Capacity of batteries «Aerocell» - detailed results

Battery photo


Brand / ModelAerocell
Price0.94 €
Alternative packagings
Starting voltage9.23 V
Average voltage during discharge7.33 V
Measured capacity (main discharge)545 ±1% mAh
Energy3.99 W·h
Date of measurement23 Apr 2015


This dual pack was bought from a Lidl store in the Netherlands, and donated for testing, via snail mail, by Ceriel Jacobs. This is the first international non-monetary donation to the project, yay!

During unpacking I was amused to find absolutely no indication for the country of origin. None on the outside packaging, nothing on the battery itself. Not even a small „P.R.C.“ sign ...

The battery showed 9.45V initially, down to 9.23 after the heating phase. Capacity-wise it clocked 545 mAh, slightly below the average for this format, but it fares very well in the bang for the buck department.

Test results

Test chart

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