Canon 350D battery durability

~ 31 Dec 2009, 00:26

Amazing! I had the unique chance to test the Canon 350D battery's durability. My baggage (including the Canon charger) got lost by the crafty hands of TAP airlines, so I had to shoot on battery only, from 100% full, to complete discharge:

vesko@lappy:~$ cd photos/Portugal/
vesko@lappy:~/photos/Portugal$ find . | grep -i vesko | wc -l

So - almost 1000 shots by a three-years-old body, and an unknown number (probably quite high) of cycles on the original battery. 350D rlz :)


#1 by Иван, posted on 30 Jan 2013, 09:24

Супер е. Преди на моя 450D правех по толкова. Снимал съм една цяла сватба (10% от снимките с вградената светкавица на +2EV компенсация) и имаше батерия за още.
Сега новия 50D кара по 300-400 кадъра и толкова.

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