"Season Of Destruction" Info

Song Name: Season Of Destruction
Created by: Vesko, Yovko, Vankata and Zvezdio - the "Season Of Destruction" band
Date: 23-30.10.2001
Style: Instrumental Metal
Comments: This is a song, created and performed by my first band, called "Season Of Destruction". It is one of our three tracks and everybody has taken part in making it... the intro is created (mostly) by Yovko (the lead guitarist). The "verses" are mine (especially the chord progressions, on the background as a second guitarist), while the long-crying solos are Yovko's... the heavy part is also his, and just in the end there is an idea of Vankata (the bass-man) and Zvezdio (the drummer). We performed this track once only - on the "Life without Violence" concert on 08.11.2001. This recording is done about January 2002 and is quite like the original, I've changed the drums a bit, 'cos Zvezdio's performance was not satisfactory :)

We also created "My Castle Of Tears" (our greatest song, according to Mitaka) and "Glorious Victory". Plus, we performed Metallica's "For whom the bell tolls".