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Brand / ModelASED
Price1.53 €
Unit price0.38 €
Alternative packagings
Starting voltage6.36 V
Average voltage during discharge4.85 V
Measured capacity (main discharge)2180 ±1% mAh
Measured capacity (coastdown)197 mAh
Energy2.65 W·h
Date of measurement19 Jun 2016


These cells were donated for testing by the owner of the company of the same name that markets and sells them - Asen Simeonov, representing ASED Ltd. You can also take a look at their AAA counterparts. The cells are made and packaged by a contractor in China, which toots them as high capacity, so I went to check whether this is true.

The pack measured 6.33 volts initially, increasing to 6.36 after the heating phase (which is a bit odd, as the heating usually reduces the voltage slightly). An uneventful discharge cycle followed next, on which the cells clocked 2180 mAh. After a few hours break, the coastdown discharge showed 197 mAh. It seems that the claims of the contractor correspond well with the truth.

Test results

Test chart

Coastdown test chart

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