomerGulftown (Core i7)4.50 GHz12238.4 p/s1598.0 p/s680%29.60Bulgaria 
921NervoservoGulftown (Core i7)4.52 GHz12239.3 p/s1593.7 p/s681%29.40Norway 
922VIPERGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.33 GHz12246.0 p/s1576.9 p/s637%30.31Bulgaria 
923FaithlessGulftown (Core i7)4.42 GHz12236.0 p/s1566.1 p/s664%29.56Brazil 
924techjesseGulftown (Core i7)4.32 GHz12250.4 p/s1564.1 p/s630%30.16United States 
925PacificusGulftown (Core i7)4.41 GHz12233.5 p/s1559.1 p/s677%29.47Russia 
926HackburnerGulftown (Core i7)4.49 GHz12237.5 p/s1545.5 p/s651%28.66France 
927steponzGulftown (Core i7)6.00 GHz8381.3 p/s1544.0 p/s407%32.17United States 
928easegantiniGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.78 GHz12252.9 p/s1581.2 p/s613%26.65Brazil 
929Billy-The-KidGulftown (Core i7)4.79 GHz12253.0 p/s1579.5 p/s616%26.49Portugal 
930Daniz185Gulftown (Core i7)4.92 GHz120.0 p/s1514.3 p/s-100%25.65Indonesia 
931dRweEzGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU2.23 GHz Unstable clock detected12233.4 p/s1512.6 p/s1308%56.63South Africa 
932BobnovaGulftown (Core i7)4.00 GHz12223.1 p/s1496.6 p/s681%31.16United States 
933veblenGulftown (Core i7)4.30 GHz12226.3 p/s1490.6 p/s675%28.93United States 
934kilobravoGulftown (Core i7)4.20 GHz12222.8 p/s1488.9 p/s679%29.55Denmark 
935GeRobGulftown (Core i7)4.52 GHz12239.4 p/s1486.8 p/s607%26.67United StatesRampage III Extreme (water ...
936MP_I7_3930KGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.95 GHz12229.5 p/s1437.2 p/s632%30.31FinlandI7-3930K 4GHz
Asus R4F...
937Demone1979Gulftown (Core i7)4.12 GHz12218.8 p/s1419.2 p/s664%28.67Italy 
938CalatheaGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.23 GHz Unstable clock detected8349.5 p/s1396.2 p/s528%41.24Sweden 
939voDkaGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.75 GHz12219.3 p/s1364.7 p/s633%30.30Bulgaria 
940antiProfGulftown (Core i7)3.75 GHz12219.6 p/s1362.2 p/s630%30.23RussiahujVpizdu
941[-erick-]Gulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.95 GHz12287.0 p/s1371.4 p/s546%22.93Philippines 
942JavierGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.30 GHz4337.9 p/s1359.6 p/s402%64.14Argentina 
943kioGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.20 GHz8329.1 p/s1334.0 p/s409%32.07Belgium
944machineGulftown (Core i7)3.73 GHz12197.1 p/s1322.2 p/s676%29.50Switzerland 
945RaphusGulftown (Core i7)4.21 GHz6221.9 p/s1289.2 p/s595%51.07Russia 
946jab383Gulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.80 GHz8306.3 p/s1229.6 p/s407%32.03United States 
947FUCHINNIXGulftown (Core i7)3.31 GHz Unstable clock detected12184.3 p/s1227.4 p/s710%30.86Argentina 
948Gulftown (Core i7)4.79 GHz8305.8 p/s1225.2 p/s404%31.95Gabon 
949Duken30Gulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.80 GHz8304.4 p/s1222.0 p/s405%31.85United States 
950HighT3chGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.70 GHz8299.9 p/s1210.9 p/s407%32.21Greece 
951spraymanGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.70 GHz8299.0 p/s1208.7 p/s407%32.16Germany 
952Matthew3041230Gulftown (Core i7)4.70 GHz8300.8 p/s1208.4 p/s406%32.17United States 
953Psyb3rGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.70 GHz8299.6 p/s1208.0 p/s407%32.13Germany 
954bdriskillGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU2.52 GHz16133.4 p/s1194.4 p/s912%29.56United States 
955MJMotamediGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU2.48 GHz Unstable clock detected16135.2 p/s1188.7 p/s1033%34.58Iran 
956MatsglobetrotterGulftown (Core i7)4.60 GHz8293.3 p/s1185.7 p/s407%32.19Uganda 
957kadzait24Gulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.59 GHz8286.5 p/s1177.9 p/s413%32.04Argentina 
958BelgarionGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.60 GHz8291.3 p/s1177.2 p/s405%32.00Bulgaria 
959jojogratGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.51 GHz8288.6 p/s1164.1 p/s408%32.29Canada 
960marsey99Gulftown (Core i7)4.49 GHz8282.5 p/s1153.0 p/s411%32.12United Kingdom 
961ToxbaseGulftown (Core i7)4.40 GHz8277.9 p/s1132.0 p/s407%32.17France 
962CryonicsGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU2.40 GHz16127.0 p/s1128.2 p/s905%29.43United States 
963neurotixGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.40 GHz8273.9 p/s1127.6 p/s412%32.06United States 
964vowGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU2.39 GHz Unstable clock detected16114.6 p/s1122.1 p/s914%29.29Russia 
965Gulftown (Core i7)4.39 GHz8279.6 p/s1117.9 p/s403%31.86Netherlands 
966MarsSt0neGulftown (Core i7)4.46 GHz8280.0 p/s1109.0 p/s400%31.08France 
967Gulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.38 GHz8271.5 p/s1092.4 p/s402%31.15Bulgaria 
968Lam Chi-KuiGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.20 GHz80.0 p/s1077.7 p/s-100%32.07submission test
969OLDcomerGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.25 GHz Unstable clock detected8236.9 p/s1063.8 p/s605%40.88Bulgaria 
970Gulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.19 GHz8268.5 p/s1055.9 p/s398%31.49France 
971Gulftown (Core i7)4.00 GHz8256.0 p/s1033.4 p/s407%32.30Greece 
972techjesseGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.00 GHz8254.9 p/s1030.1 p/s408%32.19United States 
973MP_I7_4770KGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.90 GHz8248.4 p/s1004.2 p/s407%32.19FinlandStock 4770K
974GVNNGulftown (Core i7)3.81 GHz8249.7 p/s958.0 p/s402%31.40Italy16GB DDR3 1600Mhz
975RibibiGulftown (Core i7)3.69 GHz8234.0 p/s947.4 p/s406%32.06France 
976crackerGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.69 GHz8245.5 p/s946.8 p/s410%32.07C. African Rep.4770 + H87M
977mialyGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.69 GHz8227.9 p/s942.2 p/s418%31.87Bulgaria 
978Gulftown (Core i7)3.69 GHz8240.9 p/s939.3 p/s405%31.85Bulgaria 
979Saint19Gulftown (Core i7)3.49 GHz8222.1 p/s896.0 p/s407%32.10Colombia 
980Maude BoivinGulftown (Core i7)3.88 GHz8240.9 p/s882.8 p/s381%28.47Canada 
981AstalavistaGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.48 GHz8222.1 p/s892.5 p/s439%31.55Greece 
982rgimpGulftown (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.39 GHz Unstable clock detected8226.9 p/s872.4 p/s410%32.16United Stateshaswell i7-4700hq
983amirsssGulftown (Core i7)3.39 GHz Unstable clock detected8224.9 p/s857.0 p/s407%31.59Iran 
984DEVILEKGulftown (Core i7)2.50 GHz6132.2 p/s792.7 p/s614%52.95Poland 
985Gulftown (Core i7)3.19 GHz Unstable clock detected8208.0 p/s811.7 p/s390%30.23United States 
986Daniz185Ivy Bridge (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.73 GHz4301.7 p/s1191.5 p/s401%62.95Indonesia 
987espr1tIvy Bridge (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.35 GHz4278.5 p/s1117.8 p/s401%64.30BulgariaCore i5 @ 4.4GHz, 16GB DDR3...
988BodenMIvy Bridge (Core i5) User specified different CPU3.95 GHz4254.4 p/s955.4 p/s391%60.51Australia 
989Ivy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.54 GHz8284.5 p/s1154.4 p/s415%31.75Bulgaria 
990Dead ThingsK5-1 MHz11.5 p/s1.5 p/s--1.00CanadaAMD K5 PR90 @ 102 MHz
991Dead ThingsK6-1 MHz13.4 p/s3.4 p/s--1.00CanadaAMD K6 300 @ 380.2
992Christian NEYK6-2-1 MHz16.3 p/s6.3 p/s--1.00SwitzerlandHOC November AMD K6-2
993LippokratisK6-2 User specified different CPU-1 MHz15.5 p/s5.5 p/s--1.00Germany 
994NoM$_YesLinuxK6-2+-1 MHz15.4 p/s5.4 p/s--1.00Brazil 
995ice angelKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)4.88 GHz4230.3 p/s932.5 p/s406%47.78Germany 
996Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad) User specified different CPU4.44 GHz40.0 p/s877.0 p/s-100%49.39Bulgaria 
997HobieCatKentsfield (Core 2 Quad) User specified different CPU3.60 GHz40.0 p/s869.9 p/s-100%60.43Canada 
998XtremeCuztomsKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)4.36 GHz4218.0 p/s868.6 p/s398%49.77United States 
999Moose83Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad) User specified different CPU4.37 GHz4206.7 p/s840.5 p/s409%48.05Germany 
1000RobotKentsfield (Core 2 Quad) User specified different CPU4.00 GHz4205.6 p/s827.9 p/s403%51.69Germany 
1001RaspartheKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)4.32 GHz4206.8 p/s827.6 p/s400%47.90Canada 
1002Masterchief79Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad) User specified different CPU4.51 GHz4210.4 p/s827.3 p/s393%45.88Germany 
1003chillerKentsfield (Core 2 Quad) User specified different CPU4.05 GHz4203.6 p/s817.1 p/s401%50.45Belgium 
1004Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad)4.05 GHz4198.8 p/s794.7 p/s400%49.02Netherlands 
1005zafiropoKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.60 GHz4199.6 p/s777.6 p/s390%54.02Greece 
1006UE50Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad)4.05 GHz4193.5 p/s775.7 p/s401%47.89Germany 
1007QuickFastKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.95 GHz4186.0 p/s756.2 p/s408%47.81United States 
1008lord_darth_vaderKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.87 GHz4182.0 p/s743.7 p/s409%48.02BulgariaWindows 7 x64 Ultimate, DFI...
1009maisiKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.71 GHz4180.7 p/s735.0 p/s410%49.57Austria 
1010ilusindoKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.70 GHz4177.6 p/s711.2 p/s400%48.09IndonesiaPUH Kaskus Team
1011ARandomOWlKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.30 GHz40.0 p/s686.6 p/s-100%52.03United Kingdom 
1012Fischy0487Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.60 GHz4158.6 p/s674.1 p/s424%46.86Germany 
1013entropyKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.48 GHz4164.3 p/s662.1 p/s400%47.50United States 
1014obfuscatedKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.53 GHz4175.0 p/s655.9 p/s382%46.49Bulgariagentoo linux 64bit
1015malo33Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.39 GHz4165.9 p/s649.1 p/s395%47.87France 
1016te0oKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.48 GHz4162.9 p/s646.8 p/s401%46.48Bulgaria24/7 settings with new CPU.
1017mitosKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.23 GHz4157.6 p/s626.3 p/s400%48.51Bulgaria 
1018chusx30Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.27 GHz4154.6 p/s625.9 p/s405%47.82Spain 
1019pitaKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.20 GHz4149.9 p/s611.4 p/s408%47.81Croatia 
1020ZOLDOMKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.16 GHz4150.2 p/s598.2 p/s404%47.31Bulgaria 
1021Mirko185Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.10 GHz4146.2 p/s594.6 p/s407%48.00Italy 
1022QuickFastKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.08 GHz4149.4 p/s591.6 p/s398%48.00Bulgaria 
1023DwayneDAKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)2.99 GHz4144.8 p/s576.0 p/s403%48.16United Kingdom 
1024jhonyptKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.00 GHz4141.5 p/s574.1 p/s406%47.92Portugal 
1025KruppyKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)3.18 GHz4145.9 p/s564.4 p/s387%44.37Germany 
1026jorooooooKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)2.99 GHz4142.0 p/s564.4 p/s397%47.17Bulgaria 
1027Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad)2.78 GHz4136.0 p/s507.9 p/s387%45.64Thailand 
1028AndreKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)2.39 GHz4115.8 p/s468.2 p/s405%48.95Italy 
1029Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad)2.39 GHz4115.3 p/s460.2 p/s400%48.06Brazilgugle - OverBR
1030tasospaok123Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad)2.49 GHz Unstable clock detected4144.2 p/s455.8 p/s401%45.69Greece 
1031Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad)2.40 GHz4116.7 p/s447.8 p/s394%46.68Thailand 
1032blacksnoopy HWBGKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)2.37 GHz4111.6 p/s446.1 p/s403%47.16Bulgaria 
1033ohopKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)2.36 GHz4111.7 p/s440.5 p/s395%46.70Bulgaria 
1034Crash01itaKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)1.99 GHz Unstable clock detected4115.3 p/s369.5 p/s386%46.42Italy 
1035LughKentsfield (Core 2 Quad)2.31 GHz4108.3 p/s338.3 p/s318%36.61Germany 
1036wenasongLlano X26.12 GHz Unstable clock detected2281.7 p/s400.0 p/s218%32.65Singapore 
1037proste71Llano X2 User specified different CPU5.45 GHz Unstable clock detected2258.9 p/s371.3 p/s203%34.05Ireland 
1038BullusLlano X2 User specified different CPU4.05 GHz2184.3 p/s369.9 p/s201%45.71Netherlands 
1039IgnisVulpesLlano X2 User specified different CPU5.27 GHz Unstable clock detected2241.3 p/s343.9 p/s225%32.63United States 
1040SorusSiriLlano X2 User specified different CPU5.86 GHz Unstable clock detected2221.6 p/s335.3 p/s241%28.63Thailand 
1041IgnisVulpesLlano X2 User specified different CPU4.93 GHz Unstable clock detected2226.1 p/s321.6 p/s219%32.62United States 
1042seoLlano X2 User specified different CPU1.79 GHz Unstable clock detected283.6 p/s163.3 p/s217%45.51Belarus 
1043tasospaok123Llano X21.84 GHz274.1 p/s149.8 p/s215%40.75Greece 
1044daniz185Llano X3 User specified different CPU3.63 GHz3166.2 p/s499.7 p/s301%45.85Indonesia 
1045El GappoLlano X4 User specified different CPU4.52 GHz4228.6 p/s914.8 p/s400%50.56Bulgaria 
1046Llano X4 User specified different CPU4.93 GHz4225.5 p/s901.1 p/s399%45.73Bulgaria 
1047IronLlano X4 User specified different CPU4.81 GHz4224.9 p/s900.2 p/s400%46.76Italy 
1048Llano X4 User specified different CPU4.64 GHz4221.9 p/s887.7 p/s401%47.84Bulgaria 
1049NoM$_YesLinuxLlano X4 User specified different CPU4.52 GHz4206.8 p/s828.8 p/s402%45.83BrazilASUS F1A75-V PRO + A8-3870K
1050Benny LodewijkLlano X4 User specified different CPU4.52 GHz4207.1 p/s828.4 p/s401%45.79Indonesia 
1051IronLlano X4 User specified different CPU4.48 GHz4199.2 p/s814.7 p/s398%45.47Italy 
1052El GappoLlano X4 User specified different CPU4.16 GHz4190.7 p/s761.9 p/s401%45.82Afghanistan 
1053Christian NeyLlano X44.18 GHz4187.6 p/s754.2 p/s402%45.06SwitzerlandQuick Test
1054Stuen4yLlano X4 User specified different CPU3.77 GHz4172.6 p/s689.6 p/s401%45.71Bulgaria 
1055Benny LodewijkLlano X4 User specified different CPU3.74 GHz4171.3 p/s686.3 p/s401%45.84Indonesia 
1056IronLlano X4 User specified different CPU3.62 GHz4166.2 p/s665.0 p/s402%45.86Italy 
1057hanny_chrisLlano X4 User specified different CPU3.60 GHz4164.6 p/s659.6 p/s401%45.84Indonesia 
1058veblenLlano X4 User specified different CPU3.77 GHz4162.6 p/s638.0 p/s390%42.25United States 
1059KngtRiderLlano X4 User specified different CPU3.51 GHz4160.6 p/s638.0 p/s397%45.47AustraliaF3 BIOS
1060ShrimpBrimeLlano X4 User specified different CPU3.42 GHz4156.5 p/s626.8 p/s401%45.81United States 
1061veblenLlano X4 User specified different CPU3.32 GHz Unstable clock detected4145.4 p/s574.1 p/s417%43.23United States 
1062neoforceLlano X4 User specified different CPU3.62 GHz4166.3 p/s549.9 p/s331%37.95Russia 
1063lolLlano X43.10 GHz4141.4 p/s538.3 p/s390%43.40Italy 
1064BulldogPOLlano X4 User specified different CPU2.98 GHz4133.4 p/s531.9 p/s476%44.68FinlandAMD A8-3850 + ASUS F1A75-I ...
1065Llano X4 User specified different CPU2.99 GHz4130.7 p/s527.7 p/s404%44.18United States 'OverBR'Llano X4 User specified different CPU3.51 GHz4161.7 p/s486.6 p/s328%34.66BrazilAMD - APU - A8-3850
1067tasospaok123Llano X42.69 GHz4118.2 p/s477.0 p/s406%44.31Greece 
1068zlatakiflaLlano X42.59 GHz4116.0 p/s460.7 p/s397%44.52Bulgaria 
1069karlloLlano X41.91 GHz Unstable clock detected493.1 p/s310.2 p/s421%40.56Brazil 
1070GiovyX96Llano X4 User specified different CPU2.00 GHz475.5 p/s297.0 p/s396%37.22Italy"L'uomo è il computer ...
1071codekarlloLlano X41.80 GHz Unstable clock detected499.6 p/s284.0 p/s380%39.36Brazil 
1072codekarlloLlano X41.81 GHz Unstable clock detected4105.6 p/s281.6 p/s373%38.85Brazil 
1073Lynnfield (Core i5)6.12 GHz4393.9 p/s1555.6 p/s401%63.49Bulgaria 
1074XtremeCuztomsLynnfield (Core i5) User specified different CPU5.50 GHz4341.4 p/s1383.9 p/s408%62.94United States 
1075ivanezaLynnfield (Core i5)4.90 GHz4312.5 p/s1257.2 p/s402%64.16Indonesia 
1076MunneYLynnfield (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.90 GHz4312.5 p/s1254.9 p/s402%63.99United States 
1077Lynnfield (Core i5)4.80 GHz4305.7 p/s1229.8 p/s402%64.03Indonesia 
1078espr1tLynnfield (Core i5) User specified different CPU7.71 GHz8294.0 p/s1210.0 p/s414%19.62BulgariaCore i7 7700K, 32GB Corsair...
1079megthebestLynnfield (Core i5)4.70 GHz4295.9 p/s1192.7 p/s396%63.51Italy 
1080megthebestLynnfield (Core i5)4.70 GHz4293.3 p/s1188.9 p/s406%63.31Italy 
1081XAMCTEPALynnfield (Core i5)7.70 GHz4293.1 p/s1168.6 p/s406%37.92Bulgaria 
1082sammyhwangLynnfield (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.58 GHz4285.1 p/s1152.0 p/s402%62.90United States 
1083VinibioLynnfield (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.50 GHz4285.4 p/s1151.9 p/s403%64.02Brazil 
1084AndreaLynnfield (Core i5)4.50 GHz4285.3 p/s1143.9 p/s400%63.61Italy 
1085electrocabezaLynnfield (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.50 GHz4275.0 p/s1136.8 p/s426%63.21Argentina 
1086skypyLynnfield (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.49 GHz4284.4 p/s1129.6 p/s397%62.95Romania 
1087AlexDLynnfield (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.20 GHz4267.6 p/s1075.1 p/s402%64.04Romania HWbot screenshot
1088ZenthornLynnfield (Core i5)4.18 GHz4265.0 p/s1057.9 p/s398%63.20France 
1089ChegeWAReLynnfield (Core i5)4.75 GHz4249.0 p/s1013.2 p/s411%53.32Ukraine 
1090Hacker_RobsLynnfield (Core i5)4.00 GHz4253.4 p/s1002.5 p/s401%62.72Italy 
1091FearlightLynnfield (Core i5)4.49 GHz4236.8 p/s949.2 p/s408%52.83France 
1092andrey_777Lynnfield (Core i5)4.43 GHz4232.3 p/s935.8 p/s408%52.82Russia 
1093[kruger]Lynnfield (Core i5)4.40 GHz4231.9 p/s929.8 p/s409%52.84Russia 
1094w00t w00tLynnfield (Core i5)4.34 GHz4229.5 p/s925.2 p/s408%53.34France 
1095tasospaok123Lynnfield (Core i5) User specified different CPU3.60 GHz4233.9 p/s913.3 p/s409%63.51Greece 
1096MarcoLynnfield (Core i5)3.59 GHz4230.8 p/s912.3 p/s403%63.55ItalydIludente?
1097monarcaLynnfield (Core i5)3.59 GHz4237.6 p/s912.1 p/s404%63.52Spain 
1098w00t w00tLynnfield (Core i5)4.29 GHz4225.9 p/s905.4 p/s408%52.73Bulgaria 
1099freebornLynnfield (Core i5)3.58 GHz4233.3 p/s901.8 p/s399%62.99Bulgaria 
1100susheeLynnfield (Core i5)4.21 GHz4225.9 p/s894.3 p/s400%53.07Germany21x200
1101ehxLynnfield (Core i5)3.96 GHz4218.3 p/s890.5 p/s410%56.23Argentina 
1102MarcoLynnfield (Core i5)3.53 GHz4213.1 p/s871.3 p/s406%61.78Italy 
1103WarheadLynnfield (Core i5)3.48 GHz4218.8 p/s870.7 p/s401%62.48Germany 
1104mitosLynnfield (Core i5)4.00 GHz4213.6 p/s851.6 p/s401%53.19Bulgaria 
1105Lynnfield (Core i5)3.37 GHz4207.6 p/s844.1 p/s409%62.66Bulgaria 
1106AndreaLynnfield (Core i5)4.00 GHz4214.7 p/s840.5 p/s395%52.58Italy 
1107XeForce3Lynnfield (Core i5)4.00 GHz4210.3 p/s835.6 p/s404%52.24Bulgaria 
1108roxor99Lynnfield (Core i5)3.92 GHz4206.3 p/s809.7 p/s401%51.70Netherlands 
1109Mefist0Lynnfield (Core i5)3.88 GHz4206.7 p/s804.8 p/s401%51.79Russia 
1110Chowtyme2Lynnfield (Core i5)4.06 GHz4204.4 p/s804.7 p/s400%49.54United States 
1111BanchLynnfield (Core i5)3.79 GHz4197.5 p/s800.2 p/s402%52.83FinlandFirst test run with this pr...
1112MoultoManLynnfield (Core i5)3.88 GHz4205.1 p/s798.3 p/s398%51.40Australia 
1113northengrassLynnfield (Core i5)3.79 GHz4199.2 p/s793.2 p/s404%52.28Spain 
1114chucupisLynnfield (Core i5)3.79 GHz4199.2 p/s790.4 p/s404%52.12Vatican 
1115EpidemicOfHateLynnfield (Core i5)3.00 GHz4188.3 p/s760.7 p/s404%63.46BulgariaMB: Asus Z87 C
CPU: In...
1116BlackboltLynnfield (Core i5)3.61 GHz4189.4 p/s760.1 p/s407%52.62Germany 
1117Vicyo [OverBR]Lynnfield (Core i5)3.59 GHz40.0 p/s757.3 p/s-100%52.69BrazilIntel Core i5 750
1118KocetoLynnfield (Core i5)3.54 GHz4192.4 p/s755.1 p/s401%53.34Bulgaria 
1119AndresLynnfield (Core i5)3.60 GHz4189.8 p/s750.8 p/s399%52.17United States 
1120SwingalLynnfield (Core i5)3.59 GHz4189.2 p/s745.7 p/s402%51.93Slovakia 
1121Lynnfield (Core i5)3.53 GHz4190.3 p/s729.0 p/s390%51.61Bulgaria 
1122ToBtouzLynnfield (Core i5)3.57 GHz Unstable clock detected449.9 p/s715.8 p/s1401%50.07France 
1123designdemLynnfield (Core i5)3.33 GHz4178.2 p/s699.4 p/s395%52.55France 
1124Glooby5Lynnfield (Core i5)3.37 GHz4171.9 p/s687.0 p/s396%50.90Czech Rep. 
1125ContrerasLynnfield (Core i5)3.11 GHz Unstable clock detected4166.4 p/s625.1 p/s389%50.27Venezuela 
1126Lynnfield (Core i5)2.92 GHz Unstable clock detected4170.6 p/s598.5 p/s397%51.17Bulgaria 
1127nolongerLynnfield (Core i5)2.80 GHz4145.2 p/s589.3 p/s410%52.69Brazil 
1128L0ck0uTLynnfield (Core i5)2.79 GHz Unstable clock detected4161.9 p/s584.6 p/s413%52.33Russia 
1129tasospaok123Lynnfield (Core i5)2.79 GHz Unstable clock detected4153.4 p/s570.1 p/s402%51.01Greece 
1130MizzoLynnfield (Core i5)3.34 GHz Unstable clock detected4130.2 p/s335.2 p/s274%25.08Bulgaria 
1131manLynnfield (Core i7)4.38 GHz8230.4 p/s1032.4 p/s455%29.46India 
1132SekamLynnfield (Core i7)4.30 GHz8227.2 p/s1018.8 p/s453%29.59Switzerland 
1133Beloe.Lynnfield (Core i7)4.26 GHz8224.3 p/s1001.0 p/s451%29.40Germany 
1134Danny³Lynnfield (Core i7)4.21 GHz8222.4 p/s997.0 p/s454%29.58Bulgaria21*200 ddr3-2000 cr1
1135solda2Lynnfield (Core i7)4.20 GHz8221.2 p/s995.4 p/s453%29.63France991
1136willemc700Lynnfield (Core i7)4.06 GHz8220.4 p/s992.1 p/s454%30.56Netherlands 
1137CybergeekLynnfield (Core i7)3.23 GHz Unstable clock detected8219.3 p/s992.0 p/s597%38.55Venezuela 
1138minosLynnfield (Core i7)4.21 GHz8225.9 p/s990.9 p/s439%29.40France 
1139Gu!ll3rm0xLynnfield (Core i7)4.19 GHz8220.8 p/s985.7 p/s451%29.39Chile 
1140Danny_75Lynnfield (Core i7)4.20 GHz8220.8 p/s983.1 p/s453%29.28United Kingdom 
1141HadesLynnfield (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.21 GHz8221.9 p/s981.7 p/s442%29.15Italy 
1142overclocking101Lynnfield (Core i7)4.09 GHz8214.8 p/s962.7 p/s450%29.44United States 
1143AikswebaLynnfield (Core i7)4.05 GHz8213.6 p/s954.9 p/s456%29.47Brazil 
1144Danny³Lynnfield (Core i7)4.01 GHz8210.7 p/s947.4 p/s452%29.52Bulgaria 
1145SylarLynnfield (Core i7)4.00 GHz8210.4 p/s942.9 p/s453%29.47South Africa 
1146NeoForceLynnfield (Core i7)3.99 GHz8210.3 p/s937.1 p/s450%29.35Russia 
1147TheDoggLynnfield (Core i7)3.99 GHz8209.6 p/s931.6 p/s449%29.21Romania 
1148TASOSPAOK123Lynnfield (Core i7)3.80 GHz8200.0 p/s894.3 p/s450%29.39Greece 
1149ZMiguelLynnfield (Core i7)4.23 GHz8221.9 p/s885.3 p/s402%26.15Portugal 
1150MicecLynnfield (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.61 GHz8190.0 p/s854.7 p/s453%29.61Germany 
1151sido107Lynnfield (Core i7)3.99 GHz8206.3 p/s837.5 p/s405%26.22Poland 
1152ghost_zLynnfield (Core i7)3.52 GHz8184.7 p/s827.4 p/s453%29.42India 
1153Eleyzam-veLynnfield (Core i7)4.32 GHz8219.3 p/s820.4 p/s375%23.72Venezuela 
1154Lynnfield (Core i7)3.45 GHz8176.6 p/s791.1 p/s444%28.64United States 
1155StanbulLynnfield (Core i7)3.44 GHz Unstable clock detected8187.9 p/s770.7 p/s492%31.27Bulgaria 
1156dvd93Lynnfield (Core i7)2.62 GHz Unstable clock detected8170.0 p/s746.6 p/s553%35.69Italy 
1157noxonLynnfield (Core i7)3.03 GHz Unstable clock detected8153.4 p/s711.0 p/s441%29.29Bulgaria 
1158SFU11Lynnfield (Core i7)2.93 GHz Unstable clock detected8182.0 p/s689.6 p/s445%29.42Indonesia 
1159Ra7orLynnfield (Core i7)2.94 GHz8153.9 p/s687.3 p/s453%29.27Portugal 
1160Amin_CarGT2Lynnfield (Core i7)3.16 GHz Unstable clock detected8164.0 p/s683.4 p/s455%27.68Iran 
1161fasterklanderLynnfield (Core i7)2.92 GHz Unstable clock detected8177.7 p/s681.0 p/s455%29.13Spain 
1162jaapapaLynnfield (Core i7)3.25 GHz8172.0 p/s674.8 p/s401%25.95Bulgaria 
1163RealdoLynnfield (Core i7)3.20 GHz4171.6 p/s662.1 p/s395%51.66Bulgaria 
1164Lynnfield (Core i7)3.40 GHz8175.1 p/s660.8 p/s383%24.32France 
1165redLynnfield (Core i7)3.36 GHz Unstable clock detected8176.7 p/s659.8 p/s376%24.52France 
1166PARADOXLynnfield (Core i7)2.92 GHz8156.0 p/s634.0 p/s427%27.13Germany 
1167SFU11Lynnfield (Core i7)2.90 GHz8151.7 p/s624.4 p/s424%26.91Indonesiarunning normal
1168jojoLynnfield (Core i7)3.16 GHz8164.6 p/s584.9 p/s361%23.15Bulgaria 
1169Lynnfield (Core i7)2.30 GHz Unstable clock detected8121.7 p/s543.6 p/s486%29.52Bulgaria 
1170snadminLynnfield (Core i7) User specified different CPU1.72 GHz888.7 p/s399.3 p/s451%29.02Australia 
1171mcq8Lynnfield (Core i7)1.78 GHz Unstable clock detected888.6 p/s393.4 p/s524%27.61Belgium 
1172petersaintsLynnfield (Core i7)1.73 GHz Unstable clock detected8136.9 p/s367.8 p/s450%26.62Portugal 
1173WuppioLynnfield (Core i7)1.46 GHz Unstable clock detected872.2 p/s336.2 p/s455%28.78Netherlands 
1174sno.lcnLynnfield (Core i7) User specified different CPU1.54 GHz Unstable clock detected8111.3 p/s310.6 p/s444%27.05United States 
1175anrieffMagny-Cours Opteron User specified different CPU1.90 GHz2484.5 p/s2030.6 p/s2403%44.60Bulgaria2*12 cores
1176George_ocMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K User specified different CPU1.99 GHz294.1 p/s190.5 p/s202%47.77GreeceTest test
1177Merom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.94 GHz289.7 p/s185.1 p/s200%47.80Bulgaria 
1178Merom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.98 GHz295.8 p/s184.1 p/s199%46.42Bulgaria 
1179kinglessMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.98 GHz Unstable clock detected2105.0 p/s181.2 p/s197%45.76Saudi Arabia 
1180KireyMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.82 GHz286.7 p/s174.5 p/s201%47.94IndonesiaAcer Aspire 4920
1181LuconosaMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.79 GHz Unstable clock detected292.9 p/s168.7 p/s202%47.02Croatia 
1182saint19Merom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.79 GHz Unstable clock detected288.6 p/s167.6 p/s209%46.71Colombia 
1183anastasovbgMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.90 GHz Unstable clock detected298.0 p/s166.3 p/s194%43.76Bulgaria 
1184XeForce3Merom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.66 GHz279.0 p/s161.8 p/s205%48.79Bulgaria 
1185karlloMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.66 GHz280.7 p/s161.7 p/s200%48.70Brazil 
1186karlloMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K User specified different CPU1.66 GHz281.0 p/s160.8 p/s200%48.43Brazil 
1187mr.frizzMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.66 GHz279.2 p/s158.9 p/s201%47.89Italy 
1188KireyMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.66 GHz278.1 p/s158.5 p/s206%47.77Indonesia 
1189EpidemicOfHate HWBGMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.66 GHz275.0 p/s155.2 p/s204%46.83BulgariaDell Inspiron 1720
1190SergioneMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.48 GHz271.9 p/s144.8 p/s203%48.89BulgariaOS: Windows 10 Education x3...
1191Merom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K1.42 GHz268.2 p/s121.0 p/s208%42.64Bulgaria 
1192gugleMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K2.00 GHz267.1 p/s111.2 p/s176%27.83Brazilgugle
1193Christian NeyMerom (Core 2 Duo) 2048K User specified different CPU1.49 GHz171.0 p/s71.0 p/s-47.56SwitzerlandC2C T5250
1194]siNNer[Merom (Core 2 Duo) 4096K2.62 GHz Unstable clock detected2133.3 p/s247.4 p/s202%47.25Portugal 
1195Merom (Core 2 Duo) 4096K2.38 GHz Unstable clock detected2126.0 p/s229.4 p/s202%48.09Bulgaria 
1196testMerom (Core 2 Duo) 4096K2.38 GHz2123.0 p/s229.2 p/s200%48.13UAE 
1197Mark DespiMerom (Core 2 Duo) 4096K2.19 GHz Unstable clock detected2116.4 p/s212.2 p/s201%48.43PhilippinesTest
1198YoshiGrMerom (Core 2 Duo) 4096K2.19 GHz Unstable clock detected2110.7 p/s207.2 p/s203%47.28Greece 
1199WizertyMerom (Core 2 Duo) 4096K2.18 GHz Unstable clock detected2110.5 p/s206.4 p/s205%47.30Francetest ucbench
1200eythigramisiMerom (Core 2 Duo) 4096K1.95 GHz290.2 p/s184.8 p/s206%47.43Greece 
1201/Users/apple/Desktop/Various\ AMerom (Core 2 Duo) 4096K User specified different CPU2.35 GHz Unstable clock detected2104.7 p/s179.8 p/s194%38.29 /Users/apple/Desktop/Various\ mer\ Beach\ \(100\ Hits\ Da...
1202mukherjeeMerom (Core 2 Duo) 4096K1.99 GHz293.6 p/s178.7 p/s194%44.99India 
1203Test2Merom (Core 2 Duo) 4096K759 MHz Unstable clock detected236.2 p/s70.2 p/s293%46.25Belgiumtest
1204alexmaj467Mobile P-4 (Northwood)3.01 GHz153.6 p/s53.6 p/s-17.83Ukraine 
1205darknizMobile P-4 (Northwood)3.05 GHz253.5 p/s53.5 p/s80%6.97Germany 
1206saint19Mobile P-4 (Northwood)1.79 GHz131.4 p/s31.4 p/s-17.53Colombia 
1207bob80Mobile P-4 (Prescott)1.86 GHz227.6 p/s35.4 p/s138%9.52Italy 
1208LinuxfanMobile Sempron 64 (Keene/512K) User specified different CPU1.79 GHz138.1 p/s38.1 p/s-21.31United States 
1209GENiEBENMobile Sempron 64 (Keene/512K) User specified different CPU1.57 GHz132.9 p/s32.9 p/
1210Dead ThingsMore than quad-core User specified different CPU2.39 GHz20129.7 p/s2542.1 p/s1959%53.12Canada2 x E7-8860
1211Opteron (Dual Core)2.81 GHz460.7 p/s243.1 p/s400%21.65United States 
1212devvfata1ityOpteron (Dual Core)2.40 GHz451.8 p/s206.9 p/s399%21.57India 
1213I.nfraR.edOpteron (Dual Core)3.13 GHz269.7 p/s139.4 p/s200%22.26Bulgaria 
1214WonderlustOpteron (Dual Core)3.19 GHz268.8 p/s137.4 p/s201%21.56United Kingdom 
1215BonesOpteron (Dual Core)3.00 GHz264.4 p/s129.2 p/s201%21.53United States 
1216alexmaj467P-4 Celeron (128K)3.41 GHz161.6 p/s61.6 p/s-18.06Ukraine 
1217cyrus oc(hamedy12)P-4 Celeron (128K)3.23 GHz158.3 p/s58.3 p/s-18.07Iranp4xp-x
p4 celeron 2.4 ...
1218OptyTrooperP-4 Celeron (128K)3.21 GHz157.2 p/s57.2 p/s-17.81United States 
1219alexmaj467P-4 Celeron (128K)2.39 GHz142.5 p/s42.5 p/s-17.80Ukraine 
1220babak_arP-4 Celeron (128K)2.04 GHz135.4 p/s35.4 p/s-17.38Iran 
1221KireyP-4 Celeron (128K) User specified different CPU1.79 GHz131.8 p/s31.8 p/s-17.72Indonesia 
1222DopeLexP-III Celeron User specified different CPU1.96 GHz2110.7 p/s119.0 p/s110%30.34Germany 
1223DominoP-III Celeron User specified different CPU1.72 GHz184.0 p/s84.0 p/s-48.95Russia 
1224saint19P-III Celeron User specified different CPU1.30 GHz160.8 p/s60.8 p/s-46.91Colombia 
1225Marco P./CjBAP-III Celeron User specified different CPU1.19 GHz157.3 p/s57.3 p/s-48.35Brazil 
1226NoM$_YesLinuxP-III Celeron1.19 GHz155.3 p/s55.3 p/s-46.51BrazilCeleron ULV 1.2GHz
1227z-bP-III Celeron1.80 GHz125.4 p/s25.4 p/s-14.09Bulgaria 
1228alexmaj467P-III Celeron User specified different CPU1.71 GHz124.0 p/s24.0 p/s-14.03Ukraine 
1229alexmaj467P-III Celeron User specified different CPU1.67 GHz123.4 p/s23.4 p/s-14.02Ukraine 
1230OptyTrooperP-III Celeron User specified different CPU1.67 GHz123.3 p/s23.3 p/s-13.93United States 
1231alexmaj467P-III Celeron User specified different CPU1.68 GHz122.8 p/s22.8 p/s-13.58Ukraine 
1232alexmaj467P-III Celeron User specified different CPU1.63 GHz122.7 p/s22.7 p/s-13.92Ukraine 
1233FqqTBawLP-III Celeron1.50 GHz121.0 p/s21.0 p/s-13.96Australia 
1234SergioneP-III Celeron1.29 GHz118.1 p/s18.1 p/s-13.99BulgariaOS: Windows XP SP3
1235Penryn (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.39 GHz Unstable clock detected2122.5 p/s230.6 p/s205%48.24Bulgaria 
1236Penryn (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.39 GHz Unstable clock detected2122.0 p/s230.5 p/s207%48.22Bulgaria 
1237FGIPenryn (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.38 GHz Unstable clock detected2120.3 p/s227.6 p/s205%47.88Bulgaria 
1238V3ctorPTPenryn (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.31 GHz Unstable clock detected2117.0 p/s216.6 p/s220%46.88PortugalToshiba A200-21T
1239erdemolkunPenryn (Core 2 Duo) 3M1.90 GHz Unstable clock detected295.8 p/s175.6 p/s207%46.31Turkey 
1240nigePenryn (Core 2 Duo) 3M664 MHz Unstable clock detected249.7 p/s51.2 p/s181%38.55UAE 
1241veblenPenryn (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.05 GHz2142.2 p/s283.9 p/s202%46.59United States 
1242anrieffPenryn (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.78 GHz2134.7 p/s271.8 p/s202%48.96BulgariaHP EliteBook 8530w laptop...
1243saint19Penryn (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.78 GHz Unstable clock detected2132.7 p/s257.2 p/s245%46.24Colombia 
1244kirbsterPenryn (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.52 GHz2125.2 p/s243.9 p/s206%48.35Canada 
1245milev5Penryn (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.39 GHz Unstable clock detected2123.9 p/s221.6 p/s202%46.30Bulgaria 
1246Penryn (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.39 GHz Unstable clock detected2107.5 p/s218.3 p/s205%45.59Bulgaria 
1247MatsglobetrotterPenryn (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.12 GHz Unstable clock detected2131.7 p/s209.6 p/s211%49.32Uganda 
1248GENiEBENPentium (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.68 GHz2153.7 p/s306.4 p/
1249Pentium (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.64 GHz2153.4 p/s296.5 p/s202%56.13Bulgaria 
1250Dead ThingsPentium 1 (0.35u) User specified different CPU-1 MHz12.9 p/s2.9 p/s--1.00CanadaIntel Pentium MMX 200 @ 300...
1251SergionePentium 1 (0.35u)-1 MHz21.3 p/s2.6 p/s200%-1.00BulgariaHP VectraXU 5/133c - 2 x 13...
1252DrSwizzPentium 1 (0.8u)-1 MHz10.6 p/s0.6 p/s--1.00Sweden 
1253LippokratisPentium 4 (Cedar Mill)7.20 GHz2108.9 p/s139.6 p/s134%9.70Germany 
1254Christian NeyPentium 4 (Cedar Mill)6.82 GHz2104.2 p/s130.2 p/s131%9.54Switzerland 
1255NoM$_YesLinuxPentium 4 (Cedar Mill)5.20 GHz275.7 p/s101.8 p/s134%9.79Brazil 
1256XtremeCuztomsPentium 4 (Cedar Mill)4.69 GHz265.7 p/s89.7 p/s140%9.56United States 
1257frandeoxPentium 4 (Cedar Mill)3.67 GHz251.8 p/s70.0 p/s135%9.53Spain 
1258OC_BOTPentium 4 (Cedar Mill)2.99 GHz244.1 p/s56.6 p/s128%9.47Pakistan 
1259Gu!ll3rm0xPentium 4 (Cedar Mill)3.02 GHz Unstable clock detected238.9 p/s40.8 p/s112%6.75Chile 
1260DopeLexPentium 4 (Northwood)4.53 GHz281.8 p/s81.8 p/s-18.08Germany 
1261tiborrr of OC-LabPentium 4 (Northwood)4.34 GHz178.5 p/s78.5 p/s-18.08Sloveniacascade run, P4 2.66B
1262BlackboltPentium 4 (Northwood)3.89 GHz169.2 p/s69.2 p/s-17.77GermanyPentium 4 (Northwood) 2.53GHz
1263UE50Pentium 4 (Northwood)3.71 GHz167.6 p/s67.6 p/s-18.20Germany 
1264Diabolik OcPentium 4 (Northwood)3.50 GHz162.5 p/s62.5 p/s-17.87Italy 
1265BlackboltPentium 4 (Northwood)3.26 GHz158.6 p/s58.6 p/s-17.95BulgariaPentium 4 (Northwood) 2.0GHz
1266WoomackPentium 4 (Northwood) User specified different CPU1.97 GHz Unstable clock detected435.0 p/s63.0 p/s157%6.94Poland 
1267DEVILEKPentium 4 (Northwood)3.01 GHz153.2 p/s53.2 p/s-17.69Poland 
1268PharlapPentium 4 (Northwood)3.09 GHz152.3 p/s52.3 p/s-16.91Netherlands 
1269alexmaj467Pentium 4 (Northwood)2.89 GHz152.1 p/s52.1 p/s-18.05Ukraine 
1270TerraRaptor []Pentium 4 (Northwood)2.97 GHz150.9 p/s50.9 p/s-17.15Kazakhstan 
1271WoomackPentium 4 (Northwood)2.79 GHz150.0 p/s50.0 p/s-17.89Poland 
1272tahumbataPentium 4 (Northwood)3.60 GHz262.7 p/s62.7 p/s80%6.95Bulgaria865P, SuperT DDR480 3-4-4-8...
1273alexmaj467Pentium 4 (Northwood)3.27 GHz263.5 p/s63.5 p/s77%7.48Ukraine 
1274|_e}{Pentium 4 (Northwood)3.40 GHz259.8 p/s59.8 p/s79%6.96Ukraine 
1275Dgusm57Pentium 4 (Northwood)3.40 GHz256.4 p/s56.4 p/s84%6.93United States 
1276Pentium 4 (Northwood)3.18 GHz255.0 p/s55.0 p/s80%6.95Italy 
1277HaborPentium 4 (Northwood)2.42 GHz143.9 p/s43.9 p/s-18.13Hungary 
1278SergionePentium 4 (Northwood)2.38 GHz142.3 p/s42.3 p/s-17.81BulgariaOS: Windows XP SP3
1279SergionePentium 4 (Northwood)2.38 GHz142.2 p/s42.2 p/s-17.77BulgariaWindows XP SP3
MB: ECS...
1280Pentium 4 (Northwood)2.44 GHz141.6 p/s41.6 p/s-17.07Bulgaria 
1281BlackboltPentium 4 (Northwood)2.98 GHz252.7 p/s52.7 p/s79%6.99Germany 
1282LippokratisPentium 4 (Northwood)2.85 GHz250.7 p/s50.7 p/s78%6.96Germany 
1283ivanovPentium 4 (Northwood)2.78 GHz249.7 p/s49.7 p/s78%7.01Poland 
1284mialyPentium 4 (Northwood)2.73 GHz247.9 p/s47.9 p/s80%7.10Bulgaria 
1285SatanailPentium 4 (Northwood)2.56 GHz242.7 p/s42.7 p/s82%6.98Bulgaria 
1286SergionePentium 4 (Northwood)1.80 GHz132.2 p/s32.2 p/s-17.92BulgariaOS: Windows XP SP3
1287LippokratisPentium 4 (Prescott)5.18 GHz278.3 p/s100.4 p/s136%9.70GermanyP4 620
1288DopeLexPentium 4 (Prescott) User specified different CPU4.69 GHz20.0 p/s91.8 p/s-100%9.78Germany 
1289WoomackPentium 4 (Prescott)4.41 GHz265.9 p/s86.5 p/s137%9.81Poland 
1290DEVILEKPentium 4 (Prescott)4.08 GHz261.2 p/s79.6 p/s133%9.77Poland 
1291UE50Pentium 4 (Prescott)4.09 GHz265.3 p/s79.0 p/s129%9.65Germany 
1292DevillPentium 4 (Prescott)4.08 GHz261.3 p/s79.0 p/s136%9.69Bulgaria 
1293rinzlerPentium 4 (Prescott) User specified different CPU4.00 GHz252.9 p/s75.3 p/s148%9.42Israelasus p5nd2-sli pentium 630
1294UE50Pentium 4 (Prescott)3.69 GHz255.1 p/s72.5 p/s133%9.84Germany 
1295chillerPentium 4 (Prescott)3.55 GHz245.1 p/s70.5 p/s171%9.92Belgium 
1296DanutzuACPentium 4 (Prescott)3.59 GHz254.3 p/s70.2 p/s136%9.77Romania 
1297darkagePentium 4 (Prescott)3.00 GHz253.9 p/s69.4 p/s154%11.57Portugal 
1298Pentium 4 (Prescott)3.59 GHz253.9 p/s68.7 p/s132%9.56Bulgaria 
1299GandraZzPentium 4 (Prescott)3.66 GHz253.8 p/s68.6 p/s128%9.38Lithuania 
1300Ü50Pentium 4 (Prescott)4.36 GHz167.0 p/s67.0 p/s-15.37Germany 
1301YawniePentium 4 (Prescott)3.43 GHz250.7 p/s66.2 p/s136%9.65Australia 
1302Johni5Pentium 4 (Prescott) User specified different CPU3.30 GHz249.6 p/s64.2 p/s135%9.74Hungary 
1303CRACKSPentium 4 (Prescott)4.24 GHz163.6 p/s63.6 p/s-15.01ArgentinaBlue Wing OC Team
1304ChillerPentium 4 (Prescott)2.96 GHz248.4 p/s62.5 p/s137%10.56Belgium 
1305tatako_boyPentium 4 (Prescott)3.20 GHz248.3 p/s62.5 p/s137%9.77ArgentinaMy PC sucks! I love AMD Ath...
1306LippokratisPentium 4 (Prescott)3.18 GHz237.6 p/s62.4 p/s183%9.82Germany 
1307SegionePentium 4 (Prescott)3.12 GHz247.2 p/s62.2 p/s140%9.97BulgariaWindows XP SP3
1308Gu!ll3rm0xPentium 4 (Prescott)3.16 GHz247.8 p/s61.7 p/s135%9.76Chile 
1309probn4lyfe(OCN)Pentium 4 (Prescott)3.96 GHz247.1 p/s60.2 p/s127%7.60United States 
1310SergionePentium 4 (Prescott)3.16 GHz246.7 p/s58.9 p/s130%9.32BulgariaWinXP SP3
1311ChillerPentium 4 (Prescott)3.00 GHz245.4 p/s58.9 p/s136%9.83Belgium 
1312AniketPentium 4 (Prescott)3.06 GHz245.6 p/s58.6 p/s132%9.57India 
1313mr.frizzPentium 4 (Prescott)2.99 GHz242.8 p/s58.0 p/s135%9.69Italy 
1314ChasydavePentium 4 (Prescott)2.98 GHz243.4 p/s57.6 p/s135%9.65Germany 
1315Pentium 4 (Prescott)2.99 GHz244.2 p/s56.7 p/s132%9.48Bulgaria 
1316SergionePentium 4 (Prescott) User specified different CPU2.80 GHz242.4 p/s54.7 p/s137%9.77BulgariaWindows XP SP3
RAM 4 x...
1317tasospaok123Pentium 4 (Prescott)3.54 GHz Unstable clock detected222.4 p/s42.0 p/s148%6.20Greece 
1318ThocathePentium 4 (Prescott)2.77 GHz140.5 p/s40.5 p/s-14.62France 
1319KireyPentium 4 (Prescott)2.62 GHz139.2 p/s39.2 p/s-14.94Indonesia 
1320chentinoxPentium 4 (Prescott) User specified different CPU2.73 GHz135.9 p/s35.9 p/s-13.17Spain 
1321DanutzuACPentium 4 (Willamette) User specified different CPU2.23 GHz140.0 p/s40.0 p/s-17.93Romania 
1322Pentium 4 (Willamette)2.07 GHz136.1 p/s36.1 p/s-17.46Romania 
1323PharlapPentium 4 (Willamette)2.04 GHz135.0 p/s35.0 p/s-17.14Netherlands 
1324Probn4lyfePentium 4 (Willamette)1.79 GHz130.6 p/s30.6 p/s-17.09United States 
1325chillerPentium D User specified different CPU5.10 GHz480.1 p/s175.4 p/s229%8.59Belgium 
1326WoomackPentium D5.01 GHz276.2 p/s161.7 p/s212%16.14Poland 
1327Pentium D4.27 GHz264.5 p/s138.6 p/s215%16.24United States 
1328dect6.0Pentium D4.50 GHz269.6 p/s137.8 p/s198%15.32United States 
1329SergionePentium D3.38 GHz250.6 p/s109.5 p/s216%16.19BulgariaWinXP SP3
1330stivutPentium D3.30 GHz249.1 p/s105.8 p/s215%16.03Romania 
1331rinzlerPentium D User specified different CPU3.34 GHz249.4 p/s100.6 p/s206%15.05Israel 
1332KireyPentium D User specified different CPU3.08 GHz246.5 p/s100.1 p/s215%16.27Indonesia 
1333zothosPentium D User specified different CPU2.97 GHz244.5 p/s95.0 p/s213%15.97United StatesSystem Spec's:
- BioS...
1334GGGGGGGGGGPentium D2.98 GHz244.2 p/s85.0 p/s190%14.25Bulgariapentium d 3 ghz
1335MikiPentium D User specified different CPU3.00 GHz Unstable clock detected238.5 p/s84.0 p/s215%14.02Bulgaria 
1336EpidemicOfHate HWBGPentium D2.79 GHz241.9 p/s81.9 p/s197%14.67BulgariaWindows Vista Home Premium ...
1337saint19Pentium D2.51 GHz Unstable clock detected241.3 p/s65.9 p/s180%13.12Colombia 
1338KireyPentium D1.06 GHz215.3 p/s31.6 p/s210%14.89Indonesia 
1339ivoPentium D985 MHz Unstable clock detected215.4 p/s28.9 p/s388%14.67Bulgaria 
1340SuperlomposPentium II (Deschutes)-1 MHz17.3 p/s7.3 p/s--1.00Bulgaria 
1341Christian NeyPentium II (Deschutes)-1 MHz16.4 p/s6.4 p/s--1.00France 
1342LippokratisPentium II (Deschutes)-1 MHz16.3 p/s6.3 p/s--1.00Germany 
1343aw3nkcavaleraPentium II (Dixon) User specified different CPU-1 MHz17.4 p/s7.4 p/s--1.00IndonesiaTEST...!!!
1344DamienPentium III (Coppermine)1.64 GHz Unstable clock detected412.7 p/s70.7 p/s3084%8.54France 
1345SergionePentium III (Coppermine) User specified different CPU694 MHz49.6 p/s38.3 p/s399%13.80Bulgaria4x700MHz Win Serv.2003 SP2
1346SergionePentium III (Coppermine) User specified different CPU694 MHz49.6 p/s38.3 p/s399%13.80Bulgaria4x700MHz Win Serv.2003 SP2
1347Christian NeyPentium III (Coppermine)1.16 GHz215.7 p/s31.7 p/s202%13.65SwitzerlandDual CPU
1348Christian NeyPentium III (Coppermine)914 MHz212.5 p/s24.8 p/s199%13.57SwitzerlandDual CPU
1349alexmaj467Pentium III (Coppermine) User specified different CPU1.40 GHz119.4 p/s19.4 p/s-13.87Ukraine 
1350alexmaj467Pentium III (Coppermine) User specified different CPU1.39 GHz119.2 p/s19.2 p/s-13.81Ukraine 
1351alexmaj467Pentium III (Coppermine)1.36 GHz118.5 p/s18.5 p/s-13.58UkraineVmod vcore 2.3v
1352alexmaj467Pentium III (Coppermine) User specified different CPU1.26 GHz117.5 p/s17.5 p/s-13.89Ukraine 
1353Diabolik OcPentium III (Coppermine)986 MHz113.7 p/s13.7 p/s-13.89Italy 
1354Supercoolin86Pentium III (Coppermine)890 MHz112.4 p/s12.4 p/s-13.93Germany 
1355JogibaerPentium III (Coppermine)869 MHz112.0 p/s12.0 p/s-13.81Germany 
1356aw3nkcavaleraPentium III (Coppermine) User specified different CPU726 MHz110.0 p/s10.0 p/s-13.77IndonesiaTest Burn!!
1357SergionePentium III (Coppermine)722 MHz19.9 p/s9.9 p/s-13.71BulgariaOS: Windows XP SP2
1358mehrdadPentium III (Coppermine)551 MHz17.1 p/s7.1 p/s-12.89Iran 
1359SuperlomposPentium III (Katmai)443 MHz26.1 p/s12.2 p/s200%13.77Hungary 
13604eRNoBiLPentium III (Katmai)589 MHz18.1 p/s8.1 p/s-13.75BulgariaCompaq Deskpro EN 6350 + Pe...
1361SergionePentium III (Katmai)524 MHz17.2 p/s7.2 p/s-13.74BulgariaWindows XP SP2
1362EpidemicOfHate HWBGPentium III (Katmai)445 MHz15.9 p/s5.9 p/s-13.26BulgariaWindows XP PRO SP2
1363LippokratisPentium III (Tualatin)1.61 GHz222.4 p/s44.6 p/s199%13.88Germany2x Pentium 3-S 1,4
1364LippokratisPentium III (Tualatin)1.57 GHz121.8 p/s21.8 p/s-13.86Germany 
1365LippokratisPentium III (Tualatin) User specified different CPU1.34 GHz118.8 p/s18.8 p/s-13.99Germany 
1366SirOliPentium M (Dothan) User specified different CPU2.62 GHz Unstable clock detected32144.2 p/s4536.3 p/s3318%54.09Germany 
1367Christian NeyPentium M (Dothan) User specified different CPU3.46 GHz Unstable clock detected16224.8 p/s3157.4 p/s1569%57.03Switzerland2x Xeon E5-2690
1368crumpetPentium M (Dothan) User specified different CPU3.35 GHz Unstable clock detected32216.1 p/s3148.5 p/s1653%29.09NLdual Xeon CPU, total 16 cores
1369chaosPentium M (Dothan) User specified different CPU3.06 GHz32180.6 p/s2962.0 p/s1678%30.25Bulgaria 
1370Christian NeyPentium M (Dothan)2.96 GHz16176.3 p/s2554.6 p/s1497%53.87Switzerland2x Xeon E5-2470
1371espr1tPentium M (Dothan)1.75 GHz Unstable clock detected32167.0 p/s2446.4 p/s3066%55.89Bulgaria2x Xeon E5-2450, 32GB DDR3 ECC
1372WoomackPentium M (Dothan) User specified different CPU2.27 GHz24130.4 p/s1652.0 p/s1296%30.30Poland 
1373HarshalPentium M (Dothan) User specified different CPU4.15 GHz12240.4 p/s1503.2 p/s632%30.21India 
1374LippokratisPentium M (Dothan)1.97 GHz138.7 p/s38.7 p/s-19.65Germany 
1375KIOPentium M (Dothan)1.67 GHz132.0 p/s32.0 p/s-19.15Belgium 
1376borandiPentium M (Dothan)1.48 GHz128.6 p/s28.6 p/s-19.35United Kingdom 
1377SergionePentium M (Dothan)1.97 GHz123.5 p/s23.5 p/s-11.93BulgariaOS: Windows XP SP3
1378Jonny.brPhenom (Deneb-based) User specified different CPU3.54 GHz4172.6 p/s690.5 p/s400%48.81Brazil 
1379TsunamijuanPhenom (Deneb-based) User specified different CPU5.03 GHz Unstable clock detected4249.9 p/s564.9 p/s379%28.09United Statesphasechange a10 5800k
1380G.FoylePhenom II X2 (Callisto)6.50 GHz2296.0 p/s594.8 p/s201%45.75Poland 
1381MorePhenom II X2 (Callisto) User specified different CPU6.30 GHz2285.1 p/s573.6 p/s201%45.53BulgariaCountryCup 2011
1382I.M.O.G.Phenom II X2 (Callisto)6.39 GHz20.0 p/s570.9 p/s-100%44.67United States 
1383Phenom II X2 (Callisto) User specified different CPU6.37 GHz2283.7 p/s570.1 p/s201%44.78France 
1384MorePhenom II X2 (Callisto)6.18 GHz2283.1 p/s566.3 p/s200%45.84BulgariaHWBOT CountryCup 2011
1385DimeDevilPhenom II X2 (Callisto)6.20 GHz2276.6 p/s553.0 p/s200%44.60Indonesia 
1386Phenom II X2 (Callisto)5.29 GHz2235.1 p/s473.3 p/s201%44.74France 
1387Phenom II X2 (Callisto)5.22 GHz2235.0 p/s469.0 p/s200%44.91Bulgaria 
1388toyonePhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.77 GHz2213.9 p/s429.3 p/s201%44.97Hungaryxtreme 3d team hungary
1389toyonePhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.75 GHz2213.5 p/s428.0 p/s200%45.01Hungaryxtreme 3d team hungary
1390BlindfitterPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.59 GHz2205.9 p/s412.5 p/s200%44.90United Kingdom 
1391mtremPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.52 GHz2206.4 p/s412.0 p/s200%45.53Canada 
1392juventiniPhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.96 GHz2205.9 p/s411.8 p/s203%52.01Indonesia 
1393mtremPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.50 GHz2206.7 p/s411.6 p/s199%45.74Canada 
1394saint19Phenom II X2 (Callisto)4.52 GHz2200.8 p/s402.6 p/s200%44.55Colombia 
1395Phenom II X2 (Callisto)4.42 GHz2200.3 p/s401.9 p/s201%45.41Bulgaria 
1396MatijaInSpacePhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.46 GHz2200.0 p/s398.1 p/s200%44.67Serbia & M. 
1397ShrimpBrimePhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.41 GHz Unstable clock detected2188.0 p/s392.5 p/s208%44.52United States 
1398DimeDeviLPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.01 GHz2194.8 p/s389.7 p/s200%48.55Indonesia 
1399DimeDeviLPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.31 GHz2193.5 p/s388.2 p/s201%44.99Indonesia 
1400airfenbgPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.31 GHz2191.2 p/s382.5 p/s201%44.40Bulgaria 
1401MrOverclockPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.21 GHz2192.3 p/s380.9 p/s199%45.24Portugal 
1402feyhungPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.27 GHz2189.9 p/s380.2 p/s200%44.51Indonesia 
1403OptyTrooperPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.22 GHz2187.6 p/s377.8 p/s201%44.79Bulgaria 
1404ALRAWPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.11 GHz2182.7 p/s364.8 p/s200%44.40South Africa 
1405feyhungPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.14 GHz2183.4 p/s362.3 p/s198%43.78Indonesia 
1406win95Phenom II X2 (Callisto) User specified different CPU4.04 GHz2176.6 p/s357.7 p/s203%44.22BulgariaAMD Phenom 2 X2 555BE@4.00G...
1407tasospaok123Phenom II X2 (Callisto)4.00 GHz2178.3 p/s356.9 p/s208%44.59Greece 
1408DimedevilPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.01 GHz2178.9 p/s356.8 p/s199%44.47Indonesia 
1409SothbissPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.03 GHz2178.3 p/s356.6 p/s200%44.27Bulgaria 
1410BadmanPhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.99 GHz2177.6 p/s355.5 p/s201%44.50Poland 
1411win95Phenom II X2 (Callisto) User specified different CPU4.04 GHz2175.6 p/s353.7 p/s201%43.82BulgariaAMD Phenom II X2 555BE@4050...
1412SeagullPhenom II X2 (Callisto)4.05 GHz2182.6 p/s351.9 p/s199%43.49South Africa 
1413viciPhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.95 GHz2175.9 p/s351.9 p/s200%44.50Portugal 
1414win95Phenom II X2 (Callisto) User specified different CPU4.08 GHz2176.6 p/s351.9 p/s199%43.15BulgariaAMD Phenom II X2 555BE@4100MHz
1415pé-grandePhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.95 GHz2175.0 p/s351.4 p/s201%44.46Brazil 
1416dancho6500Phenom II X2 (Callisto)3.93 GHz2175.3 p/s349.8 p/s200%44.53Bulgaria 
1417JarkanPhenom II X2 (Callisto) User specified different CPU3.91 GHz2175.9 p/s348.6 p/s198%44.57France 
1418nunomtfvPhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.95 GHz2175.6 p/s348.5 p/s200%44.15Portugal 
1419MoRRiSPhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.98 GHz2168.3 p/s343.6 p/s205%43.14Romania 
1420dancho6500Phenom II X2 (Callisto)3.85 GHz20.0 p/s343.4 p/s-100%44.56Bulgaria 
1421SyLpHiDPhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.81 GHz2166.2 p/s331.3 p/s203%43.44Indonesia 
1422cristian.aPhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.64 GHz2163.6 p/s326.9 p/s200%44.94Argentina 
1423pé-grande.OverBRPhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.60 GHz2159.7 p/s319.9 p/s200%44.46Brazil 
1424SamendkPhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.56 GHz2156.3 p/s317.2 p/s202%44.53Russia 
1425mjPhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.57 GHz2160.3 p/s316.4 p/s199%44.28Iran 
1426EiseonePhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.60 GHz2155.3 p/s309.9 p/s201%42.99Germany 
1427dedovec2Phenom II X2 (Callisto)3.10 GHz2140.2 p/s275.0 p/s201%44.34BulgariaPhenom II X2 555
1428NikkeMODZPhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.10 GHz2139.7 p/s274.8 p/s201%44.25Finland 
1429LOLOLOLOLPhenom II X2 (Callisto)3.01 GHz20.0 p/s270.2 p/s-100%44.90Bhutan 
1430nickgr7Phenom II X2 (Callisto)3.06 GHz2134.0 p/s259.9 p/s196%42.41Bulgaria 
1431ANTI-T-KOMPhenom II X2 (Callisto)2.89 GHz2129.2 p/s258.4 p/s201%44.77Turkey 
1432battlecryawesomePhenom II X2 (Callisto)2.96 GHz2128.2 p/s247.4 p/s200%41.83Bulgaria 
1433mvbilPhenom II X2 (Callisto)2.59 GHz2114.2 p/s228.4 p/s202%44.13Brazil 
1434rlkd82Phenom II X2 (Callisto)2.20 GHz299.2 p/s196.5 p/s199%44.66United StatesCountry cup 2011
1435xsuperbgxPhenom II X3 (Heka) User specified different CPU5.43 GHz3244.3 p/s733.7 p/s302%45.00United States 
1436CalatheaPhenom II X3 (Heka) User specified different CPU4.66 GHz3211.2 p/s636.9 p/s301%45.54Sweden 
1437gnidaolPhenom II X3 (Heka)4.61 GHz3207.1 p/s622.6 p/s301%44.98Brazil 
1438XtremeCuztomsPhenom II X3 (Heka)4.30 GHz3203.6 p/s590.2 p/s311%45.75United States 
1439Amin_CaraGT2Phenom II X3 (Heka)4.30 GHz3193.5 p/s578.7 p/s299%44.87Iran 
1440VialetPhenom II X3 (Heka) User specified different CPU4.30 GHz3193.2 p/s571.8 p/s296%44.30Germany 
1441Arman D3ViLPhenom II X3 (Heka) User specified different CPU4.09 GHz3182.0 p/s550.4 p/s302%44.86Iran 
1442silt96Phenom II X3 (Heka)4.02 GHz3179.9 p/s539.0 p/s302%44.73Greece 
1443BonesPhenom II X3 (Heka)3.98 GHz3179.2 p/s537.6 p/s300%44.99United States 
1444OptyTrooperPhenom II X3 (Heka) User specified different CPU3.81 GHz3169.7 p/s512.5 p/s302%44.78United States 
1445BonesPhenom II X3 (Heka)3.79 GHz3170.3 p/s511.3 p/s300%44.97United States 
1446bommel82Phenom II X3 (Heka)3.83 GHz3169.3 p/s509.3 p/s301%44.35Germany 
1447AndresPhenom II X3 (Heka)3.82 GHz3170.0 p/s508.4 p/s301%44.35United States 
1448MickaelPhenom II X3 (Heka)4.04 GHz Unstable clock detected3164.6 p/s495.7 p/s272%40.85Bulgaria 
1449LannoPhenom II X3 (Heka)3.68 GHz3165.7 p/s482.8 p/s292%43.78Bulgaria 
1450AlejajcaPhenom II X3 (Heka)3.30 GHz3146.6 p/s436.3 p/s298%44.03Poland 
1451Phenom II X3 (Heka)3.15 GHz3142.2 p/s414.8 p/s298%43.89Bulgaria 
1452angel78Phenom II X3 (Heka)2.80 GHz3124.7 p/s374.0 p/s300%44.54Turkey 
1453moonlightPhenom II X3 (Heka)2.59 GHz3113.8 p/s342.0 p/s300%44.02Bulgaria 
1454IVZbPhenom II X3 (Heka)2.75 GHz3124.9 p/s316.4 p/s280%38.28Bulgaria 
1455I.M.O.G.Phenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU6.09 GHz40.0 p/s1043.6 p/s-100%42.84United States 
1456xXSebaSXxPhenom II X4 (Deneb)5.63 GHz4250.9 p/s1010.6 p/s403%44.84United StatesDry Ice Benching.
1457NoM$_YesLinuxPhenom II X4 (Deneb)5.40 GHz4240.4 p/s966.5 p/s402%44.77Brazil 
1458tiborrr - OC-LabPhenom II X4 (Deneb)5.38 GHz4239.3 p/s962.4 p/s402%44.75Slovenia2-stage D.I.Y. cascade
1459luckybobPhenom II X4 (Deneb)2.59 GHz8115.3 p/s907.8 p/s791%43.85United States 
1460TeemtoPhenom II X4 (Deneb)5.02 GHz4225.0 p/s901.0 p/s400%44.91Belgium 
1461XtremeCuztomsPhenom II X4 (Deneb)5.00 GHz4220.4 p/s893.0 p/s405%44.61United StatesCrossHair V Formula
1462I.nfraR.edPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.61 GHz4211.5 p/s845.9 p/s401%45.90Bulgaria4704 MHz
1463theolympPhenom II X4 (Deneb)2.39 GHz8106.4 p/s838.8 p/s788%43.82Germany 
1464MR PACOPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.62 GHz4205.2 p/s826.7 p/s403%44.74United States 
1465Zila1Phenom II X4 (Deneb)4.60 GHz4201.6 p/s823.9 p/s410%44.79United States 
1466XRogerXPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.54 GHz4204.4 p/s817.0 p/s400%44.95United States 
1467anx87Phenom II X4 (Deneb)4.44 GHz4201.9 p/s807.7 p/s400%45.49Spain 
1468EiseonePhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.22 GHz4201.9 p/s804.6 p/s399%47.69Germany 
1469SudhirbhatiPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.41 GHz4197.5 p/s793.4 p/s402%44.94India 
1470Andreat85Phenom II X4 (Deneb)4.41 GHz4198.7 p/s792.9 p/s401%45.00Italy 
1471Phenom II X4 (Deneb)4.40 GHz4197.5 p/s791.4 p/s401%44.99Iran 
1472anx87Phenom II X4 (Deneb)4.44 GHz4198.8 p/s791.0 p/s398%44.54Spain 
1473anx87Phenom II X4 (Deneb)4.40 GHz4197.6 p/s788.5 p/s400%44.79Spain 
1474XRogerXPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.41 GHz4196.8 p/s783.4 p/s398%44.38United States 
1475NoM$_YesLinuxPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.35 GHz4193.6 p/s780.1 p/s403%44.86Brazil 
1476budak_ilangPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.30 GHz4194.3 p/s774.5 p/s400%45.00Indonesia 
1477NoM$_YesLinuxPhenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU4.29 GHz4191.1 p/s769.2 p/s402%44.87Brazil2x1GB Crucial Ballistix DDR...
1478SGxD HitManPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.23 GHz4189.5 p/s757.1 p/s400%44.78United Kingdom 
1479ariobimaPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.20 GHz4189.4 p/s757.1 p/s400%45.12IndonesiaReach the higher but always...
1480AbelisBAASPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.20 GHz4188.7 p/s752.7 p/s401%44.86Netherlands 
1481ProfPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.20 GHz4186.7 p/s747.2 p/s400%44.51Russia---------------------------...
1482MandrakePhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.11 GHz4187.6 p/s745.8 p/s400%45.36United States 
1483AniketPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.16 GHz4185.1 p/s745.4 p/s403%44.77India 
1484AniketPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.12 GHz4184.6 p/s739.1 p/s401%44.88India 
1485vishyPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.12 GHz4184.7 p/s737.6 p/s401%44.77India 
1486robintsonPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.08 GHz4184.0 p/s733.9 p/s400%44.93Macedonia 
1487sukeshPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.12 GHz4183.4 p/s733.6 p/s401%44.57India 
1488Spock2fPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.05 GHz4183.3 p/s730.3 p/s399%45.06Brazil 
1489johnavalentijnPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.08 GHz4183.4 p/s729.5 p/s399%44.67Netherlands 
1490Phenom II X4 (Deneb)4.07 GHz4181.4 p/s729.0 p/s402%44.80Bulgaria 
1491[K]erhan.b.putraPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.19 GHz4179.9 p/s729.0 p/s405%43.51Indonesia 
1492p0dBPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.19 GHz4187.0 p/s727.9 p/s391%43.42Poland 
1493Dry_Ice777Phenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU4.01 GHz4180.2 p/s719.2 p/s401%44.83RussiaPhenom II X2 555 BE Unlocked
1494Phenom II X4 (Deneb)4.00 GHz4179.9 p/s718.9 p/s400%44.93Bulgaria 
1495cssorkinmanPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.00 GHz4180.0 p/s718.1 p/s399%44.89United States 
1496Spock2fPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.01 GHz4178.4 p/s716.1 p/s401%44.62Brazil 
1497DetectionPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.00 GHz4180.2 p/s716.0 p/s398%44.77United Kingdom 
1498jordan17772Phenom II X4 (Deneb)4.01 GHz4178.6 p/s714.2 p/s400%44.57Bulgaria 
1499ST3R0XPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.98 GHz4177.3 p/s713.5 p/s405%44.83India 
1500Joao_toxic@CCF HYPERX OC OCFPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.99 GHz4178.9 p/s713.4 p/s401%44.68Brazil 
1501Sir_MKHPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.04 GHz4180.3 p/s712.9 p/s396%44.09Iran 
1502wegettiPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.99 GHz4178.5 p/s711.9 p/s399%44.62Finland 
1503ycyvPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.00 GHz4178.5 p/s711.3 p/s400%44.45Czech Rep. 
1504JarheadPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.00 GHz4176.4 p/s710.7 p/s400%44.45United States 
1505vikktorPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.01 GHz4177.9 p/s707.7 p/s399%44.13Bulgaria 
1506AniketPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.95 GHz4177.6 p/s707.4 p/s399%44.78India 
1507R3MC02010Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.91 GHz4175.9 p/s702.7 p/s400%44.91Netherlands 
1508FeNyPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.92 GHz4176.0 p/s700.2 p/s399%44.66Bulgaria 
1509Spock2fPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.98 GHz4177.2 p/s699.6 p/s397%43.99Brazil 
1510terossPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.94 GHz4179.9 p/s697.2 p/s400%44.29Indonesia 
1511Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.89 GHz4174.3 p/s688.0 p/s396%44.23Brazil 
1512aGeoMPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.85 GHz4171.7 p/s687.9 p/s401%44.61Portugal 
1513FenrirPhenom II X4 (Deneb)4.00 GHz4180.0 p/s687.7 p/s383%42.96Germany 
1514battlecryawesomePhenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU3.83 GHz4172.0 p/s687.1 p/s399%44.85United States 
1515NioThe1Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.81 GHz4171.6 p/s685.6 p/s401%44.96Greece 
1516Michael24Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.83 GHz4172.3 p/s685.3 p/s399%44.79Czech Rep. 
1517GinFisPhenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU3.80 GHz Unstable clock detected4170.9 p/s684.4 p/s401%45.04BulgariaPhenom II X2 555 @ Phenom I...
1518OCMusicJunkiePhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.81 GHz4169.9 p/s677.9 p/s401%44.48United States 
1519Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.81 GHz4171.3 p/s677.7 p/s395%44.45United Kingdom 
1520momo000000Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.81 GHz4169.7 p/s676.8 p/s399%44.36Iran 
1521NoM$_YesLinuxPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.83 GHz4174.0 p/s676.6 p/s395%44.22Brazil 
1522ChositPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.78 GHz4169.3 p/s676.2 p/s401%44.77Thailand 
1523FunSkilZZPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.80 GHz4169.6 p/s673.4 p/s397%44.31Belgium 
1524yiboPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.72 GHz4167.3 p/s670.4 p/s401%45.01BulgariaMA770T-UD3P
PII B55 37...
1525happygallo93Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.71 GHz4167.3 p/s669.4 p/s400%45.05Germany 
1526Crash01itaPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.75 GHz4166.6 p/s668.7 p/s401%44.52Italy@x4
1527BOSKYMANPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.72 GHz4167.3 p/s668.6 p/s400%44.96SpainPhenom II 940
1528yiboPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.72 GHz4167.3 p/s668.4 p/s400%44.90BulgariaMA770T-UD3P rev.1.0
1529Johni5Phenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU3.75 GHz40.0 p/s668.3 p/s-100%44.60Hungary 
1530ChositPhenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU3.75 GHz4168.6 p/s668.3 p/s398%44.61Thailand 
1531Vermut3Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.71 GHz4166.6 p/s667.3 p/s401%44.98Belarus 
1532buttkinzPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.74 GHz4168.6 p/s666.5 p/s400%44.58United Kingdomunder h20, cpu is unlocked ...
1533FatalOnePhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.70 GHz4166.3 p/s665.3 p/s401%44.96United States 
1534B45 3.75 3G 32bitXPPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.74 GHz4165.4 p/s665.2 p/s400%44.42Bulgaria 
1535thuglifemPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.72 GHz4167.3 p/s663.5 p/s399%44.64Bulgaria 
1536Patriot219Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.41 GHz Unstable clock detected4181.3 p/s661.8 p/s417%48.46Russia 
1537ale250Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.75 GHz4167.3 p/s658.7 p/s394%43.96Russia 
1538NipplesPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.74 GHz4167.6 p/s658.0 p/s398%44.03New Zealand 
1539NipplesPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.71 GHz4166.6 p/s657.7 p/s399%44.36New Zealand 
1540drumnbaserPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.62 GHz4163.9 p/s656.5 p/s401%45.28Estonia 
1541zakaronPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.62 GHz4160.3 p/s648.3 p/s404%44.74United StatesUnlocked triple core x3 720
1542wotevajjjjPhenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU3.60 GHz4161.3 p/s644.3 p/s400%44.78Belgiumunlocked @ 240*15
8gb ...
1543smelkomarPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.62 GHz4161.0 p/s644.1 p/s400%44.48Bulgaria 
1544PhenomPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.61 GHz4162.3 p/s643.8 p/s397%44.54Bulgaria 
1545NioThe1Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.61 GHz4161.2 p/s641.4 p/s400%44.47Greece 
1546seoPhenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU3.59 GHz4158.9 p/s641.2 p/s401%44.64Belarus 
1547ChejoPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.57 GHz4158.3 p/s630.2 p/s400%44.16Macedonia 
1548wierdoPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.53 GHz4158.5 p/s627.9 p/s398%44.48BulgariaX3 425 @ X4 B25 3537MHz
1549exod40Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.49 GHz4157.1 p/s627.7 p/s400%44.96Bulgaria 
1550DreadlockyxPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.69 GHz4167.9 p/s623.3 p/s387%42.22Switzerland 
1551doctorwhoPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.50 GHz4157.2 p/s623.0 p/s397%44.44Bulgaria 
1552tasospaok123Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.99 GHz4178.5 p/s621.6 p/s369%38.91Greece 
1553Suicide676Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.41 GHz4153.4 p/s612.3 p/s399%44.84Ukraine 
1554ozlacsPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.40 GHz4153.1 p/s610.3 p/s399%44.85Italy 
1555MR PACOPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.40 GHz4152.5 p/s609.5 p/s400%44.84United States 
1556The-policePhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.45 GHz4151.2 p/s609.5 p/s401%44.21Bulgaria 
15575kyDriverPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.41 GHz4152.8 p/s607.8 p/s399%44.61Denmark 
1558nnakuPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.41 GHz4151.9 p/s607.7 p/s400%44.50Finland 
1559octaivermattPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.40 GHz4152.8 p/s606.0 p/s397%44.57Brazil 
1560venkstaPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.38 GHz4151.7 p/s605.0 p/s399%44.80Bulgaria 
1561EdgemealPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.41 GHz4150.3 p/s604.8 p/s402%44.39United StatesAMD X2-550(c2) Unlocked to ...
1562MarcoPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.41 GHz4152.2 p/s601.2 p/s398%44.09Italy 
1563DboaronPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.40 GHz4147.1 p/s601.0 p/s408%44.24Chile 
1564Mario1Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.32 GHz4149.3 p/s596.4 p/s400%44.90Bulgaria 
1565Jonny.brPhenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU3.31 GHz4147.6 p/s591.8 p/s401%44.64Brazil 
1566Patriot219Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.35 GHz4138.0 p/s588.0 p/s412%43.85Russia 
1567Big_joroPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.30 GHz4146.8 p/s584.9 p/s398%44.36Bulgaria 
1568bebylzPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.29 GHz4148.8 p/s577.1 p/s391%43.91BulgariaPhenom 2 x4 925 @ 3360Mhz...
1569cricoPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.21 GHz4144.2 p/s574.2 p/s400%44.78France 
1570Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.29 GHz4147.7 p/s573.1 p/s389%43.52Bulgaria 
1571DeskradoPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.20 GHz4143.4 p/s572.9 p/s400%44.76Argentina 
1572BlackboltPhenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU3.21 GHz4142.6 p/s572.4 p/s405%44.54Germany 
1573tasospaok123Phenom II X4 (Deneb)3.20 GHz4142.8 p/s571.3 p/s401%44.66Greece 
1574tatako_boyPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.21 GHz4142.8 p/s570.6 p/s401%44.49ArgentinaOne of my gaming machine! ...
1575RemarcPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.22 GHz4140.8 p/s567.4 p/s403%44.05Russia 
1576georgi3dsPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.18 GHz4142.8 p/s559.4 p/s392%43.98Bulgaria 
1577ZoDPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.29 GHz4121.1 p/s558.5 p/s473%42.43Serbia & M. 
1578slagsmalPhenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU4.02 GHz3181.0 p/s542.8 p/s300%45.01United Kingdom 
1579icetoPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.08 GHz4138.8 p/s540.7 p/s392%43.83Bulgaria 
1580richPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.00 GHz4135.0 p/s539.4 p/s400%44.92China 
1581sky_coolzzzPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.13 GHz4141.9 p/s537.4 p/s389%42.90Indonesia 
1582kikata_theshadowllessPhenom II X4 (Deneb)2.98 GHz4134.5 p/s527.5 p/s394%44.31Bulgaria 
1583bam-bamPhenom II X4 (Deneb)2.91 GHz4131.0 p/s521.7 p/s399%44.85Bulgaria 
1584DemonenPhenom II X4 (Deneb)2.98 GHz4134.8 p/s509.0 p/s388%42.76Sweden 
1585azPhenom II X4 (Deneb)3.17 GHz Unstable clock detected4120.4 p/s498.8 p/s437%39.40Bulgaria 
1586Tehnika85Phenom II X4 (Deneb)2.75 GHz4124.7 p/s487.6 p/s395%44.31Bulgaria 
1587koiazliwePhenom II X4 (Deneb)2.77 GHz4117.7 p/s485.1 p/s397%43.86Bulgaria 
1588koiazliwePhenom II X4 (Deneb)2.71 GHz4119.3 p/s480.9 p/s398%44.40Bulgaria10% Clock
1589K3nduPhenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU3.48 GHz3156.9 p/s448.0 p/s295%42.90Estonia 
1590koiazliwePhenom II X4 (Deneb)2.65 GHz4116.0 p/s438.9 p/s378%41.36Bulgaria 
1591vikktorPhenom II X4 (Deneb)2.37 GHz Unstable clock detected4104.5 p/s388.8 p/s389%41.03Bulgaria 
1592ekzosceletPhenom II X4 (Deneb)1.73 GHz479.5 p/s306.4 p/s398%44.20Russia 
1593SplavePhenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU2.19 GHz398.4 p/s294.1 p/s300%44.78United States 
1594|_e}{Phenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU2.09 GHz393.8 p/s279.8 p/s298%44.54Ukraine 
1595MarakotPhenom II X4 (Deneb) User specified different CPU1.79 GHz379.7 p/s240.3 p/s303%44.65Ukraine 
1596EpidemicOfHatePhenom II X4 (Deneb)1.79 GHz378.7 p/s234.7 p/s300%43.61BulgariaSony Vayo VPCEF2S1R
1597RedwoodzPhenom II X4 (Zosma)4.46 GHz4197.9 p/s795.3 p/s402%44.62United States 
1598BlechdesignerPhenom II X4 (Zosma)4.05 GHz5182.3 p/s734.2 p/s404%36.27Germany 
1599cr0n0rzPhenom II X4 (Zosma) User specified different CPU4.06 GHz Unstable clock detected5184.7 p/s720.1 p/s425%35.46Spain 
1600modhappyPhenom II X4 (Zosma)2.95 GHz5132.8 p/s535.9 p/s405%36.30United States 
1601randyenergyPhenom II X4 (Zosma) User specified different CPU4.59 GHz1192.8 p/s192.8 p/s-42.04South Africa 
1602BornToDrinkPhenom II X6 (Thuban) User specified different CPU2.81 GHz24125.0 p/s2958.5 p/s2493%43.84BulgariaOpteron 8439 SE @2.80ghz
1603ElboPhenom II X6 (Thuban)2.81 GHz24126.0 p/s2760.4 p/s2248%40.95Belgium 
1604saint19Phenom II X6 (Thuban)6.04 GHz6270.9 p/s1629.9 p/s602%44.98Colombia 
1605I.nfraR.edPhenom II X6 (Thuban)5.25 GHz6234.4 p/s1406.3 p/s600%44.62Bulgaria5209MHz | Dry Ice
1606BlackboltPhenom II X6 (Thuban)5.05 GHz60.0 p/s1349.0 p/s-100%44.55GermanyPhenom II X6 (Thuban) 1090T BE
1607Phenom II X6 (Thuban)4.39 GHz6201.9 p/s1208.6 p/s600%45.90Bulgaria 
1608RedwoodzPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.48 GHz6201.9 p/s1208.5 p/s601%44.97United States 
1609aGeoMPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.48 GHz6201.5 p/s1207.0 p/s600%44.92Portugal 
1610Phenom II X6 (Thuban) User specified different CPU4.47 GHz6196.7 p/s1204.3 p/s598%44.85Argentina 
1611Phenom II X6 (Thuban)4.51 GHz6199.6 p/s1204.2 p/s603%44.51Germany 
1612EvildemonPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.41 GHz6198.3 p/s1192.9 p/s601%45.04Portugal 
1613stancescuPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.41 GHz6198.3 p/s1190.3 p/s600%44.98Romania 
1614randyenergyPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.42 GHz6193.9 p/s1172.3 p/s606%44.19South Africa 
1615johnamdPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.30 GHz6193.5 p/s1165.3 p/s602%45.12Greece 
1616WesjuhdabombPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.13 GHz6193.9 p/s1163.4 p/s600%46.95Netherlands 
1617froxicPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.26 GHz6191.3 p/s1160.2 p/s606%45.36Czech Rep. 
1618Hellfreezef0r3v3rPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.29 GHz6193.2 p/s1159.3 p/s600%45.00United StatesRAM
GSkill Ripjaws 16G...
1619ldanyPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.21 GHz6192.7 p/s1155.2 p/s599%45.70Italy 
1620Saeed MoslemiPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.27 GHz6191.9 p/s1152.5 p/s601%44.94IranI love myself!!
1621AtomfixPhenom II X6 (Thuban) User specified different CPU4.32 GHz6192.3 p/s1150.9 p/s600%44.41United KingdomSubmission for HWBOT
1622mrinfinit3Phenom II X6 (Thuban)4.25 GHz6190.7 p/s1147.6 p/s599%45.01United StatesTest run #1
1623solexxPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.29 GHz6191.2 p/s1147.0 p/s600%44.61Russia 
1624wegettiPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.20 GHz6191.1 p/s1144.2 p/s602%45.44Finland 
1625ldanyPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.21 GHz6189.2 p/s1136.4 p/s603%44.97Italy 
1626nex_73Phenom II X6 (Thuban)4.21 GHz6189.5 p/s1135.8 p/s601%44.92Sweden 
1627Probn4lyfePhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.20 GHz6189.0 p/s1133.0 p/s601%44.98United States 
1628beronPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.20 GHz6188.3 p/s1131.7 p/s601%44.93Bulgaria 
1629Crash01itaPhenom II X6 (Thuban) User specified different CPU4.20 GHz6187.0 p/s1123.6 p/s602%44.59Italy 
1630DarkvenomPhenom II X6 (Thuban) User specified different CPU4.21 GHz6185.7 p/s1123.3 p/s605%44.45Brazil 
1631AloneWolfPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.17 GHz6187.6 p/s1122.7 p/s600%44.84Iran 
1632MasterhackPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.21 GHz6189.4 p/s1122.4 p/s597%44.41Portugal 
1633Crash01itaPhenom II X6 (Thuban) User specified different CPU4.20 GHz6186.0 p/s1119.6 p/s602%44.45Italy 
1634dect6.0Phenom II X6 (Thuban)4.14 GHz6185.9 p/s1115.3 p/s600%44.94United States 
1635ONE 2 NVPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.25 GHz6185.2 p/s1115.2 p/s602%43.75United States 
1636TotalAMDPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.10 GHz6184.3 p/s1106.1 p/s601%44.95Czech Rep. 
1637InluZionPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.21 GHz6187.0 p/s1105.3 p/s596%43.81Sweden 
1638buldokateamPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.10 GHz6184.0 p/s1104.7 p/s602%44.90BulgariaWin7 64bit
1639YawniePhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.09 GHz6183.0 p/s1098.8 p/s601%44.72Australia 
1640SilverFirePhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.19 GHz6186.0 p/s1098.7 p/s586%43.71United States 
1641Phenom II X6 (Thuban)4.09 GHz6183.2 p/s1095.4 p/s598%44.59United States 
1642chotonitoPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.02 GHz6180.9 p/s1084.9 p/s600%45.00Argentina 
1643vtskillerPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.02 GHz6180.5 p/s1083.8 p/s600%44.97Greece 
1644tobi1978Phenom II X6 (Thuban) User specified different CPU4.01 GHz6178.0 p/s1082.9 p/s608%44.97Germany 
1645RemiKoPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.01 GHz6178.6 p/s1082.7 p/s600%44.96Poland 
1646eL.Os-17Phenom II X6 (Thuban)4.02 GHz6180.5 p/s1079.7 p/s599%44.80Chile 
1647KmaxPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.03 GHz6171.3 p/s1078.9 p/s628%44.65Argentina 
1648..._White_...Phenom II X6 (Thuban)4.01 GHz6179.6 p/s1075.6 p/s598%44.65Russia 
1649probn4lyfe(ocn)Phenom II X6 (Thuban)4.02 GHz6178.9 p/s1074.9 p/s601%44.60United States 
1650S_VPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.02 GHz6176.3 p/s1068.9 p/s606%44.35India 
1651tonoPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.01 GHz6178.9 p/s1068.6 p/s598%44.38Bulgaria 
1652bigian88Phenom II X6 (Thuban)4.00 GHz Unstable clock detected6168.6 p/s1068.2 p/s598%44.56United Kingdom 
1653pioneerPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.00 GHz6178.5 p/s1066.7 p/s600%44.41Bulgaria 
1654advancetecPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.93 GHz Unstable clock detected6197.2 p/s1058.7 p/s603%44.88United Kingdom 
1655xXSebaSXxPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.82 GHz60.0 p/s1052.7 p/s-100%45.89United States 
1656EiseonePhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.96 GHz6174.0 p/s1051.4 p/s602%44.31Germany 
1657Phenom II X6 (Thuban)3.91 GHz6176.6 p/s1050.7 p/s598%44.79Bulgaria 
1658GuiWolfPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.99 GHz6178.5 p/s1049.8 p/s593%43.86Brazil 
1659MorgottPhenom II X6 (Thuban)4.01 GHz Unstable clock detected6161.2 p/s1047.6 p/s598%43.55Bulgaria 
1660AMD4everPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.91 GHz6174.6 p/s1042.6 p/s595%44.46Greece 
1661EichhoernchenPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.89 GHz6174.3 p/s1041.7 p/s613%44.67Germany 
1662Rogier1337Phenom II X6 (Thuban)3.87 GHz6172.9 p/s1036.8 p/s599%44.62Netherlands 
1663Johni5Phenom II X6 (Thuban)3.85 GHz6170.0 p/s1031.7 p/s605%44.70Hungary 
1664susheePhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.82 GHz6166.9 p/s1029.1 p/s600%44.95Germany 
1665saint19Phenom II X6 (Thuban)3.82 GHz6171.3 p/s1024.7 p/s599%44.74Colombia 
1666S73NLIPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.82 GHz6169.9 p/s1022.8 p/s632%44.62Bulgaria 
1667TotalAMDPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.81 GHz6169.9 p/s1020.7 p/s597%44.71Czech Rep. 
1668tigersrckPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.81 GHz6167.6 p/s1018.8 p/s599%44.58United States 
1669shortdaviePhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.67 GHz6164.9 p/s978.2 p/s595%44.36United KingdomFirst run
1670Rawle PcPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.69 GHz6167.0 p/s976.5 p/s590%44.12Trin. & Tobago 
1671Vino85Phenom II X6 (Thuban)3.61 GHz6162.5 p/s971.9 p/s600%44.83Finland 
1672me_387Phenom II X6 (Thuban)3.59 GHz6161.3 p/s962.0 p/s598%44.65Egypt 
1673GuyFawkesPhenom II X6 (Thuban) User specified different CPU3.57 GHz Unstable clock detected6177.9 p/s947.9 p/s600%44.29AustriaSrvr rulz!
1674yordanPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.50 GHz6157.5 p/s942.6 p/s601%44.90Bulgaria 
1675Flying ToiletPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.51 GHz6156.5 p/s941.8 p/s602%44.75United States 
1676tmkv92Phenom II X6 (Thuban)3.49 GHz6156.5 p/s933.2 p/s597%44.59Italy 
1677JavidRadPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.49 GHz6143.9 p/s927.9 p/s647%44.27Iran 
1678luca tmPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.41 GHz Unstable clock detected6168.9 p/s910.0 p/s661%44.50Italy 
1679JVSpasovPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.31 GHz Unstable clock detected6166.6 p/s891.5 p/s602%44.88Bulgaria 
1680Rogier1337Phenom II X6 (Thuban)3.60 GHz6160.3 p/s880.4 p/s558%40.78Netherlands 
1681JarvisPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.33 GHz6149.4 p/s878.8 p/s590%43.94Canada 
1682ShoulkanePhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.25 GHz Unstable clock detected6160.0 p/s866.9 p/s600%44.39Malaysia 
1683anrieffPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.21 GHz Unstable clock detected6162.4 p/s865.3 p/s600%44.96BulgariaPhenom II 1090T @ default...
1684fbsrkc06Phenom II X6 (Thuban)3.20 GHz Unstable clock detected6155.5 p/s856.2 p/s603%44.57Turkeyturkey.
1685kresticPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.25 GHz Unstable clock detected6161.3 p/s856.0 p/s591%43.87Denmark 
1686minapaminaPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.19 GHz Unstable clock detected6155.9 p/s847.7 p/s599%44.25Finland 
1687TERRMOPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.18 GHz6143.4 p/s847.6 p/s593%44.37Spain 
1688fiePhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.19 GHz Unstable clock detected6150.2 p/s840.5 p/s592%43.89United States 
1689zoimPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.14 GHz Unstable clock detected6163.9 p/s832.7 p/s600%44.14Bulgaria 
1690duffvarnaPhenom II X6 (Thuban)2.79 GHz Unstable clock detected6160.4 p/s827.6 p/s601%49.44Bulgaria 
1691Phenom II X6 (Thuban) User specified different CPU3.00 GHz6134.7 p/s810.2 p/s601%45.06Bulgaria 
1692LorenzoPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.01 GHz6133.7 p/s790.7 p/s591%43.75Bulgaria 
1693Saleen (600hp)Phenom II X6 (Thuban)2.81 GHz6126.2 p/s756.9 p/s602%44.88Bulgaria 
1694LAKISPhenom II X6 (Thuban)2.81 GHz6125.9 p/s748.4 p/s597%44.47Cyprus 
1695duffvarnaPhenom II X6 (Thuban)2.87 GHz Unstable clock detected6133.4 p/s739.8 p/s585%42.96Bulgaria 
1696argoanutaPhenom II X6 (Thuban)2.78 GHz Unstable clock detected6140.5 p/s735.4 p/s591%44.04Peru 
1697zidanez64Phenom II X6 (Thuban)2.78 GHz Unstable clock detected6138.2 p/s716.6 p/s584%42.98Indonesia 
1698drufausePhenom II X6 (Thuban)2.81 GHz Unstable clock detected6128.0 p/s698.9 p/s639%41.50United States 
1699FreefallPhenom II X6 (Thuban)3.61 GHz6161.5 p/s322.3 p/s200%44.65Brazil 
1700Dead ThingsPhenom X3 (Toliman/256K) User specified different CPU3.01 GHz8134.0 p/s1076.2 p/s803%44.65CanadaAMD Opteron 6134 @
1701johni5Phenom X3 (Toliman/256K)2.93 GHz3122.0 p/s366.0 p/s301%41.62Hungary 
1702waylor winnerPhenom X3 (Toliman/256K)2.43 GHz3100.8 p/s292.2 p/s304%40.02ArgentinaBlue Wing Overclocking Team
1703Awan12Phenom X3 (Toliman/256K)2.09 GHz386.9 p/s256.7 p/s296%40.94Indonesia 
1704isofoxPhenom X3 (Toliman/256K)2.00 GHz Unstable clock detected386.9 p/s213.8 p/s285%35.65Finland 
1705KrohpitPhenom X4 (Agena/512K) User specified different CPU2.30 GHz3294.0 p/s3066.9 p/s3217%41.74Russia8xOpteron 8356
1706GodPhenom X4 (Agena/512K) User specified different CPU4.11 GHz4189.5 p/s760.6 p/s401%46.32Bulgaria 
1707GodPhenom X4 (Agena/512K) User specified different CPU4.11 GHz4182.7 p/s733.5 p/s401%44.67Bulgaria 
1708JerrePhenom X4 (Agena/512K) User specified different CPU2.10 GHz886.6 p/s698.4 p/s800%41.61Belgium 
1709SWORPhenom X4 (Agena/512K)2.18 GHz885.5 p/s696.0 p/s807%39.94Romania 
1710|_e}{Phenom X4 (Agena/512K)3.23 GHz Unstable clock detected4135.1 p/s478.8 p/s480%37.12Ukraine 
1711Cojac92Phenom X4 (Agena/512K)2.61 GHz4107.9 p/s432.1 p/s401%41.39United States 
1712tasospaok123Phenom X4 (Agena/512K)2.29 GHz495.4 p/s380.0 p/s402%41.45Greece 
1713BrainsPhenom X4 (Agena/512K)2.38 GHz499.2 p/s364.8 p/s386%38.27United States 
1714tasospaok123Phenom X4 (Agena/512K)2.60 GHz4108.9 p/s364.7 p/s401%35.03Greece 
1715ZsoloSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.50 GHz4200.7 p/s423.7 p/s216%30.29HungaryCountry Cup 2011
1716StealthhackSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.30 GHz4191.2 p/s400.4 p/s212%30.31Bulgaria 
1717hivizSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.19 GHz4185.6 p/s395.8 p/s219%31.06United KingdomBenching Great Britain
1718Crash01Sandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.25 GHz Unstable clock detected4184.0 p/s395.0 p/s219%30.37Italyi3 2120
1719GENiEBENSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.25 GHz4188.7 p/s393.3 p/
1720Sandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.29 GHz4185.2 p/s392.5 p/s225%29.82Bulgaria 
1721[Wanted]Sandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.08 GHz4182.3 p/s386.2 p/s217%31.31Romania 
1722YotomeczekSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.06 GHz4177.6 p/s370.3 p/s210%30.30Poland 
1723aw3nkcavaleraSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.30 GHz Unstable clock detected4174.0 p/s368.9 p/s413%57.42IndonesiaKOC2 Goooo..!!
1724KeepWalkinGSandy Bridge (Core i3)3.05 GHz4160.9 p/s367.2 p/s235%30.14Bulgaria:)
1725JustNickSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.06 GHz4178.4 p/s361.4 p/s205%29.55Bulgaria@Home
1726Vladutz20Sandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.07 GHz2178.3 p/s358.3 p/s204%58.37Romania 
1727vanco0oSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU3.01 GHz4169.9 p/s350.2 p/s209%29.30Bulgaria 
1728TheCoinOperatorSandy Bridge (Core i3)2.62 GHz4149.6 p/s316.9 p/s216%30.28Finland 
1729P5BencherSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.17 GHz4124.7 p/s263.0 p/s216%30.33Germany 
1730Sandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.17 GHz4121.5 p/s263.0 p/s218%30.33Bulgaria 
1731Sandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.26 GHz Unstable clock detected4128.2 p/s263.4 p/s213%29.17China 
1732TsunamijuanSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.17 GHz4124.2 p/s262.4 p/s216%30.26United Statesstock i3 2330m laptop
1733WoomackSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.07 GHz4119.0 p/s251.1 p/s216%30.33Poland 
1734GENiEBENSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.07 GHz40.0 p/s250.8 p/s-100%30.29Romania 
1735devvfata1itySandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.07 GHz4119.0 p/s250.3 p/s216%30.23India 
1736saint19Sandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.07 GHz4118.8 p/s250.3 p/s216%30.24Colombia 
1737AniketSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.07 GHz4118.6 p/s250.2 p/s217%30.22India 
1738AniketSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.07 GHz4117.7 p/s248.5 p/s217%30.03India 
1739LuqueSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.07 GHz4114.4 p/s247.1 p/s221%29.90Colombia 
1740EpidemicOfHate HWBGSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU2.07 GHz4115.5 p/s244.7 p/s218%29.61BulgariaAcer TravelMate 5760G
1741pxhxSandy Bridge (Core i3) User specified different CPU1.97 GHz Unstable clock detected4118.6 p/s228.1 p/s212%23.03Brazilfirst run
1742tiborrrSandy Bridge (Core i5) User specified different CPU6.02 GHz4380.2 p/s1541.1 p/s406%63.96Slovenia 
1743wesjuhdabombSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.36 GHz4346.0 p/s1372.3 p/s396%63.97Netherlands 
1744lkozarovSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.63 GHz4321.1 p/s1318.8 p/s411%58.54Bulgaria 
1745[Wanted]Sandy Bridge (Core i5)5.62 GHz4320.4 p/s1318.6 p/s411%58.64Romania 
1746easegantiniSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.63 GHz4318.4 p/s1316.7 p/s413%58.45Bulgaria 
1747PharlapSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.63 GHz4317.1 p/s1314.2 p/s412%58.31Netherlands 
1748iBurnSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.04 GHz4323.1 p/s1298.7 p/s402%64.41Australia3570k-DICE
1749tiborrr of OC-LabSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.34 GHz4326.1 p/s1296.4 p/s400%60.74Sloveniasingle stage -45°C loaded, ...
1750chispySandy Bridge (Core i5)4.74 GHz4320.5 p/s1286.3 p/s402%67.80United Stateschispy - Team PURE -
1751KioSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.98 GHz4319.2 p/s1284.2 p/s402%64.47Belgium 
1752EiseoneSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.04 GHz4323.9 p/s1282.4 p/s400%63.61Germany 
1753armaniSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.94 GHz4317.9 p/s1264.8 p/s400%63.96Ukraine 
1754ChillerSandy Bridge (Core i5) User specified different CPU5.33 GHz4303.4 p/s1249.4 p/s412%58.65Belgium 
1755kaidtorSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.36 GHz4307.9 p/s1231.3 p/s406%57.44Estonia 
1756Sandy Bridge (Core i5)5.44 GHz40.0 p/s1230.3 p/s-100%56.58Bulgaria 
1757GENiEBENSandy Bridge (Core i5) User specified different CPU5.24 GHz4301.9 p/s1228.3 p/
1758cecilSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.34 GHz4306.5 p/s1226.0 p/s407%57.42United States 
1759Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.72 GHz4304.3 p/s1217.4 p/s402%64.45Bulgaria 
1760probn4lyfe(OCN)Sandy Bridge (Core i5)5.14 GHz4298.0 p/s1210.8 p/s406%58.90United States 
1761Crystal_CastlesSandy Bridge (Core i5) User specified different CPU5.23 GHz4299.0 p/s1192.7 p/s406%57.01United States 
1762ovmeSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.19 GHz4299.0 p/s1189.6 p/s407%57.28France 
1763PalikarovSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.07 GHz4293.0 p/s1184.1 p/s404%58.43Bulgariai5-2500K (51x100.5, SpeedSt...
1764noremac13Sandy Bridge (Core i5)5.14 GHz4295.3 p/s1182.1 p/s408%57.52United States 
1765miculSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.14 GHz4294.5 p/s1180.6 p/s407%57.41Canada 
1766Sandy Bridge (Core i5)5.14 GHz4295.1 p/s1180.4 p/s407%57.43Bulgaria 
1767PalikarovSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.14 GHz4295.6 p/s1179.7 p/s405%57.40Bulgariai5-2500K (52x100, SpeedStep...
1768DeskradoSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.04 GHz4284.6 p/s1178.3 p/s413%58.47Argentina 
1769yamaharacer19Sandy Bridge (Core i5)5.04 GHz4285.6 p/s1177.9 p/s424%58.45United States 
1770KioSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.08 GHz4292.7 p/s1170.9 p/s407%57.61Belgium 
1771ovmeSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.09 GHz4291.9 p/s1162.5 p/s407%57.10France 
1772darkageSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.04 GHz4289.3 p/s1158.4 p/s406%57.43Portugal 
1773Icke&ErSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.04 GHz4289.0 p/s1155.9 p/s407%57.36Germany 
1774V3ctorPTSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.04 GHz4289.3 p/s1153.1 p/s407%57.22Portugal 
1775GRatSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.04 GHz4288.5 p/s1149.4 p/s406%57.07Greece 
1776Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.45 GHz4286.5 p/s1149.1 p/s401%64.59Bulgaria 
1777MarakotSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.04 GHz4285.9 p/s1147.4 p/s410%56.93Ukraine 
1778Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.94 GHz4285.0 p/s1145.5 p/s401%57.99Bulgaria 
1779alancsaltSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.99 GHz4287.0 p/s1145.0 p/s406%57.39Australia 
1780GePPeTToSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.03 GHz4287.0 p/s1143.6 p/s407%56.88Italy 
1781Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.94 GHz4283.9 p/s1136.4 p/s407%57.50Poland 
1782nutcaseSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.95 GHz4283.9 p/s1135.5 p/s407%57.31United States 
1783stormycaspianSandy Bridge (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.54 GHz4291.9 p/s1131.6 p/s399%62.26Bulgaria 
1784veblenSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.95 GHz4282.5 p/s1131.2 p/s411%57.09Bulgaria 
1785GainwardgsSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.96 GHz4283.6 p/s1130.2 p/s407%57.02Hungary 
1786KhalamSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.94 GHz4283.4 p/s1128.2 p/s405%57.11Ireland 
1787ElectronengSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.46 GHz4283.9 p/s1123.8 p/s401%62.98Bulgaria 
1788Euro_BucksSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.35 GHz4279.0 p/s1121.6 p/s402%64.49Philippines 
1789espr1tSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.35 GHz4280.4 p/s1120.4 p/s406%64.41Bulgaria 
1790dodi1987Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.91 GHz4282.4 p/s1119.4 p/s406%57.02Indonesia 
1791donvitovdSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.74 GHz4275.5 p/s1117.6 p/s405%58.91Bulgaria2500K@4800
1792TockoSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.75 GHz4276.1 p/s1116.9 p/s405%58.80Bulgaria 
1793PepeSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.73 GHz4274.4 p/s1113.7 p/s406%58.84Italy 
1794Slam_ftSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.14 GHz4293.0 p/s1111.3 p/s401%54.09Ukraine 
1795AdvancetecSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.74 GHz4271.5 p/s1085.1 p/s407%57.19United Kingdom 
1796HongboSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.53 GHz4262.9 p/s1067.0 p/s406%58.86China 
1797RasprabuSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.64 GHz4266.9 p/s1064.8 p/s406%57.32IndonesiaScreenShot for
1798BomberaSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.63 GHz4266.4 p/s1064.2 p/s407%57.41Bulgaria 
1799ekoajaSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.64 GHz4267.4 p/s1063.9 p/s405%57.27Indonesia 
1800~SpeedHunter~Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.54 GHz4258.4 p/s1061.0 p/s416%58.49Italy 
1801krisskosSandy Bridge (Core i5) User specified different CPU4.54 GHz4263.4 p/s1059.7 p/s402%58.31BulgariaSecond run
1802kiushaSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.64 GHz4265.9 p/s1053.8 p/s404%56.77Bulgaria 
1803ASDSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.46 GHz4257.4 p/s1048.8 p/s406%58.80Germany 
1804Crash01itaSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.43 GHz4256.4 p/s1040.9 p/s406%58.68Italy 
1805bybSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.44 GHz4258.5 p/s1037.7 p/s401%58.48France 
1806kilobravoSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.01 GHz4257.9 p/s1035.7 p/s402%64.63Denmark 
1807odee2004Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.01 GHz4269.5 p/s1035.2 p/s404%64.46Philippines 
1808Nate HatredSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.41 GHz4255.4 p/s1029.2 p/s404%58.32Italy 
1809battlecryawesomeSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.65 GHz4296.8 p/s1015.5 p/s401%54.64United States 
1810GinFisSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.35 GHz4253.5 p/s1011.3 p/s400%58.17Bulgaria 
1811Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.53 GHz4259.9 p/s1008.9 p/s398%55.74DenmarkFirstjust testing
1812Nick_Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.44 GHz4253.4 p/s1008.0 p/s404%56.71Bulgariai5 2500K 4500 MHz, DDR3 1600
1813pSYHOPATh1Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.29 GHz4248.9 p/s1007.0 p/s404%58.64Bulgaria 
1814tasospaok123Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.45 GHz4254.9 p/s1006.5 p/s405%56.60Greece 
1815Crash01itaSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.42 GHz4252.4 p/s1005.5 p/s406%56.94Italy 
1816Crash01itaSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.42 GHz4253.4 p/s1004.7 p/s405%56.76Italy 
1817M4T1A5Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.44 GHz4252.9 p/s1003.6 p/s400%56.56Finland 
1818VOSTOKSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.24 GHz Unstable clock detected4288.4 p/s995.0 p/s406%58.70Romania 
1819SonikoSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.34 GHz4247.9 p/s993.1 p/s487%57.25France 
1820Demon83666Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.22 GHz4245.8 p/s985.9 p/s402%58.34Russia 
1821PsyhopathSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.25 GHz4248.4 p/s982.5 p/s400%57.86Bulgaria 
1822MoroxSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.14 GHz4233.4 p/s972.2 p/s416%58.69Spain 
1823BeastSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.32 GHz4245.9 p/s972.0 p/s401%56.22Bulgaria 
1824AdvancetecSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.24 GHz4238.4 p/s960.9 p/s405%56.64United Kingdom 
1825ButcherSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.45 GHz4257.9 p/s951.5 p/s378%53.50Bulgaria24/7
1826lhristovvSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.32 GHz4248.4 p/s935.8 p/s385%54.21Bulgaria 
1827Samuelx23Sandy Bridge (Core i5)4.93 GHz4281.7 p/s916.5 p/s399%46.44Philippines5000.20 Mhz
1828GRatSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.92 GHz4225.9 p/s912.7 p/s404%58.13Greece 
1829febrantodiSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.95 GHz4225.5 p/s901.2 p/s406%57.10Indonesia 
1830Limp_FenSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.95 GHz4226.3 p/s897.9 p/s405%56.87Bulgaria 
1831diileriSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.95 GHz4225.9 p/s894.7 p/s405%56.57Finland 
1832Sandy Bridge (Core i5)3.97 GHz4222.3 p/s894.2 p/s402%56.27United States 
1833derbisSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.82 GHz4220.8 p/s893.7 p/s408%58.43Germany 
1834ArmitageSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.50 GHz Unstable clock detected4228.8 p/s860.8 p/s396%61.89South Africa 
1835tasospaok123Sandy Bridge (Core i5)3.35 GHz4227.3 p/s858.0 p/s402%64.01Greece 
1836OronDFSandy Bridge (Core i5) User specified different CPU3.65 GHz4215.2 p/s852.8 p/s405%58.43Israel 
1837reflaviusSandy Bridge (Core i5)5.04 GHz Unstable clock detected4243.4 p/s852.4 p/s399%43.72Romania 
1838GnombaneSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.67 GHz4210.8 p/s836.4 p/s406%57.05Bulgaria 
1839batGeleSandy Bridge (Core i5)4.24 GHz4240.8 p/s825.7 p/s349%48.73Bulgaria 
1840Raul SDT CCF HYPERX OCFSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.64 GHz4207.5 p/s823.9 p/s406%56.52Brazil 
1841Sandy Bridge (Core i5)3.56 GHz4214.3 p/s815.6 p/s408%57.32Italy 
1842FlexScanSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.54 GHz4203.1 p/s809.5 p/s407%57.12Bulgaria 
1843marilynmanSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.55 GHz4208.8 p/s804.1 p/s408%56.67Portugal 
1844dmitryrachkovSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.52 GHz4209.9 p/s803.5 p/s406%57.05Russia 
1845-[MADS]- DemidSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.35 GHz Unstable clock detected4210.3 p/s788.7 p/s407%58.84Russia 
1846psycholarsSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.35 GHz4203.5 p/s783.4 p/s413%58.48Germany 
1847tttonySandy Bridge (Core i5) User specified different CPU3.35 GHz4204.3 p/s783.2 p/s408%58.45VenezuelaJust testing this app with ...
1848xICHIGOxSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.36 GHz4194.3 p/s780.3 p/s400%57.99Italy 
1849MirooSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.35 GHz Unstable clock detected4212.4 p/s775.8 p/s404%57.90Bulgaria 
1850stlpriceSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.37 GHz4193.5 p/s774.5 p/s406%57.47United States 
1851PerverzniatSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.35 GHz Unstable clock detected4200.3 p/s771.9 p/s410%57.62Bulgaria 
1852-[MADS]- DemidSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.35 GHz4202.7 p/s766.8 p/s410%57.24RussiaFOR MOTHER RUSSIA
1853Sandy Bridge (Core i5)3.35 GHz Unstable clock detected4203.9 p/s766.3 p/s409%57.19Italy 
1854GainwardgsSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.35 GHz4204.3 p/s763.0 p/s409%56.97Hungary 
1855wibi_ugSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.25 GHz4182.3 p/s739.8 p/s409%57.00Indonesia 
1856npocmakSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.17 GHz4193.1 p/s728.2 p/s407%57.39Bulgaria 
1857S_VSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.15 GHz4186.3 p/s710.4 p/s407%56.38Indiai5 2400 Stock..
From I...
1858znoopySandy Bridge (Core i5)3.23 GHz4175.9 p/s704.9 p/s405%54.63Romania 
1859DoominheartSandy Bridge (Core i5)3.03 GHz4174.9 p/s682.6 p/s410%56.30Russia 
1860Sandy Bridge (Core i5)2.57 GHz Unstable clock detected4187.9 p/s591.7 p/s408%57.58Bulgaria 
1861Sandy Bridge (Core i5)1.57 GHz491.3 p/s368.4 p/s404%58.48Italy 
1862BIOS-DaddySandy Bridge (Core i5)1.55 GHz486.8 p/s327.1 p/s387%53.38Germany 
1863AnanerbeSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.20 GHz80.0 p/s1620.4 p/s-100%63.28Russia 
1864StratSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.58 GHz Unstable clock detected8327.2 p/s1427.5 p/s560%38.96France 
1865AristidisSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.76 GHz Unstable clock detected8324.6 p/s1420.4 p/s538%37.30Greece 
1866varachioSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.43 GHz Unstable clock detected8326.5 p/s1406.3 p/s571%39.65Greece 
1867RoccoESASandy Bridge (Core i7)4.37 GHz Unstable clock detected8319.8 p/s1393.8 p/s580%39.90Germany 
1868easegantiniSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.67 GHz Unstable clock detected8323.8 p/s1388.3 p/s567%40.20Bulgaria 
1869GamerSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.59 GHz Unstable clock detected8325.1 p/s1384.7 p/s680%48.19Belgium 
1870VaykirSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.70 GHz8327.7 p/s1382.2 p/s432%30.31Germany 
1871DopeLexSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.64 GHz Unstable clock detected8319.8 p/s1374.6 p/s588%41.55Germany 
187212Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.30 GHz Unstable clock detected8323.8 p/s1369.0 p/s555%39.76Russia 
1873Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.49 GHz Unstable clock detected8318.5 p/s1368.2 p/s571%39.54France2600k Dod
1874GFDukeSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.57 GHz Unstable clock detected8315.0 p/s1355.0 p/s570%39.68United States 
1875Silverlight/Sylar/chickenbeefSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.45 GHz Unstable clock detected8317.7 p/s1348.3 p/s819%58.79South Africa 
1876felipea_cSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.18 GHz Unstable clock detected8317.6 p/s1343.0 p/s838%58.69Argentina 
1877naruto80Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.62 GHz Unstable clock detected8313.1 p/s1341.3 p/s569%39.73Italy 
1878SV1SHSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.38 GHz Unstable clock detected8312.9 p/s1339.8 p/s566%40.26RussiaTeam Russia
1879meankeysSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.19 GHz8322.6 p/s1336.0 p/s417%32.18United States 
1880OverPAQ'dSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.04 GHz8331.9 p/s1329.1 p/s408%32.96Australia 
1881SniperOZSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.73 GHz Unstable clock detected8307.2 p/s1328.6 p/s788%54.32Australia 
1882CalatheaSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.44 GHz8317.6 p/s1328.4 p/s423%30.50Sweden 
1883Mr. DB!Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.64 GHz Unstable clock detected8307.7 p/s1323.8 p/s568%39.34Iran 
1884Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.32 GHz Unstable clock detected8308.2 p/s1323.8 p/s568%40.16Bulgaria 
1885Sandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.37 GHz Unstable clock detected8308.2 p/s1323.0 p/s566%40.07Iran 
1886GnidaolSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.23 GHz Unstable clock detected8307.6 p/s1321.4 p/s567%40.06Brazil 
1887nazzgulSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.02 GHz Unstable clock detected8309.5 p/s1318.1 p/s829%58.97Argentinasoy lindo y sexy!!!!
1888tsunamijuanSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.43 GHz8311.6 p/s1316.7 p/s431%30.29United States 
1889debs3759Sandy Bridge (Core i7)5.43 GHz8310.1 p/s1315.5 p/s437%30.26United Kingdom 
1890stivutSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.14 GHz8325.9 p/s1311.0 p/s411%31.89Romania 
1891FelipeA_CSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.27 GHz Unstable clock detected8236.1 p/s1307.7 p/s742%39.61Argentina 
1892meankeysSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.04 GHz8325.9 p/s1310.2 p/s407%32.44United States 
1893WolfexeSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.50 GHz Unstable clock detected8302.0 p/s1294.6 p/s555%39.11Russia 
1894nacho_arroyoSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.34 GHz8306.1 p/s1294.1 p/s432%30.30Argentina 
1895ScunnyUKSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.07 GHz Unstable clock detected8301.3 p/s1293.7 p/s817%57.01United Kingdom 
1896Darkstar[GER]Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.87 GHz Unstable clock detected8298.8 p/s1291.0 p/s634%43.39Germany 
1897kilobravoSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.31 GHz8308.6 p/s1287.1 p/s420%30.29Denmarki7 3820
1898XimiSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.14 GHz Unstable clock detected8298.6 p/s1278.9 p/s563%39.03Spain 
1899GnidaolSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.51 GHz Unstable clock detected8298.0 p/s1278.6 p/s652%45.55Brazil 
1900SweetSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.27 GHz Unstable clock detected8291.4 p/s1275.9 p/s539%37.36Argentina-cf=ssse3 test.rar
1901Moose83Sandy Bridge (Core i7)3.44 GHz Unstable clock detected8295.4 p/s1273.4 p/s670%46.34Germany 
1902UE 50Sandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.12 GHz Unstable clock detected8296.6 p/s1270.8 p/s556%38.92Germany 
1903t8ySandy Bridge (Core i7)3.19 GHz Unstable clock detected8300.4 p/s1268.1 p/s839%58.76AustraliaF7F bios (non B3 revision b...
1904kilobravoSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.94 GHz8313.1 p/s1266.6 p/s409%32.05Denmark 
1905ChillerSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.14 GHz Unstable clock detected8289.9 p/s1253.7 p/s835%58.31Belgium 
1906XtremeCuztomsSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.43 GHz4313.6 p/s1251.9 p/s407%57.59United States 
1907Javier.Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.20 GHz Unstable clock detected8291.4 p/s1251.4 p/s571%39.49Argentina 
1908OCPerformanceSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.07 GHz Unstable clock detected8290.6 p/s1247.1 p/s568%39.30Germany 
1909gluvocioSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.16 GHz Unstable clock detected8290.6 p/s1246.7 p/s571%39.46Italy 
1910johnamdSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.17 GHz8291.9 p/s1246.0 p/s438%30.14Greeceud7
1911Convicted1Sandy Bridge (Core i7)5.14 GHz8292.8 p/s1244.3 p/s434%30.27United States 
1912SniperOZSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.31 GHz4300.3 p/s1241.9 p/s414%58.43Australia 
1913darkageSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.11 GHz8296.5 p/s1240.2 p/s420%30.34Portugal 
1914babak_arSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.21 GHz Unstable clock detected8286.6 p/s1239.1 p/s569%39.52Iran 
1915ijiSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.74 GHz8309.7 p/s1237.6 p/s407%32.63Russia 
1916CrskySandy Bridge (Core i7)5.11 GHz8295.3 p/s1237.5 p/s422%30.28Mexico 
1917SniperOZSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.30 GHz4299.4 p/s1237.2 p/s413%58.31Australia 
1918sigma4506Sandy Bridge (Core i7)5.09 GHz8291.9 p/s1234.0 p/s434%30.30United States 
1919etiennedefqvxSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.09 GHz8290.0 p/s1231.6 p/s434%30.23France 
1920Javier.Sandy Bridge (Core i7)5.07 GHz8291.0 p/s1226.6 p/s432%30.27Argentina 
1921xCeroSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.19 GHz Unstable clock detected8285.1 p/s1226.2 p/s544%37.53Chile 
1922Marco P./CjBA CCF HYPERX OCFSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.95 GHz Unstable clock detected8285.7 p/s1224.4 p/s567%40.19Brazil 
1923infected_Sandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.74 GHz8307.2 p/s1222.8 p/s407%32.24Portugal 
1924Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.84 GHz8310.5 p/s1225.6 p/s396%31.49India 
1925Formula44Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.74 GHz8302.9 p/s1224.7 p/s408%32.11Indonesia 
1926BlueDragonSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.04 GHz8287.9 p/s1214.9 p/s432%30.16United Kingdom 
1927GENiEBENSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.07 GHz Unstable clock detected8282.0 p/s1211.6 p/s537%37.21Romania 
1928willhemmensSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.92 GHz Unstable clock detected80.0 p/s1208.4 p/s-100%30.69United Kingdom 
1929iBurnSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.00 GHz8290.5 p/s1208.2 p/s420%30.20Australia3820-custom water
1930OCmohoSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.74 GHz8304.3 p/s1216.3 p/s404%31.74United States 
1931PsyhoSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.74 GHz8299.6 p/s1211.6 p/s415%31.63Bulgaria 
193269_GoatSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.96 GHz Unstable clock detected8279.6 p/s1199.1 p/s567%40.14Canada 
1933funsoulSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8287.0 p/s1199.0 p/s422%30.33United States 
1934CybergeekSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.92 GHz Unstable clock detected8279.1 p/s1198.3 p/s552%38.51Venezuela 
1935Joe90brSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.13 GHz4290.5 p/s1198.2 p/s412%58.44Brazil 
1936cojac92Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8284.5 p/s1197.9 p/s433%30.31United States 
1937jeff88reySandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8283.0 p/s1197.6 p/s433%30.29Malaysia 
1938Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8283.4 p/s1197.1 p/s434%30.27Canada 
1939alancsaltSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8283.0 p/s1196.6 p/s433%30.27Australia 
1940joe mehnertSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.95 GHz8283.6 p/s1196.5 p/s432%30.25United States24/7
1941blood_angelSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8273.5 p/s1195.1 p/s438%30.24Ukraine 
1942Robert17Sandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.76 GHz8295.6 p/s1194.8 p/s411%31.35United States 
1943xionSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8283.0 p/s1194.6 p/s434%30.22France 
1944superuserSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.20 GHz4298.5 p/s1194.2 p/s406%57.44Indonesia 
1945falkembergSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8279.9 p/s1193.9 p/s432%30.21Spain 
1946S_VSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8283.5 p/s1191.5 p/s431%30.16Indiai7 2600K, S_V, 5000Mhz, India
1947qwwwizxSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8283.4 p/s1191.4 p/s431%30.14Denmark 
1948EarthdogSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.95 GHz8283.0 p/s1188.8 p/s430%30.00United States 
1949SebesToWareSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8277.0 p/s1187.6 p/s431%30.05BelgiumDominator GT 1866 9-9-9-24
1950chi-zuSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8283.9 p/s1180.5 p/s427%29.86Japan 
1951veblenSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz8283.0 p/s1178.4 p/s428%29.82United States 
1952oktay50000Sandy Bridge (Core i7)5.19 GHz4289.9 p/s1172.1 p/s409%56.48Iran 
1953planetxSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.54 GHz8292.5 p/s1168.9 p/s408%32.14Croatia 
1954Slam_ftSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.91 GHz8270.9 p/s1167.4 p/s432%29.73Ukraine 
1955johnksssSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.59 GHz8289.3 p/s1157.2 p/s408%31.53United States 
1956SweetSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU2.95 GHz Unstable clock detected8274.4 p/s1156.3 p/s782%54.74Argentina 
1957aikawaSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.94 GHz4281.1 p/s1156.2 p/s411%58.50Japan 
1958Sandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.54 GHz8289.0 p/s1154.3 p/s411%31.75Bulgaria 
1959xeroxeSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.77 GHz8272.4 p/s1154.1 p/s432%30.25Canada 
1960tasospaok123Sandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.54 GHz8287.6 p/s1152.2 p/s410%31.69Greece 
1961eng.ahmedhelalSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.75 GHz8272.4 p/s1150.2 p/s433%30.27Egypt 
1962hardlySandy Bridge (Core i7)4.83 GHz8273.9 p/s1149.9 p/s426%29.75United States 
1963deoiridhSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.74 GHz8271.1 p/s1149.2 p/s433%30.29Italy 
1964TurboDivSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.75 GHz8272.5 p/s1148.6 p/s430%30.19Bulgaria 
1965CapwnSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.78 GHz8271.5 p/s1146.0 p/s434%29.96United States 
1966Crash01itaSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.45 GHz8285.0 p/s1146.0 p/s408%32.22Italy 
1967amirsssSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.73 GHz8272.0 p/s1144.4 p/s432%30.24Iran 
1968P_6_CanuckSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.74 GHz8272.0 p/s1144.2 p/s423%30.15Canada 
1969PCTwinSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.44 GHz8286.1 p/s1146.7 p/s407%32.22United Kingdom 
1970iBurnSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.93 GHz8281.4 p/s1145.0 p/s413%28.84Australia3820-custom water
1971charleybwoySandy Bridge (Core i7)4.69 GHz8270.0 p/s1134.3 p/s431%30.21Canada 
1972Bal3WolfSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.75 GHz8269.4 p/s1133.4 p/s431%29.85United States 
1973deOCerSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.72 GHz8270.9 p/s1125.2 p/s428%29.82Germany 
1974BioBGSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.66 GHz8265.4 p/s1124.9 p/s423%30.19Bulgaria 
1975theelvisceratorSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.64 GHz8268.9 p/s1124.6 p/s419%30.27United States 
1976FearlightSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.64 GHz8265.9 p/s1123.7 p/s433%30.25France 
1977cool_caseSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.51 GHz Unstable clock detected8281.3 p/s1120.9 p/s804%55.87United States 
1978YossifchoSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.63 GHz8265.9 p/s1119.5 p/s432%30.20Bulgaria 
1979babak_arSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.32 GHz Unstable clock detected8261.4 p/s1100.8 p/s846%59.36Iran 
1980chipSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.54 GHz8252.4 p/s1100.4 p/s437%30.27Ukraine 
1981J3R03NSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.54 GHz8260.9 p/s1098.7 p/s434%30.22Bulgaria 
1982d.c0r3Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.54 GHz8261.4 p/s1098.5 p/s423%30.21Germany 
1983KiwitoSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.53 GHz8258.4 p/s1093.8 p/s430%30.16Bulgaria 
1984twisted1Sandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.53 GHz8283.0 p/s1091.1 p/s394%30.08Sweden 
1985vvvSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.53 GHz8255.9 p/s1087.8 p/s433%30.00Bulgaria 
1986alexfotoSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.79 GHz8269.0 p/s1087.6 p/s408%28.38Russia 
1987Mr. FoxSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.25 GHz Unstable clock detected8281.9 p/s1086.4 p/s409%31.96United States 
1988BraaappSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.47 GHz8258.4 p/s1084.1 p/s422%30.33United States 
1989Javier FernandezSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.48 GHz8255.9 p/s1081.1 p/s433%30.18Spain 
1990carlhil2Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.48 GHz8257.4 p/s1080.1 p/s431%30.14United States 
1991devvfata1itySandy Bridge (Core i7)4.45 GHz8255.4 p/s1076.9 p/s432%30.28India 
1992mukherjeeSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.45 GHz8253.4 p/s1076.1 p/s436%30.25India 
1993Diego Augusto CCF HYPERX OC OCFSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.15 GHz8295.9 p/s1170.6 p/s407%26.10Brazil 
1994olivonSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.44 GHz8257.4 p/s1075.7 p/s420%30.26France 
1995hersoundsSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.46 GHz Unstable clock detected8253.9 p/s1075.7 p/s784%54.75Argentina 
1996peerkeSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.45 GHz8255.9 p/s1075.6 p/s433%30.24Netherlands 
1997MunjiSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.44 GHz8253.9 p/s1075.4 p/s434%30.26United Kingdom 
1998Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.44 GHz8256.4 p/s1075.4 p/s422%30.30Ireland 
1999PaiiNxSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.45 GHz8257.4 p/s1075.3 p/s423%30.24Italy 
2000Skulltrail_BRSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.45 GHz8253.9 p/s1074.6 p/s432%30.22Brazil 
2001intouchSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.62 GHz Unstable clock detected8254.4 p/s1070.8 p/s775%55.62Bulgaria 
2002PCTwinSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.42 GHz8252.4 p/s1070.8 p/s435%30.26United Kingdom 
2003tasospaok123Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.25 GHz8268.9 p/s1070.0 p/s408%31.49Greece 
2004pesho00Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.93 GHz8281.5 p/s1121.8 p/s406%27.05Bulgaria5 GHz
2005Tekk_killerSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.43 GHz8255.4 p/s1064.7 p/s419%30.01Germany 
2006AndreySPSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.43 GHz8256.4 p/s1064.7 p/s415%30.02Russia 
2007Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.43 GHz Unstable clock detected8235.9 p/s1062.7 p/s724%29.99Bulgaria 
2008etgecataSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.44 GHz8251.9 p/s1059.1 p/s428%29.80Bulgaria 
2009GrayPenguinSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.38 GHz8251.4 p/s1056.3 p/s432%30.18United States 
2010The-WolfSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.35 GHz8249.4 p/s1053.8 p/s437%30.26United States 
2011katmanduSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.37 GHz8250.4 p/s1053.0 p/s429%30.11Portugal 
2012Sandy Bridge (Core i7)4.34 GHz8247.9 p/s1046.1 p/s432%30.16Bulgaria 
2013vuvexSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.37 GHz8249.4 p/s1045.2 p/s429%29.87Romania 
2014jaybeeSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.54 GHz8257.4 p/s1044.7 p/s411%28.79United States 
2015n0kS Phr33d0mSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.35 GHz8248.9 p/s1044.4 p/s430%30.04Bulgaria 
2016IFeelYouSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.05 GHz8257.9 p/s1045.7 p/s410%32.14Lithuania 
2017ISV1457Sandy Bridge (Core i7)2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected8254.4 p/s1037.8 p/s690%48.97Russia 
2018Mr. FoxSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.55 GHz8291.0 p/s1102.7 p/s375%28.49United StatesAlienware M18x R2 | 3920XM ...
2019EpidemicOfHate HWBGSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.26 GHz8243.3 p/s1029.1 p/s424%30.18BulgariaAsus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3
2020SigmaSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.25 GHz8243.5 p/s1029.0 p/s430%30.27United States 
2021tahumbataSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.26 GHz8243.3 p/s1026.3 p/s447%30.10BulgariaAI Tuner - auto, all other ...
2022Darkvenom Sandy Bridge (Core i7)5.09 GHz8292.5 p/s1113.6 p/s395%25.00Brazil 
2023Formula44Sandy Bridge (Core i7)5.14 GHz8282.5 p/s1083.2 p/s383%24.36Indonesia 
2024hybridchillerSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.26 GHz Unstable clock detected8249.0 p/s989.9 p/s544%37.92Belgium 
2025HussDelRioSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.16 GHz8226.8 p/s986.8 p/s439%29.67United States 
2026borandiSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.14 GHz8236.2 p/s976.3 p/s422%29.44United Kingdom 
2027st_zuekaSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.85 GHz8243.9 p/s976.5 p/s408%31.56Bulgaria 
2028XesxenSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.08 GHz8236.2 p/s969.7 p/s417%29.73Netherlands 
2029ChrisLuxSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.64 GHz8265.4 p/s1038.2 p/s404%26.08Luxembourg 
2030Sandy Bridge (Core i7)3.94 GHz8229.1 p/s956.1 p/s422%30.32Bulgaria 
2031Dr. P Sandy Bridge (Core i7)3.95 GHz8225.9 p/s955.9 p/s433%30.23Bulgaria4x2 ADATA DDR3 9-9-9-24 1T
2032jfizz84Sandy Bridge (Core i7)5.42 GHz8311.0 p/s955.8 p/s315%22.04United States 
2033Sandy Bridge (Core i7)3.95 GHz8225.1 p/s955.7 p/s436%30.23Bulgaria 
2034mehdii_kkSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.65 GHz8239.3 p/s934.8 p/s413%31.98Iran 
2035awktaneSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.04 GHz Unstable clock detected8285.1 p/s1007.9 p/s373%28.83Canada 
2036team hardwaretestSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.93 GHz8315.1 p/s1039.7 p/s336%23.60Italy 
2037Slam_ftSandy Bridge (Core i7)5.32 GHz8308.7 p/s933.0 p/s302%21.63Ukraine 
2038Sandy Bridge (Core i7)3.77 GHz8218.8 p/s912.4 p/s422%30.28Bulgaria 
2039malasuerteSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.75 GHz8210.7 p/s897.4 p/s430%29.89Bulgaria 
2040BricolaSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.75 GHz8215.9 p/s896.6 p/s415%29.87Switzerland 
2041iceman182Sandy Bridge (Core i7)5.04 GHz8289.3 p/s915.4 p/s317%22.11Colombia 
2042Cojac92Sandy Bridge (Core i7)3.55 GHz8209.5 p/s855.2 p/s440%30.14United States 
2043scoutcamperSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.55 GHz8197.1 p/s846.4 p/s441%29.79United States 
2044DannySandy Bridge (Core i7)3.47 GHz8199.1 p/s838.3 p/s420%30.23Bulgariaddr3 1600 cl9
2045TEC51Sandy Bridge (Core i7)3.46 GHz Unstable clock detected8213.5 p/s837.8 p/s435%30.28PortugalSTOCK
2046AnGry_RedHeadSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.45 GHz Unstable clock detected8211.9 p/s837.8 p/s427%30.36Russia 
2047OC MaximusSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.64 GHz Unstable clock detected8198.3 p/s835.6 p/s836%58.48United States 
2048SniperpainSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.47 GHz8198.7 p/s835.6 p/s432%30.13Spain 
2049BreaK'N'EnteRSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.45 GHz Unstable clock detected8207.9 p/s835.5 p/s439%30.28Bulgaria 
2050living deadSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.47 GHz Unstable clock detected8214.3 p/s835.1 p/s432%30.10Australia 
2051Javier FernandezSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.47 GHz8205.6 p/s834.9 p/s437%30.09Spain 
2052Javier FernandezSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.46 GHz Unstable clock detected8205.1 p/s834.1 p/s438%30.09Spain 
2053Crash01itaSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.45 GHz Unstable clock detected8206.7 p/s832.3 p/s427%30.17Italy 
2054ErlandSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.47 GHz8196.7 p/s830.0 p/s437%29.92Bulgaria 
2055Sandy Bridge (Core i7)3.45 GHz8191.8 p/s827.7 p/s431%29.99Brazil 
2056XimiSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.89 GHz Unstable clock detected8280.5 p/s822.4 p/s381%26.45Spain 
2057PoizynSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.45 GHz8200.7 p/s820.0 p/s419%29.68South Africa 
2058AnonymousSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.54 GHz8203.9 p/s819.8 p/s413%28.92Bulgaria 
2059S@berSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.47 GHz Unstable clock detected8205.5 p/s817.7 p/s423%29.47Finland 
2060EpidemicOfHateSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.37 GHz8192.3 p/s812.8 p/s424%30.15BulgariaAsus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3
2061OC_BOTSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.35 GHz8191.9 p/s806.1 p/s435%30.08Pakistan 
2062wellinthon02 ccf hyperx ocfSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.25 GHz6249.9 p/s797.3 p/s327%31.29Brazil 
2063AnonymousSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.44 GHz8223.0 p/s789.1 p/s366%28.67France 
2064WesjuhdabombSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.06 GHz Unstable clock detected8208.8 p/s788.5 p/s409%32.25Netherlands 
2065ra33oSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.05 GHz8190.3 p/s774.2 p/s413%31.69Denmark 
2066SledgeSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.30 GHz Unstable clock detected8137.1 p/s773.0 p/s712%29.31Russia 
2067JeffpiSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.05 GHz8186.3 p/s750.7 p/s409%30.75FranceHP Notebook
2068ericSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.23 GHz Unstable clock detected8195.3 p/s745.5 p/s432%29.78China 
2069BiosphereSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.28 GHz Unstable clock detected8185.9 p/s732.4 p/s392%27.88Bulgaria 
2070WoomackSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.16 GHz4193.1 p/s726.9 p/s413%57.47Poland 
2071aramysSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.15 GHz Unstable clock detected8195.4 p/s656.4 p/s382%26.01BrazilIntel Core i7 2860QM
2072Christian NeySandy Bridge (Core i7)2.56 GHz Unstable clock detected8165.2 p/s618.3 p/s417%30.16SwitzerlandAsus G74Sx
2073Dead ThingsSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.56 GHz Unstable clock detected8162.9 p/s618.1 p/s423%30.15Canada 
2074DopeLexSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.76 GHz Unstable clock detected8186.3 p/s674.3 p/s406%29.13Germany 
2075Le085Sandy Bridge (Core i7)2.96 GHz Unstable clock detected8185.9 p/s603.9 p/s363%25.49Italy 
2076AndreasESandy Bridge (Core i7)2.75 GHz Unstable clock detected8189.9 p/s602.0 p/s388%28.02Austria 
2077bobSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.86 GHz8156.6 p/s593.6 p/s381%26.12Bulgaria 
2078jennesseeeSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected8159.5 p/s600.2 p/s404%27.75Bulgaria 
2079Sandy Bridge (Core i7)2.67 GHz Unstable clock detected8170.6 p/s631.3 p/s398%27.55Bulgaria 
2080mbentleySandy Bridge (Core i7)2.96 GHz Unstable clock detected8184.7 p/s589.8 p/s356%24.76United States 
2081saint056aSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected8170.9 p/s631.7 p/s386%27.27Bulgaria 
2082KhanSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.56 GHz Unstable clock detected8165.2 p/s610.9 p/s414%28.90Bulgaria 
2083ZephyrixSandy Bridge (Core i7)4.25 GHz Unstable clock detected8243.8 p/s695.7 p/s263%16.70Canada 
2084Sandy Bridge (Core i7)2.37 GHz Unstable clock detected8161.2 p/s551.9 p/s415%28.76Bulgaria 
2085codekarlloSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.46 GHz Unstable clock detected8157.2 p/s578.6 p/s394%28.15Brazil 
2086deviantsteamSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.46 GHz Unstable clock detected8144.5 p/s559.2 p/s401%27.49Bulgaria 
2087barendSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected8145.5 p/s515.4 p/s355%24.76Namibia 
2088Sandy Bridge (Core i7)2.61 GHz Unstable clock detected8149.3 p/s510.5 p/s354%24.41Bulgaria 
2089anacSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU3.04 GHz8172.1 p/s642.7 p/s314%20.98Brazil 
2090marcosdhSandy Bridge (Core i7) User specified different CPU1.97 GHz Unstable clock detected8161.8 p/s506.6 p/s438%30.26Argentina 
2091tmSandy Bridge (Core i7)3.08 GHz Unstable clock detected8172.4 p/s475.4 p/s283%19.31Bulgaria 
2092ZarionSandy Bridge (Core i7)1.97 GHz Unstable clock detected8146.9 p/s469.9 p/s487%29.82Brazil 
2093ValgaurSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.56 GHz Unstable clock detected8153.0 p/s481.2 p/s340%22.64United States 
2094ArTzSandy Bridge (Core i7)2.47 GHz Unstable clock detected8169.6 p/s472.8 p/s328%23.13Indonesia 
2095Joe90br - 3º OverDesafio Sandy Bridge (Core i7)3.56 GHz4203.5 p/s407.7 p/s204%57.31BrazilMSI Z68MA-ED55
2X2GB C...
2096joe90br - 3º OverDesafio Sandy Bridge (Core i7)3.55 GHz4203.9 p/s407.3 p/s204%57.38BulgariaGigabyte P67A-UD7 B3
2097uc3aSandy Bridge (Core i7)1.63 GHz893.1 p/s390.7 p/s422%30.04Bulgaria 
2098MatsglobetrotterSandy Bridge (Core i7)1.49 GHz Unstable clock detected8106.9 p/s276.8 p/s414%23.44Uganda 
2099Sandy Bridge (Core i7)3.75 GHz1208.7 p/s208.7 p/s-55.59Bulgaria 
2100JarsusSandy Bridge-E (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.24 GHz12300.8 p/s1901.4 p/s648%30.26United States 
2101spiritedandySandy Bridge-E (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.14 GHz12295.9 p/s1868.8 p/s649%30.28United Kingdom 
2102PatagonianSandy Bridge-E (Core i7) User specified different CPU5.19 GHz12299.1 p/s1852.5 p/s637%29.76Argentina 
2103donmarkoniSandy Bridge-E (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.94 GHz12283.5 p/s1795.3 p/s648%30.29Serbia & M. 
2104veblenSandy Bridge-E (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.94 GHz12281.3 p/s1792.2 p/s651%30.24United States 
2105GnidaolSandy Bridge-E (Core i7)4.94 GHz12283.0 p/s1787.1 p/s637%30.15Brazil 
2106probn4lyfeSandy Bridge-E (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.94 GHz12283.9 p/s1747.4 p/s628%29.47United States 
2107MirdineSandy Bridge-E (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.68 GHz12272.4 p/s1691.9 p/s647%30.13France 
2108MirdineSandy Bridge-E (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.67 GHz12270.8 p/s1686.4 p/s630%30.09France 
2109Darkvenom CCF E HYPERX OC FIGHTSandy Bridge-E (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.89 GHz12284.0 p/s1562.3 p/s610%26.02Brazil 
2110daniz185Sandy Bridge-E (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.74 GHz12272.0 p/s1493.0 p/s611%25.94Indonesia 
2111veblenSandy Bridge-E (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.94 GHz8277.0 p/s1180.0 p/s437%29.86United States 
2112Daniz185Sandy Bridge-E (Core i7) User specified different CPU4.46 GHz8256.4 p/s1079.6 p/s432%30.25Indonesia 
2113JogibaerSempron (Barton)1.99 GHz135.0 p/s35.0 p/s-17.61Germany 
2114xsuperbgx@ocforumsSempron (Sargas)6.00 GHz1266.5 p/s266.5 p/s-44.42United States 
2115B-MAXSempron (Sargas)5.86 GHz1261.9 p/s261.9 p/s-44.70Iran 
2116I.M.O.G.Sempron (Sargas)5.07 GHz1226.0 p/s226.0 p/s-44.58United States 
2117gnidaolSempron (Sargas)4.30 GHz1192.7 p/s192.7 p/s-44.77Brazil 
2118Crsh01itaSempron (Sargas)4.34 GHz1192.4 p/s192.4 p/s-44.35Italy 
2119BonesSempron (Sargas)4.25 GHz1190.0 p/s190.0 p/s-44.67United States 
2120wegettiSempron (Sargas)4.27 GHz1189.9 p/s189.9 p/s-44.50Finland 
2121Sempron (Sargas)4.17 GHz1187.2 p/s187.2 p/s-44.89United States 
2122Javier.Sempron (Sargas)3.97 GHz1179.9 p/s179.9 p/s-45.30Argentina 
2123Javier.Sempron (Sargas)3.97 GHz1179.6 p/s179.6 p/s-45.21Argentina 
2124zoroSempron (Sargas)3.99 GHz1178.9 p/s178.9 p/s-44.79Greece 
2125samuel7Sempron (Sargas)3.89 GHz1174.3 p/s174.3 p/s-44.84Indonesia 
2126johnamdSempron (Sargas)3.43 GHz1172.2 p/s172.2 p/s-50.23Greece 
2127samuel7Sempron (Sargas)3.78 GHz1169.9 p/s169.9 p/s-44.96Indonesia 
2128samuel kadmon pontohSempron (Sargas)3.74 GHz1165.9 p/s165.9 p/s-44.32Indonesia 
2129Sempron (Sargas)2.71 GHz1121.4 p/s121.4 p/s-44.78Bulgaria 
2130Amin_caragt2Sempron (Sargas)1.79 GHz176.9 p/s76.9 p/s-43.01Iran 
2131OptyTrooperSempron (Thoroughbred) User specified different CPU2.16 GHz238.1 p/s76.4 p/s201%17.70United States 
2132seoSempron (Thoroughbred)1.78 GHz131.0 p/s31.0 p/s-17.42Belarus 
2133AMGSempron (Thoroughbred)1.73 GHz128.9 p/s28.9 p/s-16.72Bulgaria 
2134SergioneSempron (Thoroughbred)1.49 GHz126.3 p/s26.3 p/s-17.60BulgariaOS: Windows XP SP3
2135aGeoMSempron (Thorton) User specified different CPU2.53 GHz144.4 p/s44.4 p/s-17.56Portugal 
2136ProFanaSempron 64 (Manila/128K)2.44 GHz151.9 p/s51.9 p/s-21.30BulgariaСтарата машина!! :D...
2137ProFanaSempron 64 (Manila/128K)2.41 GHz151.2 p/s51.2 p/s-21.27BulgariaСтарата машина!! :D...
2138ProFanaSempron 64 (Manila/128K)2.34 GHz149.9 p/s49.9 p/s-21.36BulgariaСтарата машина!! :D...
2139ProFanaSempron 64 (Manila/128K)2.29 GHz148.7 p/s48.7 p/s-21.22BulgariaСтарата машина!! :D...
2140ProFanaSempron 64 (Manila/128K)2.30 GHz147.5 p/s47.5 p/s-20.68BulgariaСтарата машина!! :D...
2141Sempron 64 (Manila/128K)2.57 GHz Unstable clock detected118.0 p/s18.0 p/s-7.01Thailand 
2142NoM$_YesLinuxSempron 64 (Manila/256K)3.12 GHz167.2 p/s67.2 p/s-21.56Brazil 
2143SergioneSempron 64 (Manila/256K)1.60 GHz134.0 p/s34.0 p/s-21.24BulgariaOS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 ...
2144SergioneSempron 64 (Manila/256K)1.57 GHz133.2 p/s33.2 p/s-21.16BulgariaOS: Windows 10 Education 18...
2145LN2LabsSempron 64 (Palermo/128K)2.34 GHz150.6 p/s50.6 p/s-21.64Bulgaria 
2146wdba1974Sempron 64 (Palermo/128K)2.15 GHz146.2 p/s46.2 p/s-21.53Netherlands 
2147bobsisfSempron 64 (Palermo/128K)2.13 GHz141.6 p/s41.6 p/s-19.51Bulgaria 
2148vewaSempron 64 (Palermo/128K)1.76 GHz136.3 p/s36.3 p/s-20.58Bulgaria 
2149WartheridonSempron 64 (Palermo/128K)1.59 GHz134.3 p/s34.3 p/s-21.53Portugal 
2150AnonymousSempron 64 (Palermo/128K)1.35 GHz124.2 p/s24.2 p/s-17.87Bulgaria 
2151OptyTrooperSempron 64 (Palermo/256K)2.91 GHz162.9 p/s62.9 p/s-21.64United States 
2152SergioneSempron 64 (Palermo/256K)1.60 GHz134.4 p/s34.4 p/s-21.50BulgariaOS: Windows XP Professional...
2153SergioneSempron 64 (Palermo/256K)1.60 GHz134.3 p/s34.3 p/s-21.44BulgariaOS: Windows XP Professional...
2154AnonMDSempron 64 (Palermo/256K)1.59 GHz133.1 p/s33.1 p/s-20.79Brazil 
2155NoM$_YesLinuxTurion 64 (Lancaster/1024K)2.51 GHz154.2 p/s54.2 p/s-21.63Brazil 
2156Turion 64 X2 (512K)2.24 GHz2100.4 p/s200.7 p/s200%44.74United States 
2157aGeoMTurion 64 X2 (512K)2.18 GHz296.3 p/s193.8 p/s200%44.43Portugal 
2158momchilmgTurion X2 (Griffin/1024K)1.04 GHz244.2 p/s88.8 p/s201%42.61Bulgaria 
2159Turion X2 (Griffin/512K) User specified different CPU3.78 GHz Unstable clock detected16255.5 p/s1887.4 p/s1835%31.17Bulgaria 
2160setugaTurion X2 (Griffin/512K) User specified different CPU4.37 GHz Unstable clock detected16226.5 p/s1870.8 p/s1480%28.93Japan 
2161paumanelTurion X2 (Griffin/512K) User specified different CPU4.03 GHz Unstable clock detected16213.3 p/s1644.8 p/s1455%27.40Spain 
2162KireyTurion X2 (Griffin/512K)1.10 GHz247.4 p/s94.7 p/s200%43.08Indonesia 
2163XtremeCuztomsTurion X2 (Griffin/512K) User specified different CPU1.04 GHz245.0 p/s90.5 p/s201%43.30United States 
2164asuyaTurion X2 (Griffin/512K)966 MHz239.5 p/s76.1 p/s202%39.39Indonesia 
2165ove100ghzTurion X2 (Trinidad)1.78 GHz238.3 p/s75.0 p/s204%21.07Bulgaria 
2166Turion X2 (Trinidad)1.60 GHz234.1 p/s67.4 p/s200%21.09Malaysia 
2167HWBG EpidemicOfHateTurion X2 (Trinidad)1.59 GHz233.9 p/s67.2 p/s204%21.07BulgariaPackard Bell EasyNote MX57<...
2168Turion X2 (Tyler/256K)1.77 GHz237.4 p/s75.6 p/s201%21.34United States 
2169DoominheartTurion X2 (Tyler/256K)1.69 GHz234.6 p/s67.9 p/s200%20.04Russia 
2170|_e}{Turion X2 (Tyler/512K)2.49 GHz251.4 p/s103.6 p/s202%20.78Ukraine 
2171Spock2fTurion X2 (Tyler/512K)1.99 GHz242.1 p/s85.1 p/s202%21.38Brazil 
2172DrSwizzUnknown AMD 486 User specified different CPU-1 MHz10.8 p/s0.8 p/s--1.00Sweden 
2173Unknown Atom User specified different CPU1.79 GHz Unstable clock detected449.2 p/s109.2 p/s246%15.28SwitzerlandIntel Atom D525
2174Unknown Atom1.26 GHz Unstable clock detected435.9 p/s92.0 p/s332%18.18Bulgaria 
2175BooseliUnknown Atom User specified different CPU1.49 GHz Unstable clock detected435.2 p/s91.1 p/s290%15.32Belarus 
2176MunneYUnknown Core 2 User specified different CPU4.62 GHz16292.8 p/s2360.2 p/s812%31.92United States 
2177ShumaherUnknown Core 2 User specified different CPU3.99 GHz16254.0 p/s1984.3 p/s794%31.06Russia 
2178Crash01Unknown Core 2 User specified different CPU4.39 GHz12242.4 p/s1524.6 p/s629%43.44Italy 
2179Dead ThingsUnknown Core 2 User specified different CPU2.04 GHz200.0 p/s1452.5 p/s-100%35.57CanadaXeon E7-8870 Westmere-EX @ ...
2180retiUnknown Core 45nm User specified different CPU3.90 GHz4192.0 p/s763.3 p/s402%48.87Romania 
2181uNiTUnknown Core 45nm User specified different CPU3.99 GHz1187.2 p/s187.2 p/s-46.91Germany 
2182RodhizzleUnknown K9 User specified different CPU1.10 GHz160.1 p/s60.1 p/s-54.74Netherlands 
2183Mr PacoUnknown K9 User specified different CPU1.09 GHz159.2 p/s59.2 p/s-54.06United StatesAMD Sempron II M 110/Socket S1
2184bionicbeagleUnknown P6 User specified different CPU3.06 GHz Unstable clock detected32188.3 p/s2961.8 p/s1692%30.24Sweden 
2185GnidaolUnknown Yonah2.96 GHz Unstable clock detected32213.1 p/s3020.1 p/s1644%31.92Brazil 
2186jax7480Unknown Yonah2.33 GHz Unstable clock detected32188.3 p/s2650.4 p/s1782%35.52Greece 
2187GotmogUnknown Yonah2.39 GHz Unstable clock detected32141.4 p/s2140.3 p/s1677%27.94Bulgaria 
2188NeoForceUnknown Yonah User specified different CPU3.77 GHz16241.3 p/s1940.5 p/s816%32.06Russia 
2189Wooojciech1983Unknown Yonah User specified different CPU4.54 GHz12285.9 p/s1745.5 p/s617%32.00Poland 
2190AstalavistaUnknown Yonah4.35 GHz12276.4 p/s1674.4 p/s614%32.08Greece 
2191Blue PiKUnknown Yonah User specified different CPU4.25 GHz12274.5 p/s1636.6 p/s607%32.10Poland 
2192GnidaolUnknown Yonah3.05 GHz160.0 p/s1578.0 p/s-100%32.30Brazil 
2193RaspartheWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU3.82 GHz4190.9 p/s763.9 p/s400%49.94Canada 
2194Lucifer199SvKWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU3.36 GHz4159.0 p/s651.1 p/s410%48.46Slovakia 
2195Lucifer199SvKWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU3.35 GHz4158.7 p/s644.8 p/s406%48.11Slovakia 
2196ahmadenWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU3.39 GHz4158.5 p/s638.4 p/s403%47.05Iran 
2197zafiropoWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M5.34 GHz2261.5 p/s523.1 p/s201%48.97Greece 
2198Lucky_n00bWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M5.20 GHz2258.4 p/s517.3 p/s200%49.77Indonesia 
2199PnC-charonWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU3.56 GHz4161.6 p/s514.9 p/s325%36.54Netherlands 
2200TM3K-Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU4.87 GHz2256.0 p/s512.5 p/s201%52.57Poland 
2201RaspartheWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU5.12 GHz2251.0 p/s501.4 p/s201%48.98Canada 
2202tm3k-Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M5.10 GHz2250.0 p/s498.8 p/s201%48.91Poland 
2203sylphid44Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.35 GHz2242.5 p/s491.4 p/s203%56.50Indonesia 
2204Lucky_n00bWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.74 GHz2244.9 p/s488.0 p/s199%51.44Indonesia 
2205bobbyWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.48 GHz2221.9 p/s441.5 p/s201%49.24Bulgaria 
2206sky_coolzzzWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.46 GHz2213.5 p/s437.0 p/s205%49.02Indonesia 
2207xboy92Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU4.50 GHz2212.3 p/s427.3 p/s201%47.51Viet Nam Yemen 
2208FabioAmaral CCFWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.32 GHz2213.5 p/s426.7 p/s201%49.39Brazil 
2209ch1tch4tWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.32 GHz2213.3 p/s425.2 p/s202%49.24Indonesia 
2210Thanh55Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.20 GHz2200.7 p/s419.0 p/s209%49.88United Kingdom 
2211enemy107Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.28 GHz2200.3 p/s410.0 p/s205%47.89Hungary 
2212VapoR.Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.18 GHz2204.4 p/s408.2 p/s201%48.83Poland 
2213hamannWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.20 GHz2197.1 p/s405.4 p/s206%48.27Bulgaria 
2214Ktm123Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.20 GHz2195.5 p/s401.7 p/s206%47.83Hungary 
2215VapoR.Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.12 GHz2194.7 p/s398.9 p/s205%48.46Poland 
2216superpatodonaldoWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.00 GHz2197.6 p/s394.2 p/s201%49.27Italy 
2217tobi1978Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.06 GHz2197.2 p/s393.5 p/s202%48.51Germany 
2218ThocatheWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU4.02 GHz2196.8 p/s392.9 p/s201%48.83France 
2219CliniqueWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.03 GHz2190.3 p/s390.7 p/s205%48.43Germany 
2220PharlapWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M4.01 GHz2188.9 p/s387.0 p/s205%48.23Netherlands 
2221noxitoWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.98 GHz2194.8 p/s386.6 p/s201%48.51Bulgaria 
2222Thanh55Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU3.86 GHz2181.9 p/s385.6 p/s214%49.99United Kingdom 
2223d3moxWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.92 GHz2186.3 p/s373.4 p/s204%47.66PolandE5200 @ 4 GHz
P5B Prem...
2224Bogd4nWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.75 GHz2179.3 p/s365.2 p/s203%48.69Romanialab501
2225lanceWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.80 GHz2177.9 p/s361.2 p/s205%47.50Bulgaria 
2226The_HunterWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU3.74 GHz2176.3 p/s360.9 p/s205%48.30Bulgaria 
2227boiko84Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU3.74 GHz2175.6 p/s360.4 p/s206%48.21Bulgaria 
2228EpidemicWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.74 GHz2181.7 p/s358.0 p/s199%47.89BulgariaWindows 7 Ulatimate x64
2229DranplqsWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.76 GHz Unstable clock detected2162.6 p/s357.1 p/s221%47.51Bulgaria 
2230tasospaok123Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.72 GHz2177.2 p/s354.5 p/s203%47.67Greece 
2231Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.60 GHz2176.7 p/s354.3 p/s201%49.24Brazil 
2232penchoWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU3.74 GHz2176.4 p/s353.5 p/s202%47.31Bulgaria 
2233cipolliniWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.68 GHz2170.9 p/s349.4 p/s207%47.49Bulgaria 
2234SsSWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU3.18 GHz2175.0 p/s348.8 p/s200%54.81Bulgariae6700 @3.6
2235LanceWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.67 GHz2172.0 p/s345.0 p/s202%47.00Bulgaria 
2236tasospaok123Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.59 GHz2171.3 p/s343.9 p/s201%47.87Greece 
2237Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.71 GHz2164.6 p/s338.7 p/s225%45.68Argentina 
2238PoizynWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.43 GHz2167.6 p/s336.0 p/s201%48.99South Africa 
2239KireyWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.47 GHz2163.6 p/s335.9 p/s206%48.46Indonesia 
2240GodevWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.30 GHz2159.6 p/s326.8 p/s210%49.58Bulgaria 
2241tasospaok123Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.46 GHz2160.3 p/s326.7 p/s208%47.25Greece 
2242motoman7Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.43 GHz2159.2 p/s323.0 p/s204%47.08Bulgaria 
2243pr0fessorWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.23 GHz2157.8 p/s323.0 p/s205%50.00Bulgaria 
2244SuperlomposWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.31 GHz2162.3 p/s323.0 p/s202%48.85Hungary 
2245chuangKWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.24 GHz2156.0 p/s312.8 p/s201%48.33Indonesia:ampun:
2246difficultWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.23 GHz2152.2 p/s312.5 p/s205%48.43Bulgaria 
2247mukherjeeWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.20 GHz2156.0 p/s309.4 p/s201%48.33India 
2248Speedster2104Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.05 GHz2148.3 p/s297.8 p/s202%48.76BrazilE5400, vcore default, mobo ...
2249AniketWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.99 GHz2146.3 p/s292.5 p/s201%48.90India 
2250difficultWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.00 GHz2146.3 p/s291.8 p/s201%48.70Bulgaria 
2251BooseliWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.05 GHz2147.2 p/s291.8 p/s216%47.77Belarus 
2252saint19Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.00 GHz2141.7 p/s290.9 p/s205%48.48Colombia 
2253Dohko702Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.00 GHz2141.4 p/s290.1 p/s206%48.37Colombia 
2254JouathenWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.01 GHz2140.8 p/s288.0 p/s205%47.89China 
2255febrantodiWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M3.00 GHz2144.0 p/s285.4 p/s202%47.61Indonesia 
2256sky_coolzzzWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.92 GHz2136.5 p/s279.5 p/s206%47.91Indonesia 
2257SergioneWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.81 GHz2137.9 p/s275.4 p/s202%49.09BulgariaWindows XP SP3
2258SergioneWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.80 GHz2138.3 p/s275.3 p/s201%49.20BulgariaWindows SP3
2259SergioneWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.69 GHz2132.2 p/s266.1 p/s201%49.44BulgariaOS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 ...
2260SergioneWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.62 GHz2128.0 p/s253.2 p/s200%48.36BulgariaWinXP SP3
2261EpidemicOfHateWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.52 GHz2119.7 p/s237.9 p/s200%47.24BulgariaWindows 7 Ulatimate x64
2262Saeed MoslemiWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.67 GHz2120.8 p/s235.0 p/s202%43.99Iran 
2263HuKCaHaWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.50 GHz2115.1 p/s234.0 p/s212%46.76Bulgaria 
2264zoroWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.36 GHz2112.9 p/s223.8 p/s209%47.44Greece 
2265APWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU2.18 GHz2105.4 p/s210.3 p/s200%48.15India 
2266AmeyWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.18 GHz Unstable clock detected2138.5 p/s206.5 p/s199%47.34India 
2267KireyWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.09 GHz2106.6 p/s204.6 p/s202%48.85Indonesia 
2268tasospaok123Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU2.18 GHz2101.6 p/s203.5 p/s202%46.63Greece 
2269Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.09 GHz2103.6 p/s203.0 p/s206%48.52Bulgaria 
2270Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU2.09 GHz298.4 p/s201.5 p/s205%48.21United Kingdom 
2271seoWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU2.10 GHz297.6 p/s200.1 p/s206%47.71Belarus 
2272tasospaok123Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M1.99 GHz296.0 p/s190.9 p/s200%47.89Greece 
2273khodianWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU2.52 GHz Unstable clock detected2110.2 p/s171.8 p/s191%38.02Indonesia 
2274avas911Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.92 GHz2134.2 p/s134.2 p/s-46.07Bangladesh 
2275GENiEBENWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M User specified different CPU1.29 GHz20.0 p/s124.9 p/
2276Dublin_GunnnerWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 2M2.50 GHz2120.2 p/s121.7 p/s102%24.37Ireland 
2277battlecryawesomeWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M4.61 GHz2228.0 p/s454.1 p/s202%49.29United States 
2278noosterWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M4.18 GHz2205.6 p/s408.3 p/s207%48.89Australia 
2279SuperlomposWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M4.00 GHz2189.5 p/s386.8 p/s205%48.36Hungary 
2280Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.99 GHz2190.4 p/s382.1 p/s202%47.93Bulgaria 
2281chuangKWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.62 GHz2176.4 p/s353.9 p/
2282Kei32Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.59 GHz2164.0 p/s336.4 p/s216%46.84Australia 
2283KyleColemanWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.41 GHz2167.6 p/s335.3 p/s201%49.21Russia 
2284HaborWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.46 GHz2167.7 p/s335.0 p/s201%48.37Hungary 
22855uperbeas7Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.50 GHz2165.6 p/s332.5 p/s203%47.55Argentina 
2286DeeWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.38 GHz2159.2 p/s324.1 p/s205%47.87Bangladesh3400MHz
2287FebrantodiWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.31 GHz2161.7 p/s322.8 p/
2288MikiWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.34 GHz2162.6 p/s321.6 p/s198%48.17Macedonia 
2289cgullWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.20 GHz2157.3 p/s315.9 p/s201%49.36Australia 
2290juzailieWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.34 GHz2155.6 p/s314.3 p/s205%47.09Bulgaria 
2291MurderWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.15 GHz2151.7 p/s304.4 p/s204%48.32Egypt 
2292Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.04 GHz2138.9 p/s292.2 p/s221%48.03Bulgaria 
2293Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M3.05 GHz2154.1 p/s286.9 p/s197%47.06France 
2294MoreWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.91 GHz2143.3 p/s285.4 p/s199%48.97Bulgaria 
2295MissmitzWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.92 GHz2143.3 p/s285.2 p/s200%48.75Canada 
2296Lucky_n00b -JAGATREVIEW-Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.87 GHz2146.0 p/s282.2 p/s202%49.18Indonesia 
2297altairlycanWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.91 GHz2143.1 p/s280.3 p/s199%48.23PhilippinesDudz Internet Cafe'
2298giorgiopaoloWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.91 GHz2135.7 p/s277.6 p/s211%47.68Peru 
2299Dohko702Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.92 GHz Unstable clock detected2133.0 p/s276.6 p/s208%47.31Colombia 
2300paolo.narcoticWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.79 GHz2136.8 p/s273.9 p/s201%49.10Italy 
2301YouMove94Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M User specified different CPU2.79 GHz2136.3 p/s265.8 p/s204%47.55Italy 
2302CosmO_OWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.77 GHz2132.2 p/s265.1 p/s205%47.85Hungary 
2303derdizzoWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.75 GHz2129.0 p/s257.4 p/s204%46.85Germany 
2304RizeAllardWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M User specified different CPU2.61 GHz2124.5 p/s245.2 p/s207%46.96Hungary 
2305ErdincWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.53 GHz2121.8 p/s245.2 p/s202%48.44Turkey 
2306LuebkeWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.52 GHz2122.3 p/s244.4 p/s200%48.53Germany 
2307WarheadWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.39 GHz2124.0 p/s236.5 p/s201%49.44Germany 
2308froxicWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.52 GHz2121.5 p/s236.3 p/s206%46.90Czech Rep. 
2309EricWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M User specified different CPU2.64 GHz2130.3 p/s235.8 p/s201%44.63United States 
2310dect6.0Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.39 GHz2116.6 p/s233.3 p/s201%48.79United States 
2311Stuen4yWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M User specified different CPU2.39 GHz2114.4 p/s231.9 p/s209%48.51Bulgaria 
2312AnonymousWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.38 GHz2121.3 p/s230.8 p/s201%48.51Bulgaria 
2313olyWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M User specified different CPU2.37 GHz2119.5 p/s230.6 p/s202%48.63Portugal 
2314ktekWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.39 GHz2118.6 p/s229.8 p/s206%48.12MalaysiaDell Latitude E5400
2315EpidemicOfHate HWBGWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.39 GHz2119.7 p/s229.3 p/s203%48.01BulgariaSony Vaio Notebook
2316Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.42 GHz Unstable clock detected2119.5 p/s228.9 p/s203%47.27Germany 
2317StallionWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.38 GHz2117.1 p/s225.7 p/s195%47.46Bulgaria 
2318YossifchoWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.39 GHz2114.2 p/s225.4 p/s208%47.23Bulgaria 
2319AnonymousWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.53 GHz2127.6 p/s225.1 p/s185%44.52Bulgaria 
2320yamaharacer19Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.26 GHz2117.5 p/s223.5 p/s201%49.45United States 
2321djeWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.38 GHz2115.7 p/s221.7 p/s195%46.60Bulgaria 
2322KireyWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.26 GHz2106.9 p/s218.5 p/s206%48.40Indonesia 
2323|_e}{Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.26 GHz2112.6 p/s217.6 p/s204%48.16Ukraine 
2324LoLoWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.33 GHz Unstable clock detected2120.3 p/s217.5 p/s200%46.73Spain 
2325mpowerwindWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.25 GHz2112.7 p/s216.9 p/s201%48.09Malaysia 
2326bietjaWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.25 GHz2111.2 p/s216.6 p/s196%48.05Bulgaria 
2327Don_DanWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M User specified different CPU2.39 GHz2111.1 p/s215.4 p/s200%45.06GermanySamsung X460
2328stuWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M User specified different CPU2.20 GHz2110.1 p/s208.2 p/s196%47.40United States 
2329britWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M User specified different CPU2.12 GHz2104.1 p/s204.1 p/s200%48.18France 
2330Mr MooseWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.35 GHz2105.6 p/s201.8 p/s194%42.86United Kingdom 
2331Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M2.37 GHz2115.7 p/s196.5 p/s185%41.51United States 
2332Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M User specified different CPU1.88 GHz294.9 p/s161.3 p/s187%42.97Morocco 
2333jnWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M1.59 GHz Unstable clock detected269.6 p/s145.5 p/s230%45.67Bulgariaqwertyu
2334fructoseWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M1.52 GHz Unstable clock detected284.0 p/s144.4 p/s200%47.47Burkina Faso 
2335Icke&ErWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M1.39 GHz Unstable clock detected274.1 p/s133.2 p/s212%48.05Germany 
2336Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M1.95 GHz Unstable clock detected2129.4 p/s129.4 p/s180%32.91Malaysia 
2337The MuttWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 3M User specified different CPU792 MHz235.5 p/s75.0 p/s210%47.35Sweden 
2338GamerWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M6.13 GHz2292.2 p/s614.3 p/s210%50.11Belgium 
2339Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M User specified different CPU6.00 GHz20.0 p/s601.2 p/s-100%50.12Poland 
2340The_GameWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M5.40 GHz2294.6 p/s594.9 p/s202%55.11Bulgaria 
2341HondacityWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M User specified different CPU6.06 GHz2296.6 p/s593.6 p/s202%49.00United States 
2342ARandomOWlWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M5.80 GHz2294.9 p/s592.0 p/s201%51.06United Kingdom 
2343radiWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M6.10 GHz2294.9 p/s590.2 p/s201%48.39France 
2344Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M User specified different CPU6.05 GHz2296.3 p/s589.3 p/s201%48.72Greece 
2345I.M.O.G.Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M5.95 GHz20.0 p/s582.7 p/s-100%48.98United States 
2346RaspartheWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M5.51 GHz2269.7 p/s539.4 p/s200%48.97Canada 
2347XtremeCuztomsWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M User specified different CPU4.95 GHz2258.5 p/s518.0 p/s203%52.34United StatesP5K Prem
2348hellperWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.96 GHz2253.0 p/s511.5 p/s202%51.59BulgariaNoctua NH-D14 cooler
2349ü50Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M5.17 GHz2254.9 p/s511.4 p/s201%49.47Germany 
2350Moose83Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M User specified different CPU5.04 GHz2243.0 p/s493.3 p/s204%48.95Germany 
2351UE50Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.73 GHz2239.5 p/s488.8 p/s205%51.64Bulgaria 
2352Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.94 GHz2237.4 p/s486.5 p/s206%49.25Italy 
2353DanutzuACWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.81 GHz2237.4 p/s478.4 p/s201%49.77Romania 
2354Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.75 GHz2234.0 p/s467.1 p/s202%49.19Italy 
2355lekebWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.77 GHz2227.2 p/s465.9 p/s205%48.88France4806
2356JermeyWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.79 GHz2223.7 p/s462.1 p/s207%48.19Poland 
2357NoM$_YesLinuxWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.50 GHz2226.5 p/s453.8 p/s200%50.44Brazil 
2358elimoWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.73 GHz2223.2 p/s453.1 p/s204%47.90France 
2359extreme81Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.65 GHz2220.6 p/s451.3 p/s205%48.49Finland 
2360LippokratisWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.50 GHz2225.5 p/s450.0 p/s201%50.02Germany 
2361tom_tolWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.62 GHz2219.1 p/s448.0 p/s205%48.53Hungary 
2362BartolomiusWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M User specified different CPU4.50 GHz2219.0 p/s446.7 p/s204%49.64Belgium 
2363minosWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.54 GHz2224.4 p/s446.5 p/s201%49.20France 
2364Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.99 GHz2219.9 p/s440.7 p/s202%55.28Bulgaria 
2365DanutzuACWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M User specified different CPU4.50 GHz2220.9 p/s440.2 p/s201%48.93Romania 
2366Semih91Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.50 GHz2218.9 p/s439.7 p/s202%48.88Germany 
2367monster CCF E HYPERX OC FIGHTWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.49 GHz2219.5 p/s437.0 p/s201%48.64Brazil 
2368EdmundWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.50 GHz2212.3 p/s433.0 p/s205%48.13Australia 
2369ScarfyWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.50 GHz2211.2 p/s431.2 p/s208%47.96Romania 
2370haxenWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.25 GHz2208.8 p/s419.9 p/s202%49.42Canada 
2371PsySc0rpi0nWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.01 GHz2207.5 p/s418.5 p/s202%52.23Portugal 
2372te0oWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.31 GHz2204.3 p/s416.6 p/s205%48.32Bulgaria24/7 settings
2373FqqTBawLWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.25 GHz2208.4 p/s416.4 p/s202%48.93Australia 
2374alancsaltWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M User specified different CPU4.25 GHz2201.5 p/s411.6 p/s204%48.46Australia 
2375EpidemicOfHate HWBGWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.26 GHz2202.0 p/s410.5 p/s204%48.18BulgariaMB: Gigabyte EP45-Extreme...
2376iBurnWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.14 GHz2204.8 p/s407.8 p/s201%49.26Australia 
2377JogibaerWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.16 GHz2203.6 p/s407.1 p/s201%48.92Germany 
2378JogibaerWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.10 GHz2200.8 p/s401.4 p/s201%48.95Germany 
2379ssWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.00 GHz2197.5 p/s394.9 p/s200%49.35Bulgaria 
2380lekebWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.10 GHz2197.1 p/s391.1 p/s204%47.71France 
2381AlexKameWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.04 GHz2191.4 p/s390.2 p/s204%48.23Bulgaria 
2382FqqTBawLWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.07 GHz2190.7 p/s389.3 p/s205%47.80Australia 
2383slammer95Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.08 GHz2191.1 p/s389.2 p/s205%47.70Italy 
2384ScarWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.05 GHz2187.9 p/s386.7 p/s210%47.76Bulgaria 
2385LuconosaWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.00 GHz2189.6 p/s386.5 p/s205%48.34Croatia 
2386erbisWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.00 GHz2189.5 p/s385.9 p/s205%48.25Germany 
2387Nigh1mareWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.03 GHz2186.0 p/s383.1 p/s203%47.50Russia 
2388EpidemicOfHate HWBGWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M4.00 GHz2188.0 p/s382.8 p/s204%47.89BulgariaMB: Gigabyte EP45-Extreme...
2389ReibekWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.80 GHz2187.0 p/s372.6 p/s200%49.05Hungary 
2390takedownWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.00 GHz2177.0 p/s363.9 p/s255%60.69BulgariaFull Thrust ! :)
2391limburatorulWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.80 GHz2179.9 p/s361.4 p/s203%47.52Bulgaria 
2392big.bgWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.82 GHz2176.9 p/s359.8 p/s206%47.08Bulgaria 
2393Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.82 GHz2173.3 p/s352.6 p/s205%46.12Romania 
2394Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.59 GHz2175.3 p/s350.0 p/s200%48.72Bulgaria 
2395Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.60 GHz2169.6 p/s345.7 p/s205%48.03Bulgaria 
2396NightbreedWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.50 GHz2156.9 p/s323.4 p/s209%46.19Bulgaria 
2397takedownWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.64 GHz2171.3 p/s321.7 p/s192%44.17Bulgaria 
2398Stuen4yWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M User specified different CPU3.15 GHz2155.1 p/s310.4 p/s200%49.29BulgariaCore 2 Duo E8500
Dell ...
2399SergioneWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.16 GHz2155.1 p/s310.1 p/s201%49.02BulgariaOS: Windows 10 Pro for Work...
2400PalikarovWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.20 GHz2151.7 p/s309.8 p/s205%48.44BulgariaE8200 (400x8)
2401Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.19 GHz2151.7 p/s304.5 p/s202%47.65Bulgaria 
2402AlshvaWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.15 GHz2147.6 p/s300.9 p/s204%47.78Colombia 
2403saint19Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.09 GHz Unstable clock detected2153.7 p/s296.3 p/s196%47.91Colombia 
2404saint19Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.13 GHz2146.2 p/s293.0 p/s227%46.79Colombia 
2405GamerWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.03 GHz2143.7 p/s291.5 p/s210%48.04Belgium 
2406FMIWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.99 GHz2146.5 p/s290.8 p/s200%48.66BulgariaHP Compaqs at FMI
2407m4tr1zWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.98 GHz2144.6 p/s290.6 p/s202%48.77Germany 
2408EpidemicOfHate HWBGWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.99 GHz2145.1 p/s290.3 p/s201%48.50BulgariaOS: Windows 7 Home Premium ...
2409kobroroWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.00 GHz Unstable clock detected296.2 p/s289.8 p/s320%48.35Romania 
2410saw6czWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.99 GHz2141.1 p/s282.8 p/s201%47.29Czech Rep. 
2411raydenexWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.91 GHz2141.4 p/s279.6 p/s201%48.07Malaysia 
2412jmkeWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.97 GHz2143.1 p/s274.1 p/s194%46.13Belgium 
2413SatanailWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M3.60 GHz Unstable clock detected2175.1 p/s263.1 p/s205%36.58Bulgaria 
2414LosUltimosWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected2133.2 p/s240.4 p/s200%45.12Germany 
2415Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M2.45 GHz2121.5 p/s239.7 p/s201%48.96Belgium 
2416Wolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M1.99 GHz Unstable clock detected283.0 p/s189.0 p/s223%47.44Bulgaria 
2417GunGodWolfdale (Core 2 Duo) 6M1.95 GHz290.9 p/s178.2 p/s197%45.69Bulgaria 
2418AleslammerXeon (Bloomfield)2.73 GHz Unstable clock detected8254.4 p/s1127.4 p/s774%53.08United States 
2419DarkvenomXeon (Bloomfield) User specified different CPU3.34 GHz Unstable clock detected8240.0 p/s1080.2 p/s603%40.45Brazil 
2420nicklessXeon (Bloomfield)4.52 GHz8238.4 p/s1067.1 p/s455%29.50Bulgaria 
2421MickaelXeon (Bloomfield)4.41 GHz8232.8 p/s1045.4 p/s455%29.63Brazil 
2422NR.666Xeon (Bloomfield)4.75 GHz4250.9 p/s1010.0 p/s410%53.12Switzerland 
2423Multijet46Xeon (Bloomfield)4.20 GHz8221.6 p/s995.5 p/s455%29.64Portugal 
2424infected_Xeon (Bloomfield)4.20 GHz8221.2 p/s993.0 p/s453%29.57Portugal 
2425lubooooXeon (Bloomfield) User specified different CPU4.20 GHz8220.8 p/s992.5 p/s450%29.55Bulgaria 
2426morfeiXeon (Bloomfield)4.20 GHz8221.2 p/s988.4 p/s452%29.44Bulgaria21*200/ mem 1600 7-7-7-21/ ...
2427StormgiantXeon (Bloomfield)4.50 GHz4236.5 p/s955.9 p/s409%53.11Portugal 
2428OsherXeon (Bloomfield)4.38 GHz4235.3 p/s922.7 p/s397%52.61Israel 
2429GFDukeXeon (Bloomfield)3.84 GHz8202.3 p/s912.8 p/s454%29.68Bulgaria 
2430prunzyXeon (Bloomfield)3.99 GHz8209.1 p/s905.3 p/s434%28.35Bulgaria 
2431onzyXeon (Bloomfield)3.60 GHz8187.4 p/s845.7 p/s440%29.33Bulgaria 
2432alanbXeon (Bloomfield)3.20 GHz8175.0 p/s759.1 p/s453%29.66Canada1st test
2433PolitoxXeon (Bloomfield)3.32 GHz8170.9 p/s756.6 p/s440%28.58Germany 
2434trans amXeon (Bloomfield) User specified different CPU4.00 GHz8210.7 p/s836.9 p/s341%22.31United States 
2435jagvarXeon (Bloomfield)3.04 GHz8161.2 p/s712.9 p/s448%29.27Iran 
2436skulstationXeon (Clovertown)2.92 GHz8136.5 p/s1120.7 p/s833%47.98Belgium 
2437Mark DespiXeon (Clovertown) User specified different CPU2.32 GHz8109.8 p/s893.2 p/s806%48.10PhilippinesVia VMWare ESXi
2438skulstationXeon (Clovertown)2.13 GHz899.8 p/s816.7 p/s823%48.00Belgium 
2439Xeon (Clovertown)2.46 GHz4116.8 p/s472.3 p/s409%48.04Belgium 
2440Element6Xeon (Conroe/2M)2.91 GHz2135.7 p/s276.5 p/s204%47.49United States 
2441MGFDerpXeon (Conroe/4M)2.39 GHz2112.4 p/s227.4 p/s203%47.49United States 
2442omega237Xeon (Cranford)3.67 GHz455.9 p/s221.8 p/s398%15.12GermanyIBM SMP System X 366
2443QAIXeon (Gainestown) 4M3.22 GHz4174.3 p/s692.8 p/s403%53.77Germany 
2444hybridchillerXeon (Gainestown) 8M User specified different CPU4.20 GHz16219.7 p/s1989.1 p/s913%29.61Belgium 
2445chillerXeon (Gainestown) 8M User specified different CPU4.00 GHz16207.2 p/s1871.6 p/s899%29.27Belgium 
2446TiltevrosXeon (Gainestown) 8M3.71 GHz Unstable clock detected16209.1 p/s1789.3 p/s913%30.17Greece 
2447copperhead 2.0Xeon (Gainestown) 8M3.60 GHz16192.4 p/s1692.8 p/s882%29.42Germany 
2448sky_coolzzzXeon (Gainestown) 8M3.32 GHz8181.4 p/s1415.2 p/s819%53.22Indonesia 
2449veskoXeon (Gainestown) 8M1.24 GHz Unstable clock detected16126.3 p/s1133.7 p/s1772%57.43BulgariaMac Pro 4.1
Windows XP...
2450veskoXeon (Gainestown) 8M2.53 GHz16133.5 p/s1131.5 p/s848%28.00BulgariaMac OS X 10.6.7
2x Xeo...
2451borandiXeon (Gainestown) 8M2.34 GHz Unstable clock detected16125.5 p/s1091.5 p/s894%29.20United Kingdom 
2452amdnordXeon (Gainestown) 8M2.40 GHz16124.8 p/s1082.5 p/s883%28.23Greece 
2453JustNickXeon (Gainestown) 8M2.39 GHz Unstable clock detected16112.5 p/s1073.0 p/s861%28.01Bulgaria2 x Qimonda 2GB PC3 DDR3-13...
2454Slam_ftXeon (Gainestown) 8M2.26 GHz Unstable clock detected16101.4 p/s1026.9 p/s914%28.44Ukraine 
2455AjvarXeon (Gainestown) 8M User specified different CPU3.94 GHz8252.4 p/s1012.2 p/s406%32.08Ukraine 
2456guppsterXeon (Gainestown) 8M User specified different CPU3.70 GHz8236.4 p/s958.4 p/s408%32.37Romania 
2457babak arbataniXeon (Gainestown) 8M3.85 GHz8207.9 p/s912.6 p/s443%29.65Iran 
2458Saint19Xeon (Gainestown) 8M User specified different CPU3.55 GHz8237.9 p/s904.3 p/s411%31.85Colombia 
2459RolandXeon (Gainestown) 8M User specified different CPU3.47 GHz8224.8 p/s886.1 p/s407%31.96Bulgaria 
2460Daniz185Xeon (Gainestown) 8M3.26 GHz Unstable clock detected4233.3 p/s870.8 p/s401%66.76Indonesia 
2461CrashStyleXeon (Gainestown) 8M User specified different CPU3.58 GHz4187.6 p/s725.1 p/s393%50.58Germany 
2462php75Xeon (Gulftown)4.65 GHz24251.1 p/s3293.8 p/s1336%29.51MoroccoUnder OSX !
2463MydogXeon (Gulftown) User specified different CPU4.25 GHz24225.6 p/s2987.6 p/s1352%29.26Norway 
2464 cosmosXeon (Gulftown) User specified different CPU4.01 GHz24210.3 p/s2811.4 p/s1367%29.21Bulgaria 
2465borandiXeon (Gulftown) User specified different CPU3.60 GHz24190.7 p/s2459.9 p/s1309%28.47United Kingdom 
2466cw823Xeon (Gulftown)3.31 GHz Unstable clock detected24185.5 p/s2384.9 p/s1375%30.07United States 
2467ElboXeon (Gulftown)3.19 GHz24168.3 p/s2072.1 p/s1243%27.09Belgium 
2468DoominheartXeon (Gulftown)3.07 GHz Unstable clock detected24159.9 p/s1994.6 p/s1295%27.11Russia 
2469alphascout Xeon (Gulftown)4.72 GHz12250.4 p/s1661.4 p/s664%29.35United States 
2470skultationXeon (Gulftown)4.60 GHz12239.5 p/s1628.3 p/s679%29.52Belgium 
2471mr.pentaXeon (Gulftown)2.40 GHz Unstable clock detected24133.7 p/s1544.3 p/s1275%26.83Iran 
2472QAIXeon (Gulftown) User specified different CPU3.95 GHz12211.5 p/s1401.7 p/s664%29.54Germany 
2473nikola2704Xeon (Gulftown)3.47 GHz Unstable clock detected12172.0 p/s1192.4 p/s660%28.62Belgium 
2474saint19Xeon (Harpertown)3.16 GHz8147.7 p/s1205.5 p/s816%47.75Colombia 
2475Xeon (Harpertown) User specified different CPU2.79 GHz8137.7 p/s1086.3 p/s789%48.67Bulgaria 
2476AlpiXeon (Harpertown)4.05 GHz4199.1 p/s797.9 p/s400%49.30Hungary 
2477Sv.DimitrovXeon (Harpertown)4.00 GHz4196.0 p/s784.5 p/s402%49.01Bulgaria 
2478gskaXeon (Harpertown)1.99 GHz897.2 p/s772.8 p/s801%48.45Greece 
2479DrakisXeon (Harpertown)3.80 GHz4186.3 p/s747.5 p/s401%49.20PortugalXeon X5460 771 mod 775, lapped
2480zuziXeon (Harpertown)2.48 GHz4122.8 p/s444.6 p/s386%44.76Czech Republic 
2481Christian NeyXeon (Nocona) User specified different CPU3.88 GHz Unstable clock detected458.7 p/s150.6 p/s271%9.71Switzerland2x XEON 3.4 GHz Irwindale
2482FlashGXeon (Nocona) User specified different CPU3.79 GHz Unstable clock detected454.6 p/s145.6 p/s270%9.61Australia 
2483DohkoXeon (Nocona)2.58 GHz Unstable clock detected441.5 p/s110.3 p/s309%10.69Colombia 
2484Christian NeyXeon (Nocona)2.79 GHz Unstable clock detected442.3 p/s108.9 p/s269%9.75Switzerland 
2485Christian NeyXeon (Nocona)1.52 GHz Unstable clock detected442.3 p/s107.2 p/s483%17.60Switzerland 
2486ixxXeon (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU3.46 GHz32200.8 p/s3256.0 p/s1642%29.43United Kingdom 
2487ixxXeon (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU3.35 GHz32191.5 p/s3138.3 p/s1636%29.25United Kingdom 
2488RsnubjeXeon (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU3.25 GHz Unstable clock detected32213.9 p/s3130.2 p/s1725%30.08Netherlands 
2489Christian NeyXeon (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU2.69 GHz Unstable clock detected16194.0 p/s1596.0 p/s1015%37.14SwitzerlandXeon E5 ES QA92
2490Spyboy48Xeon (Sandy Bridge) User specified different CPU3.56 GHz12203.5 p/s1291.1 p/s651%30.25Singapore 
2491daniz185Xeon (Westmere-based)2.13 GHz8112.6 p/s905.6 p/s818%53.07Indonesia 
2492AlpiXeon (Wolfdale DP)4.67 GHz2230.6 p/s460.4 p/s204%49.26Hungary 
2493rass0Xeon (Wolfdale DP)3.32 GHz2163.0 p/s325.6 p/s201%49.02Denmark 
2494KarinaXeon (Wolfdale)4.68 GHz2230.8 p/s456.8 p/s200%48.80RussiaUnder OSX!
2495saint19Xeon (Woodcrest)2.98 GHz4139.3 p/s563.9 p/s408%47.23ColombiaCPU: 2 x Xeon Dual Core 516...
2496omega237Xeon (Woodcrest)2.33 GHz4112.9 p/s460.4 p/s407%49.46GermanySystem X 3650 SMP
Is t...
2497WarheadXeon (Woodcrest)2.32 GHz4112.7 p/s447.4 p/s395%48.15Germany 
2498Xeon (Woodcrest) User specified different CPU2.65 GHz4128.8 p/s413.7 p/s322%38.98Portugal 
2499Diabolik OcXeon (Woodcrest)3.60 GHz2176.6 p/s350.4 p/s200%48.68Italy 
2500aceroXeon (Yorkfield/6M)3.40 GHz4158.2 p/s646.1 p/s408%47.56Venezuela 
2501PsRXeon LV User specified different CPU1.57 GHz132.4 p/s32.4 p/s-20.58Brazil 
2502SergioneYonah (Core Duo)6.34 GHz4242.0 p/s499.7 p/s207%19.69BulgariaOS: Windows 10 Enterprise x...
2503SergioneYonah (Core Duo) User specified different CPU6.34 GHz4240.8 p/s499.3 p/s208%19.67BulgariaOS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 ...
2504johnksss - PUREYonah (Core Duo)1.96 GHz248.6 p/s97.4 p/s200%24.80United States 
2505BlostYonah (Core Duo)2.29 GHz247.2 p/s93.6 p/s199%20.44Chile 
2506anti-t-komYonah (Core Duo)2.13 GHz243.4 p/s86.8 p/s208%20.41Turkey 
2507hüloğYonah (Core Duo)1.94 GHz239.6 p/s77.6 p/s199%19.98Turkey 
2508KireyYonah (Core Duo)1.81 GHz237.1 p/s74.6 p/s201%20.63Indonesia 
2509beronYonah (Core Duo)1.84 GHz237.0 p/s73.9 p/s200%20.10Bulgaria 
2510limburatorulYonah (Core Duo)1.81 GHz236.7 p/s72.8 p/s209%20.07Romania 
2511XeForce3Yonah (Core Duo)1.71 GHz235.1 p/s70.3 p/s200%20.58BulgariaUbuntu 10.10
2512blue.torchYonah (Core Duo)1.70 GHz234.7 p/s70.1 p/s202%20.57United States 
2513OptyTrooperYonah (Core Duo)1.71 GHz234.1 p/s69.9 p/s205%20.43United States 
2514rustyballzzYonah (Core Duo)1.64 GHz233.7 p/s67.8 p/s201%20.62Portugal 
2515inƒunctionalYonah (Core Duo)1.65 GHz233.7 p/s67.1 p/s199%20.36BulgariaIntel Mac Mini 1.1
2516rustyballzzYonah (Core Duo)1.63 GHz233.5 p/s66.8 p/s200%20.44Portugal 
2517RsnubjeYonah (Core Duo)1.76 GHz235.6 p/s65.2 p/s188%18.53Netherlands 
2518KireyYonah (Core Duo)1.57 GHz232.2 p/s64.7 p/s201%20.58Indonesia 
2519jesterYonah (Core Duo)1.61 GHz233.0 p/s62.3 p/s194%19.30Bulgaria 
2520samuel7Yonah (Core Duo)788 MHz215.4 p/s31.7 p/s206%20.11Indonesia 
2521WagexYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M4.12 GHz4206.0 p/s821.5 p/s401%49.79United States 
2522mrhankzYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M User specified different CPU3.91 GHz4182.9 p/s743.9 p/s404%47.63Germany 
2523BeetleatWar1977Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M User specified different CPU3.83 GHz4175.3 p/s720.0 p/s410%47.01Germany 
2524tasospaok123Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M User specified different CPU3.59 GHz4168.6 p/s678.7 p/s406%47.24Greece 
2525Ü50Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M3.33 GHz4164.4 p/s655.6 p/s403%49.25Germany 
2526halimi78Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M User specified different CPU3.40 GHz4160.6 p/s649.8 p/s405%47.84Malaysia 
2527soldierYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M3.23 GHz Unstable clock detected4163.4 p/s647.6 p/s437%50.12BulgariaUbuntu10.10
2528DinkiYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M User specified different CPU3.41 GHz4160.6 p/s645.5 p/s404%47.35Bulgaria/ MB: Asus Striker II Formu...
2529soldierYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M3.23 GHz4159.0 p/s640.2 p/s401%49.57Bulgaria 
2530SlanerislanaYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M User specified different CPU3.29 GHz4155.9 p/s638.0 p/s410%48.49Sweden 
2531RaspartheYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M User specified different CPU3.28 GHz4155.3 p/s636.2 p/s410%48.48Canada 
2532soldierYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M User specified different CPU3.19 GHz4151.1 p/s616.9 p/s410%48.30BulgariaWin7x64
2533ErQuinoYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M User specified different CPU3.19 GHz4149.6 p/s607.5 p/s408%47.55Spain 
2534PSRYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M User specified different CPU2.67 GHz4126.5 p/s517.0 p/s409%48.48Brazil 
2535AnonymousYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 2M2.30 GHz4113.6 p/s450.4 p/s402%48.87Ecuador 
2536OverPAQ'dYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M User specified different CPU4.08 GHz4194.4 p/s793.5 p/s409%48.65Australia 
2537zafiropoYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M3.82 GHz4186.8 p/s749.2 p/s401%48.98Greece 
2538fishpro619Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M3.88 GHz4183.2 p/s740.3 p/s405%47.76United States 
2539IcecostaYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M3.82 GHz4180.7 p/s735.9 p/s409%48.12Portugal 
2540rumbezaYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M3.69 GHz4173.3 p/s700.6 p/s405%47.52BulgariaQ9400@3704MHz
2541tasospaok123Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M3.59 GHz4169.3 p/s678.9 p/s402%47.24Greece 
2542SuperlomposYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M3.40 GHz4165.9 p/s665.1 p/s402%48.92Hungary 
2543crazydiceYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M3.37 GHz4160.1 p/s652.0 p/s407%48.35C. African Rep. 
2544TockoYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M3.27 GHz4159.0 p/s634.5 p/s403%48.51Bulgaria 
2545TASOSPAOK123Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M3.20 GHz4150.8 p/s613.5 p/s407%47.99Greece 
2546zsolt_93Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M3.00 GHz4142.2 p/s581.7 p/s410%48.49Romania 
2547espr1tYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M2.84 GHz4143.2 p/s579.5 p/s418%51.07Bulgaria4GB DDR2
2548alxbsYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M User specified different CPU3.17 GHz4147.1 p/s572.9 p/s392%45.20Bulgaria 
2549ganchito55Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M2.99 GHz4140.2 p/s540.8 p/s387%45.22Spain 
2550Christian NeyYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M2.50 GHz4122.3 p/s487.5 p/s401%48.77Switzerland 
2551Reaper_1994Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 3M User specified different CPU2.19 GHz Unstable clock detected4101.4 p/s248.5 p/s340%30.48Australia 
2552skulstationYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.59 GHz8217.6 p/s1606.5 p/s741%43.78Belgium 
2553burnHHYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.93 GHz8193.3 p/s1563.9 p/s807%49.72Germanytesting2....
2554FlashGYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.99 GHz8188.9 p/s1547.0 p/s819%48.48Australia 
2555burnHHYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.92 GHz80.0 p/s1519.3 p/s-100%48.45BulgariaTest
2556FlashGYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M User specified different CPU3.20 GHz Unstable clock detected8189.6 p/s1258.1 p/s833%49.19Australia 
2557skulstationYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.19 GHz8150.6 p/s1227.2 p/s813%48.10Belgium 
2558OLDcomerYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.50 GHz4239.6 p/s973.7 p/s406%54.11Bulgaria 
2559CrabbyYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.73 GHz4224.1 p/s918.1 p/s411%48.54United States 
2560Moose83Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M User specified different CPU4.25 GHz4215.9 p/s884.1 p/s411%52.02Germany 
2561Rafa91Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.50 GHz4221.2 p/s879.8 p/s403%48.89Spain 
2562gugle [OverBR]Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.50 GHz4213.5 p/s873.9 p/s409%48.51Brazilgugle
2563DJRamsesYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.50 GHz4213.1 p/s872.9 p/s410%48.52Germany 
2564PsRYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.41 GHz4216.9 p/s872.8 p/s402%49.51Brazil 
2565techjesseYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M User specified different CPU4.38 GHz4216.4 p/s866.0 p/s403%49.37United Statestest
2566atlonrYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.50 GHz4210.8 p/s865.9 p/s412%48.15SpainXFX Ultra 790I
4 x 2Gb...
2567tahumbataYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.16 GHz4198.3 p/s808.3 p/s408%48.53BulgariaX48, DDR3 1560 CL7, Win 7 P...
2568CrabbyYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.14 GHz4196.3 p/s803.8 p/s410%48.49United States 
2569kaktus1907Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.00 GHz4199.9 p/s797.6 p/s400%49.86TurkeyMan From Atlantis, (505x8),...
2570Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.12 GHz4195.9 p/s794.2 p/s408%48.22Italy 
2571Eisbaer798Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.26 GHz4194.3 p/s793.9 p/s415%46.61Germany 
2572FEAR7Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.04 GHz4193.1 p/s790.4 p/s411%48.86Czech Rep. 
2573DelasYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.07 GHz4193.1 p/s788.2 p/s409%48.44Finland 
2574BeLakorYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M User specified different CPU4.08 GHz4193.0 p/s787.6 p/s410%48.30Italy 
2575skulstationYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.04 GHz4191.1 p/s785.0 p/s413%48.52Belgium 
2576PalikarovYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.01 GHz4196.0 p/s781.5 p/s403%48.77BulgariaQ9650 (445x9)
2577IndianScoutYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.04 GHz4196.3 p/s780.0 p/s422%48.29United States 
2578Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.05 GHz4191.6 p/s780.0 p/s408%48.20Bulgaria 
2579skulstationYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.98 GHz4189.6 p/s777.7 p/s411%48.81Belgium 
2580kemirisidoarjoYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.01 GHz4190.0 p/s777.0 p/s409%48.49Indonesia 
2581LippokratisYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.82 GHz4192.8 p/s773.6 p/s403%50.58Germany 
2582nova4005Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.00 GHz4188.8 p/s769.3 p/s408%48.08United States 
2583daniz185Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.92 GHz4185.6 p/s761.2 p/s410%48.56Indonesia 
2584BetAYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.80 GHz4187.0 p/s748.0 p/s404%49.24Germany 
2585IndianScoutYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.82 GHz4186.0 p/s740.7 p/s403%48.48United States 
2586winjerYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.81 GHz4180.6 p/s739.2 p/s411%48.54Portugal 
2587ChasydaveYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M4.00 GHz4187.9 p/s736.7 p/s395%46.01Germany 
2588azrodYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.81 GHz4179.2 p/s735.1 p/s409%48.22Bulgaria6GB DDR2 @900 mhz
2589MurderdollYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.86 GHz4183.6 p/s726.9 p/s401%47.12Bulgaria 
2590kamikaze_ptYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.61 GHz4170.6 p/s698.1 p/s409%48.37Portugal 
2591relevationYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.64 GHz4169.9 p/s692.3 p/s403%47.51Belgium 
2592BeLakorYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.64 GHz4171.3 p/s687.8 p/s404%47.26Italy 
2593Limp_FenYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.42 GHz4167.7 p/s669.9 p/s402%49.04BulgariaXPx32, 4GB a-data 854 5-5-5...
2594emo_gpYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.40 GHz4166.6 p/s666.2 p/s405%48.99BulgariaQ9450@3.4GHz 24/7 Cooler Ma...
2595gogobarziaYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.40 GHz4160.3 p/s657.4 p/s410%48.40Bulgaria960 memory 5,5,5,16 - turbo...
2596SergioneYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.20 GHz4157.0 p/s633.6 p/s404%49.52BulgariaOS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 ...
2597SergioneYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.20 GHz4157.3 p/s632.8 p/s402%49.45BulgariaOS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 ...
2598Yorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.20 GHz4156.0 p/s620.8 p/s401%48.53France 
2599HAsiRoCkeRYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M3.20 GHz4150.2 p/s618.9 p/s415%48.37Germany 
2600gugleYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M2.81 GHz4136.7 p/s550.5 p/s400%48.98Brazil 
2601LippokratisYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M2.83 GHz4137.4 p/s545.0 p/s399%48.14Germany24/7 System with Internet, ...
2602.BucchYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M User specified different CPU2.62 GHz4129.7 p/s509.5 p/s400%48.62Italy 
2603NoNameYorkfield (Core 2 Quad) 6M2.66 GHz Unstable clock detected4118.5 p/s493.5 p/s431%46.53Croatia 

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