Capacity of batteries «Raymax» - detailed results

Battery photo


Brand / ModelRaymax
Price3.93 €
Unit price0.13 €
Alternative packagings
Starting voltage6.24 V
Average voltage during discharge4.82 V
Measured capacity (main discharge)1110 ±1% mAh
Measured capacity (coastdown)89 mAh
Energy1.34 W·h
Date of measurement26 Apr 2015


Our good friend surfer had bought 30 of those in a box, and he gladly donated 4 for testing. As expected, similarly to their АА counterpart, the low price per cell guarantees a good bang for the buck performancem but these are quite good, capacity-wise, too.

As customary for the brands sold in Carrefour, these had capacity information on the label - 1080 mAh - which is even slightly understated (or I happened to picked a really good pack).

Update (Jul 2016): I bought another 30pcs box myself and used four of them for a second test. The results are here, and, as you can see, the second pack doesn't hold that well to the test, as its capacity is 15% less. Beware that the capacity out of this brand may vary greatly and depends on your luck!

Test results

Test chart

Coastdown test chart

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