Capacity and self-discharge of batteries «Tronic EnergyEco 2300 (2015)» - detailed results

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Brand / modelTronic EnergyEco 2300 (2015)
Price3.57 €
Unit price0.89 €
Alternative packagings
Date of manufacture07-2014
Condition (age)Tested items are brand new
Low self-discharge (LSD)Yes
Discharge (1-hour rest)4.98 V
2060 ±1% mAh (≅2.57 W·h)
Discharge (5-day rest)4.95 V
2040 ±1% mAh (≅2.52 W·h)
~1% self-discharge
Discharge (1-month rest)4.92 V
1900 ±1% mAh (≅2.34 W·h)
~8% self-discharge
Date of measurementMar 2015


These batteries showed almost identical results compared to the equivalent model from the previous year. Thanks to surfer, who gave them for testing.

Test results

Test chart

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