Capacity and self-discharge of batteries «Varta 2100 Ready to use» - detailed results

Battery photo


Brand / modelVarta 2100 Ready to use
Price10.22 €
Unit price2.56 €
Alternative packagings
Date of manufactureN/A
Condition (age)Tested items are brand new
Low self-discharge (LSD)Yes
Discharge (1-hour rest)5.07 V
2040 ±1% mAh (≅2.58 W·h)
Discharge (5-day rest)5.05 V
1920 ±1% mAh (≅2.43 W·h)
~6% self-discharge
Discharge (1-month rest)5.03 V
1860 ±1% mAh (≅2.35 W·h)
~8% self-discharge
Date of measurementMar 2014


The batteries tested here are courtesy of Infernus and the tests showed just the expected results, in good agreement with the label: 2040 mAh, LSD.

Test results

Test chart

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