Pocket Fract

Pocket Fract is an Android port of my x86 Fract Benchmark. The benchmark is a realtime raytracing renderer, that renders everything in software. Here's how it looks like:

Photo of the application in action

To test this benchmark yourself, apply the following steps:

  1. Download FractData.zip to your SDCard of the android phone and extract it here. A folder, named "fract" will appear - this should be in the root folder of the SD Card. E.g., if under Windows your SD Card storage gets mounted in F:, after the unzipping you should have a directory F:\fract with F:\fract\2.bmp (and other files) in it.
  2. Install the Pocket Fract application. There are two builds: To install any of the builds either click on the following links using the phone's browser, or scan the QR code to follow the link automatically:



  3. Run the app. It is highly recommended that you hold the phone in landscape orientation during the benchmark. When the test stops and the result screen appears, push the back or home buttons to continue. Press them once again if you want to skip the credits.
  4. A file named like fract_snapshotXX.bmp will appear in the fract folder in the SD Card. This is your result file


Needless to say, this is all very beta, so use it at your own risk. Enjoy!