A few good uses of a laptop

~ 23 Mar 2008, 01:01

I must admit that my attitude towards laptops changed quite a lot recently (as I got one myself). It is quite hard to encompass all the uses of this technological gem. Here are a few:

* Mobile storage, that easily takes GBs of photos without any complaint (and the user interface is incredible);
* Mobile disc burner. The UI is, again, unrivalled;
* A great utility for presentations. Especially for the Topology lessons in Sofia University;
* (see previous point) Even a greater utility while other people are doing their Topology presentations. Especially if Quake3 runs smooth enough (well, in my case - not quite. It is only a decade-old game after all);
* A great webcam stand. It is not a problem even if the camera itself doesn't have good view controls - with the folding panel you have at least 4DOF;
* ... and many, many more, which I'm now too tired to write down.

Recently I came up with another, absolutely surprising and useful application of my laptop: a butter softener! You know what the cold butter looks like when you take it out of the fridge - yeah, you can cut it with a knife, but try to spread it on a loaf of bread that isn't harder than your teeth. It kinda sucks, right? Well, now that I have The Laptop, I just put the butter in front of the cooling outlet of the machine and wait for one minute. Voilà - now the butter spreads almost like margarine. For more effective cooling you need to run your favourite CPU stress program (e.g. my Fract Benchmark in "Loop forever" mode) - just do not forget to stop it after the butter melts, 'cause the fan starts to whine in agony. Actually, I now have an effective argument why laptops help for better digestion! Would you dare to challenge such an irrefutable argument? Brave you.

So, I've nothing more to add. Thank you, HP, for this multifunctional machine. I'm deeply impressed.


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