AGG 0.3.1

~ 6 Nov 2012, 19:06

About 10 days ago, I released a small new release of AGG - version 0.3.1.

What's new:

Besides that, there are numerous bugfixes. When using "Sort by exif date" in 0.3.0, creating a new project would usually lead to a crash. Also, if the input images are small (they don't require rescaling), sometimes you would get an empty gallery. In some cases, if Auto-save is on when you created a new project, the old project would be falsely overwritten. I also fixed a pesky bug, which appeared only rarely at gallery creation, causing the app to freeze. All in all, I'm very satisfied with the improved stability of the new version :).

With all this in mind, you should now go and download that new version immediately!


#1 by Mathew, posted on 26 May 2017, 01:00


Is any chance to add option: "description" to AGG? I want do gallery with many photos from family, and i want write who is on that photo.

#2 by anrieff, posted on 30 May 2017, 02:02

Hi, one easy way to do that is to rename the output files (while in AGG, for each photo in the gallery, press F2, this will ask you for the new file name). As the file names are displayed below the thumbnails in the generated gallery by default, this should work for your case.

Protip: after doing all renames and you're sure you don't need to touch them further, use "Gallery" → "Prefix filenames" to avoid potential name clashes if you have several photos you named "Mom and Dad.jpg".

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