Capacity and self-discharge of batteries «LADDA 2000» - detailed results

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Brand / modelLADDA 2000
Price5.11 €
Unit price1.28 €
Alternative packagings
Date of manufacture10-2013
Condition (age)Tested items are brand new
Low self-discharge (LSD)Yes
Discharge (1-hour rest)5.06 V
2020 ±1% mAh (≅2.55 W·h)
Discharge (5-day rest)5.05 V
1860 ±1% mAh (≅2.35 W·h)
~7% self-discharge
Discharge (1-month rest)4.99 V
1860 ±1% mAh (≅2.33 W·h)
~7% self-discharge
Date of measurementApr 2014


I've had a lot of requests to test this brand, so I'm happy to be publishing it finally. These batteries are sold exclusively in IKEA, and the capacity stated here is only indicated on the back side:

Battery photo

The "Ready to use" label hinted LSD technology, so I went on to measure the factory charge, which was 1560 mAh - a good one, indeed. The balance between the cells during the forming was fair, if not ideal. The first 1-hour test was wrong because of insufficient wait between charging and start of discharging and amounted to 2050 mAh. Therefore, a second test was required with the correct timing, and the actual capacity shown there was 2020 mAh. The 5-day test clocked 1860 mAh, and a month later the cells were floating around 5.37/5.36V, while they showed 1860 mAh again. Interestingly enough, the 5-day test was initially 0.1V higher. It seems then that the long-term capacity of these cells is more than 1800 mAh, and the self-discharge after the first 5 days since the charge is minimal. It could also be that the MAHA didn't charge the 5-day test well enough :)

Test results

Test chart

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