~ 24 Sep 2009, 01:35

I felt like I must post about this: Sept 19 was the date of the heaviest and finest concert to happen this year, according to my tastes. The group was Crematory. It was so great! Never mind their recent visit (less than a year ago), never mind the poor organization (the start was scheduled for 18h, but the supporting groups began after 21h!), never mind the initially poor sound... the moment they began their first song, the same euphoric atmosphere as the last year filled the room! The wait was worth it!

Other than just the hails for this crazy headbanging event, I can share here the setlist, which doesn't much differ from what we heard last year (no guarantees for any kind of accuracy, especially in ordering):

Left the Ground
Tick Tack
Tears of Time
Shadows of Mine
Kein Liebeslied
The Fallen
When Darkness Falls

I Never Die

Sadly, I didn't make it for all of the encore (I had to go), and I also didn't hear the co-headlining Evergrey (who had the sad fate to play last, as Crematory had a flight to catch up). I'm a bit curious how many people did have the energy to stay for them, too. Anyway... for one thing, the way Crematory played their "Tears of Time" was one hell of a play! It sounded quite different from the studio recording, so much lively and harmonic, and with a lot of "addons". The addons alone were a good enough reason to be at their event.

Crematory, respect!

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