Battery Review

~ 22 Mar 2013, 11:14

Here's how you waste the energy equivalent of a hand grenade¹ in the name of science:


As I promised almost an year ago: I wanted to do a comprehensive test of the non-rechargeable batteries sold in Bulgaria. What's the capacity of each brand, as well as the performance/price ratios.

I expanded the test several times (as it turns out, it is important to test the cheap brands), and it currently includes 29 AA battery models, 18 AAAs, 14 nine-volts, as well as 26 rechargeables. More tests are to come :) Some of the models I tested were donated by the kind people from the HardwareBG forums, so I want to thank them here, for making this review more complete.

The website of the review is:

Share and enjoy - this review needs to reach as much people as possible.

¹ In case you're curious: a hand grenade has about 400-600 kJ. The energy of the discharged batteries so far exceeds 1000 kJ...

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